Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven, Part 3 Public Beta

Question when we go to show stats can we have a option to see the skills that each survivor has


I love Reilly and Nora’s mother-son relationship, always make me laugh. I can’t wait to read them again! :smile:


well made and fun

If Jude comes back, I hope we can become friends with him or something. He was awesome. :frowning:

Jaime’s name keeps getting misspelled. There is also the point where we can confront the strangers. They keep mentioning Casey, but MC still has the option to ask them if they know Casey, which was confusing to me.

Also, as a curiosity, will there be new opportunities for romance (new NPC options) in the next installments? And the primary and secondary interest thing, will we ever settle down?

As a whole, I’m super hooked on this game. Like, legit addicted. It’s an amazing series, so I’m super excited about this next installment!

edit: One more suggestion/nitpick, but in the gas station scene, maybe MC who is higher in empathy can speak directly to Ayana instead of speaking to her brother, because speaking to her brother makes it seem like she’s not there, which feels a little disrespectful to someone with a disability?


Quite happy with this public test so far, just kinda curious as to how Eli’s past will have an effect to the group. Im just assuming that he is the criminal in the papers and can imagine his past being common knowledge and would have a choice whether to kill him for his past crimes or something. