Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven, Part 4 Public Beta - updated 5/8/2024, 530,000+ words

I was able to recruit Jude in my last playthrough (May 10-11). I always try, because he seems to be the difference between killing all of the Silverthorne leadership (except Keith, and Sullivan), and only killing a couple of them (I could be wrong). I check the code at the end of my playthroughs, and recall a playthrough that left Keith, Sullivan, David, and Benton were alive. I remember thinking about what I changed that run, and I believe I took Reilly, instead of Jude, because I was trying to capture Benton.
(I really want to torture Benton, but have never been able to capture him.)

I don’t like trading with Jude, but I don’t like killing him either. That particular method seem to be bugged. Just hack into the system, then hack the system for a second time so you can see him and select to trick him. I haven’t yet tried the intimidation method, because I rarely use intimidation. My main skills are empathy, persuasion and leadership.


I use the store’s intercom to intimidate him into leaving. Always. Seems best method. I get what I want from that scene, and recruit him later. He actually seems pretty loyal, if MC has high charisma and leadership. Was able to get him to friend (mid 70s), with conversation with him at camp, and taking him on ST run. I don’t know if it has effect, but he’s one of the few characters who I ask how loyal he is. He doesn’t freak out like Kevin and Sean, he’s actually pretty calm, and quite reasonable for someone described as crazed. Also has a decent backstory, and I believe he never meant to shoot Percy’s kid Even when he shoots at us from the store, I don’t think he was trying to kill MC, just scare him off. A military sniper, firing from a prepared position a couple blocks away, doesn’t miss. Jude definitely makes my top 10 favorite group members, and definitely top 5 fighters.


I pop his head. Buh bye, sniper sniped the sniper.

I did try once with trade and had him join once before.

I dont like her as leader, she fails to build properly. More deaths than I could count. Not seen Jaime in charge yet, voting keeps putting Rachel there.

The difference of just taking charge as a teen vs voting.

Weird. Main Interest is Madison. Im underage. After meet up with River Dogs it didnt list her any longer, and put Rachel (lowest approval rate) and Bailey (Maddie (54).

Guess as a teen, romances is open to all, but not the case as an adult. This never came up when I wasnt in charge. @JimD

I rechecked, Rachel 49, never above 50, Bailey and Maddie at 54, doesnt change. But somehow puts them over her. Its bugging me. Still a teen and thought there was limitors? Not sure how it dropped Maddie and wants to put me with Rachel, an adult.

Found where I messed up. Apparently allowing others to build friendships, as i thought could be, needed interference. Kevin and Maddy laughing requires intervention otherwise my teen self ends with adults only choices.

I’ve never done a run with me not being leader. It’s pretty easy to get elected. Getting Jaime as leader is done by saving Driver and Rosie, and not running yourself. Hope that helps you if you want to see Jaime lead. I’ve not heard good things about his leadership style, and given his general behavior, I don’t think he’s a good fit.

As for relationships, Charisma is key, I run max attributes (I’ve bought all DLC, including side stories, so don’t knock me for save edits), and can have pretty much anyone I want, except Kelly, because I don’t think she’s available to teens (I had her at 95 relationship, and couldn’t choose her).

I never play the jealous type with Maddie and Kevin, other than kissing her when Kevin makes eyes at her (making sure he knows the score, without looking jealous in Maddie’s eyes). I don’t care that they laugh at Drake a bit. I’m cool with them being friends, and I’m pretty sure that’s all it is (after reading part 4, won’t spoil anything, but it’s pretty clear she friend zoned him, if MC is on her RO) Kev might have feels, but he’s getting no play. I don’t think any single choice blocks a RO path.


One thing that I would like clarification in the scientist/vaccine path.

In chapter 15 when you experiment with the virus, the “embalmed zombie flesh from the DBA Research Center.” Do you get the embalmed zombie flesh when you examine the table (in Part 3) before being gassed?

I examined the table before and the text said about embalmed zombie flesh, but I checked my inventory and science notebook, it wasn’t listed anywhere. I just want to be certain I’m on the right track.

