Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven, Part 4 Public Beta - updated 5/8/2024, 530,000+ words

It’s already confirmed that the zombie plague here runs on a virus, which means biologically, the body is alive; if it has some way of shutting down the system into some sort of hibernation/stasis, it might be able to survive through the winter, but the elements and temperature are still going to lead to Major tissue and nerve damage, which could be enough to kill the already weak ones and limit the threat from the rest


One group I’m really looking forward to interacting with more is the River Dogs. We can learn they live in a factory, but we don’t know what kind of factory it is.

It’s possible the River Dogs’ factory could have some sort of useful industrial resource or machinery.

If I was going to the River Dogs’ factory for a trade meeting, I’d want to bring Gina there, to see if her engineer eyes spot something the less mechanically-inclined might miss.

Industrial Possibilities:

Concrete to fortify the junkyard and build new structures.

Chemicals for manufacture of gunpowder or explosives.

Even something as mundane as industrial cutting tools and sheet metal could be incredibly useful in long-term zombie survival if used properly.



Lets not forget that there are still strains of the zeta virus, So we dont know what surpises JimD is cooking up for us.


Question: What do you have to do to make Jide join your group? Because i have stopped Thelma and the museum and it didnt give me a choice to let him join.

Meeting him in part two, communicating with him, and trading peacefully with him should build up enough relationship for him to accept your offer


The first post-zombie apocalypse winter has all the ingredients to be a very harsh time to survive, for all the reasons described. Colorado gets quite cold in the winter.

Greenhouses and possibly chicken coops could help address the food problem for the group, as long as the facilities are kept powered and warm.

Pre-winter preparations will be crucial:

  1. Stockpiling and preserving as big a food reserve as possible.

  2. Scavenging for winter gear prior to onset (warm clothes, blankets, insulation, fuel/power sources, skis, possibly snow tires or snowmobiles.)

  3. Fortifying the safe haven as much as possible against both cold and attack.

Any zombie winter scenario will be a horror, but our ancestors in the Ice Age with the saber tooth tigers didn’t have it easy either.


I actually intimidate him into leaving the store. I think it’s just a high CHA/Lead or Persuasion check.

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Practically speaking, intimidating him out of the store is the best solution if you want the most stuff, but also, I enjoy character interactions on their own and I have a bunch of useless stuff to trade with him anyway, so I prefer that

Sorry boss. I meant to reply to Haylee. In regards to your most recent post, I have everyone alive I can have, nothing is useless to me. I have a feeling it’s going to be a rough winter. I want everything I can take.

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I’ve got a theory that a bit wild and probably minor but does anyone else think Sean killed his wife and kept her locked up in his house, theres a zombie in his house at the begining that looks similar to sean wife in a photo. Maybe she got out somehow and Sean ran for his life which is why he not in his house even when you reinforce it for him.



Is it just me or does it seem like Keith have a bit too much plot armor?


I mean, considering he is semi important to the story, likely with the whole infection role and such, I would say eh 50/50.


A lot of guys still have it have but I suspect some like him will eventually lose it when he’s not really important anymore

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Well, others do have plot armors too, but it seem like Keith is the only person you can directly attempt to harm, but for one bullshit reason or another, he just come out unharm, like he is directly taunting us

He was shot in my playthrough, didn’t die though. Had 100 ranged weapons with acog scope on the LAR, but yeah, can’t kill him. Think he’s a mid game boss type. I still think the New Army is the big bads.

Ohoho, there were a few people talking about Winter happening, and how it could be a living hell and some saying it could be better.

Both could be right, or wrong honestly. Tbh, the group is big but not like BIG. So with enough supplies prestocked and rationing, survival would be “simple”. Note: even without stocking it could be easier/harder depending on what exactly your character specializes in, oh and their moral compass.

Putting supplies aside, lets talk about the Zeds. If they were just well, “normal” zombies, honestly most of them would have been rendered meh already; due to decomp. But, we already know they arent since we’ve since mutations. So, we’ll throw decomp theory out the window, and ill just mention a few other thoughts.

  1. Some said that most wild life would probably be snuffed out by them by winter. I say, DOUBT. If im going to be completely honest, i can never see this happening. Mainly because unless the animal is actively going at the Zeds theres no excuse for them to get attacked ((Or if some like really out there thing happens. Like a pet being attacked by its owner, or the animal is rendered helpless BEFORE the attack.)) But, i dont see it happening, mainly because we haven’t seen anything SPRINT yet. Also, despite what t.v shows have in them, an animals senses are reeeeeally good and would probably actively avoid the undead.

Now, one could say “but what if infected animal bites other animal”, which i say…MAYBE. Still unlikely, cause again, their senses, as animals tend to avoid obviously sick animals. So, what i see this coming down to is, how much of their original movement speed can they retain and for how long. Speedy zombie dog with infinite stamina, kinda scary. Stiff corpse zombie dog that waddles not so much. The Wendigo so far being a odd duck, but currently from what weve been told, it was already there BEFORE the outbreak. So either its a different thing entirely, or the infection had been spreading waaaaay before the “start”

  1. The cold! So, everything freezes. Story takes place in Colorado, doesnt it? ((Been a bit since ive replayed it)) Overall, average winter temperatures in Colorado hover between 16 and 54 degrees Fahrenheit. Different spots naturally get other varitions since geography and windchill also have a huge effect. Zeds will start freezing at around 25°F and lower, windchill also alters this. All of this also just depends on if they can keep moving despite frozen, though.

  2. With enough bullets, the zeds just stop mattering in a sense. In the way that, as long as you can aim ((So ranged weapons MC, who also teaches the group to shoot)) can easily just sweep zones if needed. Granted, mutations or something could happen to make some not so easy to OHKO. But, even without proper aim, there will be enough bullets.

So we got this until stuff mutating, or variants appear. :slightly_smiling_face:‍:arrow_up_down:


Another key type of supplies to scavenge prior to zombie winter will be medical supplies.
Antibiotics and anti-virals chief among them.

Winter is prime season for multiple diseases, and with the survivors likely huddling indoors or near fires for warmth, any conventional contagious illness will spread rapidly and need to have its effects curtailed quickly to avoid deaths.