Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven, Part 4 Public Beta - updated 5/8/2024, 530,000+ words

Ah okay, disappointing but understandable. Thank you!

Someone earlier was asking about the teenager storyline involving your parents possible survival, and questioning how they would react to an adult RO (Jillian I believe) and potential pregnancy. I think this overlooks a potentially bigger issue for the group, how will MC’s parents react to a group dynamic where MC is leader. Will the parents be able to accept the situation, or do they undermine MCs authority? How will they react when/if they find out that MC has killed people? How do they react if MC kills a member of the group…


Easy solution: Banishment.

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It’s technically not that easy since considering its the apocalypse so they are not as important as they were before but they are still family so it’s complicated. If anything they have to either accept it or move on or die if the mc is that evil.

They won’t be able to get us to leave especially if people like us and think we are a good leader. Even if the mc isn’t leader they are still one of the main people in charge of the group so people would probably listen to us instead of them since they would be new and sus to some people.

Last time I checked Kevin’s dad let us ring them and we found out they went to Nightfall which is overrun. It going to be a while before we get an update if they survive the dead.


Man been wondering myself about some of these questions for a while, the teen parents should certainly play a role at some point(if any of them is still alive,I remember there was a scene with a phone call someone telling you about the father’s death, could be genuine or not guess we’ll see).

Regarding the teen age characters that are up to poly, beyond Rachel not being into it do not know if even Maddie is up to some sharing, a crucial question that could affect perfectly the way many of us will play the next parts.


It was fake. That person lied and nicked or stolen their phone. One of our parents friends confirmed they are still alive and looking for us when Kevin’s dad let us use his phone.


Is it both of them alive or just Dad?


They were both alive, according to the father’s friend, and were headed back to Nightfall to look for MC and possibly nephew. I have a feeling we’ll find out their fates in part 4, though having them be dead seems like a waste of a story thread, it is a thread only having effects on one path, so might be one that goes nowhere.


There are 4 special paths to the story that you have to deliberately choose: the Teenager path is one of them (the others are the Military path, Zeta Research path, and LEGIT/SurvNet path).


Thanks for the answer to an unasked question. I wondered if there were story threads I was missing, I pretty much exclusively play the teenager route. Turns out I’m only missing out on the military storyline. Only the military and teen routes are mutually exclusive. My teen is also on the research, and survnet paths.


Actually I think the college student also takes the teen path as well since u can still try to call them at the start.

You can call your parents, but that doesn’t go anywhere with the college student path


I played the college student once, and while I remember calling them in chapter one, I do not remember being able to call them after prom. I fully acknowledge I could be wrong though.

To be honest, I think the parents can be quite dificult to do, because without showing them we can create headcannon. If they apper it can destroy some mcs


I agree but it makes sense that they would look for a young mc even through the chances how them surviving were low because they were in a high population area on holiday and now they are risking Nightfall which is destroyed and overrun with zombies now. Even the New army would have hard time dealing with them. I think the author trying to create unique paths for different MC roles but I hope they don’t burn themselves out dealing with the extra stress and work

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Jim seems pretty dedicated, and switches between projects, to avoid becoming burnt out on any one title. Plus, as far as I know, his writing is his primary revenue stream. I tend to worry more about the multitude of story threads that were introduced, but not followed up on, though I believe we’re going to get at least some of those addressed in part 4 or 5. Regardless, if I’m breathing, I’ll be buying every episode of ZE:SH


Thank you for reporting these. I will have to check into them.

I think I had overlooked that people may build multiples of specific buildings, like multiple chicken coops. I’m going to have to work out the code to allow it, especially since things like that are going to be necessary for Part 4.

This type of feedback is hugely valuable to me. Thank you for reporting them and trying the game out to be as efficient as possible.

I loved writing John Graves. Sadly, I don’t think I’m going to be adding many more romance options after those that I’ve already stated will be added. However, and I’m not doing this to troll my fans, I love creating characters in games and using them in other games.

You are correct about burnout, but I actually have a full-time job at the University. Writing is my side project, although, I spend about 30 hours a week writing nowadays. I am definitely going to be doing five parts of the game, but I also believe that if people enjoy this game, I have no reason to stop. I am also going to be advancing the four major plots in Part 4. I should be starting the scientist storyline pretty hard-core coming soon.


Hats off to you, boss. I had to give up my creative outlets when I joined the 9 to 5 grind. You have some serious dedication. If you write 50 parts, I’ll buy them all. Cheers.


Man it was messed up finding out that the baby wasnt mine, I understand her reasoning for wanting to be together but really could she think Mc would be cool raising another man’s kid sorry Jullian but im not raising another man’s kid.


Man I really wish you could’ve also add to choose MC’s height from the Character creator. But its a Good game so far.