Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven, Part 4 Public Beta - updated 4/30/2023, 290,000+ words

If so, Kevin has cashed his check. I’ll bury what’s left of him right along side Eli. And move right on to Elsie. She seems pretty chill. I highly doubt it though. Madison is bordering on clingy in my playthrough, 95 relationship (I think it’s the maximum, as I’ve never had anyone higher), and I’ve pretty thoroughly put Kevin in his place, while maintaining a relatively high 75 relationship in my most recent playthrough.

Hodbadger, Jim said we’d be seeing the Graves family again, but also said that after the most recent group of RO’s (Anders, Alison, August, Monica, and Elsie), he felt there were enough options. Each one come with 10-15k more words to each part, and unless the Graves join our group, the logistics would be a nightmare.

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Ah okay, disappointing but understandable. Thank you!