Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven, Part 4 Public Beta - updated 2/1/2024, 461,000+ words

I don’t kill anyone unless there is not other option. Jillian is a useful resource, ala labor/work and after some eventual training, she’ll be capable enough to help out around the group more… after baby one atleast…

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Having the nephew helps because he realizes something is up, then you just need to persuade/trick him into admitting it


He has 70 Perception and Level 5 Search.


Let’s go an update


I still cannot get over as a straight married woman with a 1 year old baby and the only character I can romance in this story is Rachel!? Jim for you to make me fall in love with a woman for the first time in my life is concerning :rofl:

Especially one with not anything masculine regarding her demeanor and appearance I’m like floored. How dare you!! :joy: :joy:

Also joining the patreon has been a blast, love love your work. :two_hearts:


This should be fixed. Sorry about that!

I need to do more testing, but I definitely think there is a bug that is going to force me to remove restoring a checkpoint from the stat menu. Everything is correct on the coding side. I will have to keep playing with it to see if I can get it to work.

I give your character the option to flirt, because I think it is a realistic option to provide. It may not always lead to romance, but some people wish to play extremely charismatic and flirty individuals. For that reason, I like to include choices. There is also the option for “one night stands” or short romantic/intimate scenes with people you may never encounter again. I have one coming up in Part 4. Actually several.

This is definitely part of the fantasy element of the game. If I am to give the most player agency, I have to let the player be a part of all major decisions. Otherwise, you are just playing possibly, and then what’s the point? I may as well just go read a regular book. So, you have to suspend reality for these situations. It is entirely possible for a sixteen-year-old to lead a group of adults through a zombie apocalypse.

At that stage, I didn’t want to prolong the scene with skill checks. I figured if you made the decision to kill these two survivors, then the scene should occur. I didn’t want to have a situation where you have to replay the game with higher stats to actually kill them. That was my thinking at the time.

When you say the only character you can romance is a woman, is that because you don’t like the others? Which is fine… I just want to make sure you haven’t hit a strange bug.

Thank you! I work hard on Patreon and try to make it entertaining.


Nope! I used to only like Reilly before but lately she is the only one I go after :joy: no bug at all!


I came across at least 3-4 new things this time around. Seeing just how crazy MC can get was a wild ride and coming across so many small things that I never picked up on before, made me love your game even more than I already did!! Keep up the great work!! :smile: @JimD


My favorite- as I’d like to call it ‘hidden gem’- in this playthrough was something I saw but never really paid attention to, back when I first gave ZE a try. Mind you, I don’t know how I didn’t grapple this back then but, one of the characters 100% doesn’t belong lmao!! I never interacted with the character much. I’d just see his name as one of the people to socialize with.

The only reason I caught it this time was because I was going to try and see if this person was a romantic option and started talking with him every chance I got , but very soon, I came to the conclusion that RAY is made up. Looordd…I had forgotten that I had made bro suffer from delusions. I was wondering why he kept tweakin out, I thought it was withdrawals from not drinking.

Also, why don’t I remember the canoodling scenes being so spicy. Like yeah, they’re not explicit. But still, I never realized they had some pepper in them( I’m not complaining though).

One scene that caught me totally off guard and was out of the blue was:

I stared at my phone like “uhhh- HELP!! What is happening right now” :flushed::face_with_peeking_eye:

Next, I need to see what everyone is talking about with the Jillian route. I actually Love Jill. Her and Gina are my favorite women characters in the game honestly. I only Killed Jill this time because I wanted to go for a certain number of survivor takeouts- see if I had the heart to go through with being a psycho for a whole GP. I failed. I started having morals and showing humanity near the end of pt 3.


I was playing around with the delusions challenge and I noticed that the gender of Ray is very inconsistent throughout all of parts 2-4 and I’m not sure if it is intentional. They’ll go from female to male and vice versa between paragraphs and sometimes even within the same sentence. It seems to me to be a coding issue with Ray and I say this because isn’t the whole point of delusions is that the MC can’t tell what is real and what is not; so having someone who the MC believes to be 100% real morphing genders before their very eyes should be a dead giveaway that said person is not real.

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Yeah, that’s a bug

It’s understandable if the MC had a gun since what can she do. But if it’s a Melee weapon she could easy bolt out of there unless the MC passed a skill check. Lyle is old so he knows he’s done


where are most of the spicy scenes? :face_with_peeking_eye:


Jim can correct me if i’m wrong but you should be able to get the spicy scenes with all the current RO in the camp. So whoever you choose to romance, just consistently hang/socialize with them, like during missions and stuff; from time to time you’ll get options to initiate intimate moments like make-out sessions OR you can plan to meet the RO later (whenever things calm down, hanging out later usually leads to more than make out seshes).

Ofc you need a place to do this, so make sure to Pitch a tent/ or have a room and you can invite your RO to share. Once in a while you’ll get the option on how to spend that time: Cuddling, spicy moments or choosing to no longer be interested.

Again, the scenes are not like @CC_Hill Level scenes, when it comes to descriptiveness, but they are def spicy enough for me to be surprised. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

cough cough the Jaime X Lopez Threesome


Is there a way for the hard of hearing/deaf mc to use/learn/and/or teach sign language? I’d love my my hard of hearing mc to only use their hearing aid when they’re out of base or when needed. Gotta save the batteries for then and use SL when not using them


In Part 3, if you share a residence with your RO, you also get a rather elaborate spicy scene (if you wish it).

I think Ray is what gender PC is attracted to. Not sure how it works if PC is aro-ace.


I have a little question. I’ve played it now till part 3 a few times and i saw that Ray can be male, how do i get a male Ray? She is always female when i play.

Ray has the same gender as MC so make yourself male and then you get male Ray


Do you really think they COULD put up a fight? Like Lyle MIGHT be able to, we never saw if he had any skills. But for some reason i doubt it.

As for Jillian? If anything shes a LIABILITY in a fight.


Not sure if this is accurate? At least not in the current demo, or if its a bug. Im thinking it is, cause I dont recall EVER having a Male Ray. Even when as a male MC.

But, i just went through the demo as female and male, and got a male Ray both times.

I think its based on your sexuality