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It’s either that, or inspecting the zombie bodies in freezer. I’ll replay this weekend, and get back to you. My issue with that scene is that I specifically took 3 gas masks from the railyard. We should have been able to avoid that. I’m hoping they have some use in the future, as in more recent playthroughs (the ones since gas mask was fixed.) I’ve taken more than 3


I just had another playthrough with a teenager, and once again, I was unable to recruit Jude. This time, I hacked into the intercom system and intimidated him to leave, but when I got to the museum, he was nowhere to be found. @JimD should probably look into it. I will also try another playthrough with another profession entirely. Also, note that I was using the custom teenager, not the one you select among the main profession options.


I was announcing where it changes.

My main Interest is Madison, even sharing a room, at a 54. Flirtatious as well. If i dont acknowledge Kevin and Maddie chats, it keeps splitting me from her. As leader only, when Im not leader, it never shifted to Rachel as an option (49) as she doesnt like me much. However is the only prime available if I do ignore Kevin and Madison talking any time i ignore their conversations as leader. It did this twice, two different occasions or option was no one when trying to figure out how Maddie keeps being dropped.

If i ignore their conversation as a teen leader, she drops each point. I HAVE to NOT ignore each of the conversations they do. Its weird!! The same exact stats as non leader and these never come up and never get dropped. Its annoyingly weird.

Hmmm. Jaime never got picked so far and those two are saved. Meh, doesnt seem like he would do any better than Rachel. Getting things done requires me to lead, dont like it cause of that weird thing keeps happening.

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54 is a pretty low relationship to have with a RO. You might be dropping below the threshold for Maddie to be interested. I’ve never had that issue, so I’m not sure how to help. Sorry.


It is. Some reason it puts Rachel, not ever above 50 as the person if I ever ignore Kevin and Maddie chatting. Maddie doesnt like how I deal with others. Rachel included.

Jillian when an adult was fine with whatever happens as long as I was leader. Which never not been leader as adult.

I took charge without voting as teen to be in charge. Otherwise it goes to Rachel.

I think its a way my charisma, versus leadership, versus their score or whatnot that is causing discrepancies.

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What’s your CHA/Empathy/leadership? If you dump all three, your people skills aren’t going to be good, and it’s stated CHA affects your appearance. Are you by chance running with short fuse or delusions? I’ve heard these can have negative outcomes with ROs

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Cha 35, Leadership 6 and Persuausion is 2 I think.

My score for empathy is 48%, leadership is 74% and Persuasion is 38%.

When im not in charge I dont have the issue I seen as leader.

I focus on hands on affect. Same build when I didnt lead.

Don’t know. Seems odd, but that CHA is really low. It’s definitely seriously affecting your relationships. I’d see if you can’t pull at least 10 points from elsewhere, or take the singing hobby, that would give a free 10 points.


I always try to have empathy, persuasion and leadership at 80, otherwise relationships doesn’t rise easily, or drop unnecessarily. With low leadership, relationships and allegiances can also drop when making hard decisions, such as retrieving and burying the bodies of Benji and Nathan.


So far I’m liking this part a lot. I can’t wait to see more of that time skip. :grinning:


I’m looking forward to seeing how the parents event works out as a teen. Especially if the teen is group leader. Also interested to see if the engagement/wedding rings turn out to be useful. I’m worried the time skip is going to cause some issues with ongoing plotlines. Wasn’t MC supposed to meet Casey and the RD leadership “in the next few days”, according to part 3? What about the Graves family? If they gave you the ultrasound machine, it was with the understanding that you would deliver the baby there. What about Kent and the Stoke family? What about the remainder of the Museum group (save Mel, space cadet). I like everything about part 4, I just don’t want to leave so many plotlines to wither on the vine.


I actually would like to see more of Mel. I was hoping that she’d become a teen ro. I found her coming onto the MC at the museum cute.


I didn’t find Mel, space cadet appealing in a RO way, I just found her silly, charming, and above all else innocent. I don’t like the idea of her dying alone, when she was the only one of that group, who acknowledged what they were doing was wrong.


So, i just realized… y’all remember that broken down truck in front of the DBA research station? What if thats where the Wendigo came from?

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