Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven, Part 4 Public Beta - updated 5/8/2024, 530,000+ words

After checking through the code and playing the game it seems that currently in this demo Ray can only be male since there is no set command to change Ray’s pronouns from the basic male versions that it starts with

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Nehhh not really, I was only saying that because of the way she loved Lyle- it’s just surprising she didn’t try something to avoid him being killed. But then after hanging around her more, I peeped that Jill seems to be on the skittish side, so now I get why she wouldn’t have tried anything regardless lol.

Also, yeah she def is a liability in a fight too lmao. I noticed she would rather run or hide and couldn’t even use a weapon correctly.

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I feel depressed this few weeks so i miss the update and only playing it this morning

The update is can’t be said long but i think still substantial especially explore relationships with Rachel and how she feels with the group progress especially how the situation pretty uncertain. The university update suprisingly lack luster for me maybe because my expectations is too high so when getting the real product it’s not as i imagine i feel flat so yeah expectations just something that i need to manage

In overall thank you for the update jim. With this pace i think my calculations if not late this year maybe early next year the game will complete. Stay healthy jim👍🏻

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Also, i never noticed this; since ive never really done a “bandit” run. Ive always been more like Good/neutral, with some more ruthless choices to foes.

But, since we can choose our alignment in the test, before going. I tried it. And what got me, is Ray is NOTHING like used to. I always assumed they try to whisper in your ear and tell you to become bad.

I WAS WRONG. They’re just the opposite of you. Which, is HILARIOUS if you’re evil. Cause then they’re all "That person looks hurt, poor people, maybe we should give them some food or try to help them.

Jim, Jim. We need more Ray, or Ray DLC that adds them to the previous sections. :laughing:


Hey so i did not know where to talk to you JimD but first i just wanted to say your game is amazing i love it so much so be proud and keep up the good work cause you are on hell of a creator, but now to what i wajted to ask…i am kinda curious to know if you ever plan to add a sort of cheat mode or somthing, while having the new character bonus points and everything are cool…i still kinda want to absolutely oblitrate everything with my monsterous genetics :stuck_out_tongue:

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Check the Steam community guides. There’s a pretty straightforward guide to save editing.

I know i looked it up but sadly i play these types of games on a bad tablet that is unable to do things like that, the reason i kinda wish there was a cheat mode built in is because one i may have accidently made one of my characters have stats literelly off the charts and super high skills due to not buying the game but saving it and replaying with it saving my stats, also i see that in this wip there is already a premade character with stats all over 70 and i think level 5 in all skills, im thinking that they could do the same thing for the game but allow the person to choose there career and keep the ability to just have all the guns, armor, and cars and cloths and what not. obviously like not now but like maybe later down the line maybe when they finished with all the chapters they wanted to add and just have the cheat mode for fun, either way i still absolutly love this game if my 10 to 15 saved charactera tell me just how much i love the game and can’t wait for the next chapter…the only thing i can say about not liking this game is that can’t be a nun or priest or whatever the career was called like in zombie exodus ;-; it was funny because it is the epitimy of “if i just belive hard enough the zombie will just disappear”


I wish we could have being a psychic as a job and/or divination as a hobbie. A fun little thing to add to the apocalypse, starting a cult as an “Oracle” whaaaa? :eyes::eyes: lol

That would be really cool or even be special forces or a spy like Rachel so we would be on the same page, or a government offical like a general or dare i say…a presidental candadit

I agree with that that would be cool to have cheat mode like a paid feature

Weirdly enough, a cheat mode would work really well. Stats matter alot and you can actually be a badass zombie killer unlike other games where failure doesn’t care about your stats for story sake this game lets you destroy as many zombies as you want as long as you got the right stats.

My last MC was basically john wick. Dude was one tapping zombies left and right like a Terminator.

I wish the characters reacted more to the insane shit the MC does maybe mention how crazy badass the MC is.


We already have 75 extra skill points, 20 extra attribute points, and custom backgrounds.


I am steadily working on new scenes with Ray. As you can tell, it’s a lot of writing, but they are very fun to write. It’s great to have a character that can say anything, and the MC can’t do anything about it.

Thank you!

I don’t know. I have considered adding different modes. People actually asked me for a harder mode, while fewer people ask for an easier one.

I can add more scenes like this. There are quite a few in Part 2. I know of several in Part 3 and there is at least one competition you can hold with other survivors in Part 4 to see who can kill the most zombies.


I’d always perceived the point bonuses as “difficulty modes” in their own right.


True yes the points you get to upgrade your stats while works for the standard game as new character plus, it would be cool to have a legit cheat mode so you can have like 70 in every attribute and high skill levels, also the custom background thing is not really as good as it seems, cause its one thing to call yourself something but it means nothing if they just call you a soldier while you want to be an agent or a swat but just be consider a police officer with none of the swat like things that would be associated with it, like how in the military carreer you go to the military base and get an M16 and ammo along with a special Omnus tool thing, but i don’t care if they do plan to add more carrers or sub classes like the military and health care and science, if they do that would be sick but if they don’t oh well still an amazing game

Game has a ton of variation already, personally, I feel like already existing content should be completed and expanded on before even more new stuff is thrown in. Author can’t accommodate every single player, right now, I’d say the game is great as it is


I do think a harder mode, while not necessary in any way, would be pretty cool because it would bring more of a TWD or Prject Zomboid kinda feel to it, which would be awesome.

I wanted to ask exept gina and Jillian with who are poly routes possible?

Edit: and I always wondered is those that we can date in the start of game at cinema will be back in story? Like I go with one and saved her and we going separate ways will I see them later and have mentions of the firt meeting ?


I don’t think at this stage of story is easy for you to add a new profession in story but I would loved if one of professions that were available were psychologist (I mean I can build it in job creation but it wouldn’t have special scenes like other back grounds that way)

I honestly wouldn’t mind a optional challenge mode, maybe have lesser skill points reward and such.