Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven, Part 4 Public Beta - updated 5/8/2024, 530,000+ words

Crazy as it sounds, as much as I want to kill Keith, I don’t have any actual personal issues with the guy. It’s just, his welcoming party in part two was badly planned, it got out of control because Benton was Benton, my guys defended themselves and killed a lot of his others, and that just spiraled out of control. At that point, the optimal solution is to just wipe them the fuck out and take control; anything else would be showing weakness, and you don’t want to do that here. In almost any other optimal circumstance, I would be perfectly fine with Allying with him but shit happens


Have we had the chance to like stop and really study the virus or anything? Before a time skip I’d enjoy more slice of life bits. Or more chance to talk to people explore ect. Before moving onto the time skip


I swear, at this rate if somehow a Nuke is dropped directly onto his camp, he would probably reveal himself to be immune to radiations and explosions, and start gaining superpower

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Turns into cid from eminence lol.

I like how you’re all assuming Keith’s alive.


My logic is simple, I won’t believe anyone’s dead until I see the body


Nobody’s dead until we see a body. That’s the rule of character deaths.

Unless it’s a comic book. Then no one’s ever dead. Just written out temporarily.


I was going by the code. When I finished part 3, according to the coding Keith alive was true. Having read your previous posts, I say it’s 60/40 he’s dead. On my top 5 of things I want to know. Would definitely like to take another recon trip to the ST region, to see what state the camp is in. My game, it’s probably pretty rough there. I shot up the camp, looted the militia, and took out the leadership, other than Sullivan, and possibly Keith. I can see where this would be a coding nightmare, given the multiple outcomes of the ST raid.

I hope you aren’t alluding to an undead Keith, like he’s got zeta, but somehow retains higher brain function. Please no Land of the Dead smart zombies. Was the worst Romero film IMHO. Although, if anyone can make that fly, it’s you. I was iffy about the wendigo, but I was impressed on delivery. Just my two cents, boss.


I will check into this again. Thought it was fixed, but may not have gotten into the last version.

I don’t want to give too much away, but there are two ways that MCs can attack Keith that would likely lead to death. He can get poisoned or shot in chapter 12. I’m not saying it happened and he is dead; I’m saying I track what happened and most people should believe he is dead.

I know that sounds misleading, but I don’t want anyone thinking Keith has plot armor automatically.


I don’t want to give too much away, but there are two ways that MCs can attack Keith that would likely lead to death. He can get poisoned or shot in chapter 12. I’m not saying it happened and he is dead; I’m saying I track what happened and most people should believe he is dead.

No offense, but after part 2 where he literally escaped uninjured after we tried any of the attack methods, and in part 3 where poison doesn’t even seem to effect him one bit, it really does seem like he had plot armors
(Though I only played part 3 when it first came out, not after other updates, so I don’t know if it was changed or not)

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I’ll just restate: No one is dead until you see a body. No one.


Debatable but true.

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No one is dead until you see the body, chop off its head, burn it into ashes, then mix the ashes with clay and turn it into a pot. Then again, it could be the body of another person to fake death, so make sure to also DNA test first :+1:

Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven - Part 4 Public Beta Update
The public beta for Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven - Part 4 has been updated!

I have added an entire mission where you can train your nephew in survival and zombie killing.


Allow me to introduce you to the concept of long-lost identical twins …


Haa, at this rate just nuke the whole globe off… then they’ll still come back as some little micro-organism in Mars or some :poop:
Killing people is hard :disappointed:

On another note, can’t wait to train the lil’ nephew! Now he doesn’t have to feel so helpless anymore, the poor dude


Nah, the whole universe could be eliminated, and for some weird reason another version from a different universe will arrive, acting exactly like the original, so nothing have changed.
Status-quo is king!

Also yeah, time to train that kid up, Throwing him into the zombie horde at the battle of the hill in part 2 was funny, but now time for some real, actual training

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Oh? Are we only able to play limited story plots/lines at once?

What about old saves that initiate multiple?

Or did you mean to reply to my comment about the solar generator and duplicate buildings?


Sometimes a villain has to have plot armor for a bit, boss. Years of D and D taught me that. It’s fine, when it’s a villain you love to hate. Keith is one of those villains. Also, I can respect that he’s making me question whether I want him dead bad enough to risk a potential cure. Remember when I said you are a cut above literally every CoG author I read, it’s because of how I find myself thinking about the ramifications of every decision I make. Plus, Keith dying to poison, or a sniper shot, seems anticlimactic. Given the option, I’d like to see a one on one fight between MC and Keith be the final act of the ST arc. Don’t second guess yourself too much, boss. I have a feeling that even the people crying plot armor, are going to be blown away by whatever you have on deck. I have faith in you.

Bracks, I also do multiple paths per run, as many are tied to skills, rather than background. As I think it should be. The US military has a cyber warfare division, so no reason a soldier couldn’t have the skills necessary to contact LEGIT. Or study Zeta. I would like to see some of the other paths have unique quests specifically tied to them, like the teenagers parents storyline, or the military satphone, but it should come organically, not simply so that each path meets a quota.


I was referring to the comment about the solar generator and duplicate buildings.

You can definitely do multiple storylines and there will be interactions. For example, if you have a good relationship with Goodman, you may be requested to provide information on LEGIT, if you are doing the military and hacker storylines on the same character.

Thanks for the vote of confidence. Whether or not he is alive will be seen, but there will be an impact based on the actions of the MC in chapter 12.