Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven, Part 4 Public Beta - updated 2/1/2024, 461,000+ words

Skill points are awarded depending on what your intelligence is, and at that point, they don’t make too much of a difference. I agree with an earlier comment, if you want to play some sort of challenge mode, just don’t play with the extra skill and attribute points. Yes, the game is optimized for that already, but it definitely makes things more challenging


Please tell me i can kill kevin :333

As of the moment? Nope not that im aware of at least.

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If MC is delusional, will the others pay more attention to it later in the game? Also, the description of this challenge says that we can apply medicines, will it be added in the future?


People are slowly starting to pay attention to it. In fact, in the most recent mission I was writing, your companions will absolutely bring up your delusions.

Yes, this is coming as well.


It would be nice if your delusions were used against you during the Part 4 elections, either as a cheap shot to make the MC look bad or as genuine concern from others about your decision-making ability.

By the way, I noticed that having strong willpower and making certain choices would cause you to engage in far fewer crazy activities from the delusion challenge; does this factor into how many people notice you are not normal?


I haven’t played till part 3 yet so forgive me if this is already implemented for the delusion challenge, but will there be scenarios which Ray take over the control of the body? Considering how polar opposite Ray’s personality is compared to that of MC’s, I would love to see how the drama unfolds as people realize who they’re speaking to is not MC. And the struggle that MC could put on to retain body control and so on. It will be so fun to read. Or maybe MC can befriend Ray in someway, that Ray will comfort MC or take place of them when there is, for example, a PTSD flashback that cause MC to be immobile in battles?

There’s nothing like that at all, and I’m not entirely sure that there will be. Remember, Ray doesn’t actually exist, I’m pretty sure the worst they can do manipulate you and push you to pick certain choices over others, but outright control doesn’t make sense for something that is essentially a figment of your imagination


Idr if it’s ever explicitly metioned, but it seems like MC suffers from (undiagnosed?) schizophrenia- what you’re describing sounds more like possesion by a ghost/demon lol.


Its definitely diagnosed, the beginning of the first chapter says that you havent gotten your prescription filled or something along those lines.

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Way late response. But a harder mode would be limiting your stats, and skills. Then with the right combo of drawbacks and you pretty much have a Dark Souls run.

That makes sense. For some reason, I thought the delusion challenge shares some similarities with multiple personality disorder, because I remembered reading a Wiki somewhere saying Ray wants to control the MC?? So I felt like Ray was a separate entity… Well, there goes my hope to let MC make friend with Ray :smiling_face_with_tear:

Bruh :rofl: I wouldn’t call it possession by ghost… although that might be much more interesting haha… I was thinking of something like multiple personality disorder… but I guess I missed the line that MC was diagnosed with schizophrenia.

Yeah I was gonna say what you described was closer to Dissociative Identity Disorder than Delusions :smiling_face_with_tear: Wouldn’t really be accurate and it’s best to tread lightly when writing about specific mental disorders


Checking to see if the beta will get an update in April.

It will probably be closer to the end of this month, but yes.


It’s been awhile and wasn’t sure where to ask. But what was the thing helping us in zombie exudes, I forget her name but the ghost/thing the the MC and Emma both see?