Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven, Part 4 Public Beta - updated 2/28/2023, 240,000+ words

Both of them are bad but using them to take other is probably the best way to do since they both have loads of guys and tech to play with.

If the New army and Silverthorne ever fight, it will be the biggest curbstomp in the series period.

New army have thousand of soldiers, while Silverthorne only have around 100 people, and not all of them are soldiers

New army have humvees, assault helicopters, fighter aircraft, etc. Silverthorne’s best is an APC

New army is decentralized, so it is (near) impossible to take them out in one large fight, Silverthorne have a HQ in a FEMA camp, one air stike run and Silverthorn become Silver gone

The only way i can see New army being defeated is if all the factions (Biker gang, Silverthorne, Vanguard, Our own faction, other small groups) work together and united against a single enemy, and that is a problem on its own.

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It’s a death wish fighting them head on but hit and run tactics could work. U know hit some of their patrols, take their stuff and get out before more come. It would probably be impossible take them out completely but we can weaken with tactics like this. I would never work with thorns since they literally a time bomb waiting to go off even if we be civil with them

Unless you’re doing some kind of goofy warlord run, the only way to defeat the New Army is to remind them generally that you’re all Americans, there’s a fucking zombie apocalypse going on, and hope that some junior officer and NCOs have enough common sense to arrest/kill the fruit loops in charge and allow sanity to prevail. Both the Vanguards and them are in need of this: Snap out of it Moonstruck - YouTube


I hope the new army are the main bad guys of this series.

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The link doesn’t work

Ahahahahaha. So im at the point where you can possibly use the ultra sound on Jil. And i know it hasnt been updated yet with changes Jim was thinking.

But right now, its hilarious. Going through as a female character, and have them go “It might not be your baby. The timeline doesnt add up.” And im just sitting here laughing because its the TIMELINE that makes it possible for the baby not to be my characters. :rofl::sob:


I actually like scenario B! Though I might be one of the few that does :disappointed_relieved:.
I like the option to give her the pills so she doesn´t get pregnant. It´s a big turn off for me otherwise.


Goodness me, I sign up for a zombie survival game, wait one year for bug fixes, come back only to find out it has turned into a parenting stimulation/family drama. Color me shocked when I find out about jill baby’s twist from a random comment somewhere. I was reading the ultrasound scene and had to laugh at the sheer absurdity when my second RO rachel watching on the event like a juicy drama tv series (btw, isn’t her reaction to this a bit OOC for her?).

Personally, I’m fine with either scenario as long as the baby’s father identity isn’t fixed. Since it would send a wrong message/unfortunate implication about jill character to a male MC player (especially to a teen/college student) like she’s using their naivete to coax them into being a surrogate father. I understand it may not be in your intention.

For a female MC, it may have a lesser impact since it would be just like the couple/trio adopting a baby with jill blood in it to boost (maybe? just my assumption).

Reading other survivors’ convos, I somewhat understand you’re trying to flesh out their characters by giving them challenges to overcome and “baby” is assigned to jill. So, uh, just go with A if it’s easier for you since I’m not picky.
Althought B makes much more senses (what’s the point of including birth control pills in this game? XD)
Also allow players, who accidentally give pills to Jill in part 2, a second chance to avoid this unnecessary drama without replaying. Thus everyone achieves their desired outcome.

Man, I only allow lyle to live for story contents, he may not be this lucky the next time we meet again. :upside_down_face:


My MC is a teen but can do a surgery. Seems like she graduated med school in her mother’s womb.


Can my mc be preggo :rofl::rofl::sneezing_face:.

I second you. I love this game, I’m totally invested in it and frankly, I’m even willing to pay more for the final release if Scenario B applies. I would like to speak for the others that are interested in Scenario B in the sense that a lot of us want to experience in-game fatherhood where the child is ours and I agree with another person here who suggested that the timeline be changed because in any case its impossible for all the things that happened in ZESH to have happened in about a month’s or less time. I suggest a small update of ZESH to factor in a bit more of time realistically (so headings or other indicators reflect that at least 3 in-game months have passed?) so Scenario B is more realistic and viable. Scenario A seems to be unnecessary drama forced on a MMC for simply being an MMC. We could think in non-binary terms to have Scenario C where an NBMC can get Jillian pregnant and randomly have the baby as the MC’s or Lyle’s. This way all in favour of and against Scenario A or B can just replay the game after reloading the last save for more inclusivity of player agency and diversity in playthrough. Just my thoughts but either way I love this game @JimD


You know what, you have a way with words and because of that I’m on team Scenario B now :thinking:. I support that the timeline be changed if it’s possible. Hopefully it is.

I didn’t think of the drama that would ensue if the mc and romanced Jill meet saved-Lyle again and he learn the baby is his in the gave-birth-pills route. With all the shit that’s going on that kind of drama seems very unnecessary. Also, a third option where Jillian gets pregnant and the baby would be either mc’s or Lyle’s is a swell suggestion :open_mouth:


I still support scenario a but I do agree that the timeline should be extended a little bit. The whole thing taking only three weeks does feel rather unrealistic and jarring.

Hi, uh sorry but I am all very new to this story and the zombie exodus safe haven universe. So my question is :

Is Jillian’s unborn baby our or her exs?

People keep giving me different answers.

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In the current version, her ex’s. However, that’s stated to be changing in the next version, which is why some say it’s ours under certain conditions.

Wait 4 weeks pregnant and the mc just met jillian in 3rd week meaning the mc is not the father ?

A question please, how many days is this until Times skip?

First time poster here. First, let me congratulate you on a fantastic game/novel, Jim. Second, I’d be interested in joining your patreon at the highest level, if it would allow me to import my saves to the beta. I have played through half a dozen times at least, trying to see everything, and think top tier patron saves would do a better job of finding bugs, the checklist is great, but can’t possibly cover even half the possible permutations of choices available. In any event I look forward to part 4 and beyond. Keep up the excellent work, and I will continue to purchase your products, be I a patron, or not.

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Anything is possible. I have not planned past Part 4, except for some endings.

I have that in Part 4.

It’s possible. It’s safe to say Lyle will show up in one form or another in the future.

I can’t give away any spoilers, of course, but I have seen planned similar to this. It doesn’t always happen but is an outcome to decisions that are made during a mission.

I am currently coding this in chapter 14.

That is definitely going to happen.

I have a big science storyline coming for those who embarked on the researching the cure storyline. I was hoping to include in Part 3, but I felt pressure to publish. That pressure has been lifted from seeing the success of other recent releases that are much larger than Part 3 that took much longer to develop. It seems like people want longer games/parts/sequels even if it takes a long time to produce.

I’m not sure what that would look like or even with that is. I’m open to all suggestions though.

This is a sliver of a storyline that you can or cannot participate in. If it doesn’t interest you, it’s really not much of a distraction to your character in the game. It gets more attention online and social media.

If you made your character that way, I’m not going to penalize you for being young. I don’t want to restrict people based on age. That would be terrible for player agency.

I’m not sure yet. It’s probably going to be about a week in game terms and then we are skipping 3-5 months. I’m not sure exactly the number yet.

Thank you!

At the moment, Hosted Games (the publisher) does not allow us to use saved games for beta testing. I don’t know of any other game that has that functionality for beta testing. If anyone can point line out, I would be happy to try and replicate it.


Will we be able to take on the New Army in some big way besides stopping them for getting that ai base or are you going to save that for the double sequel?

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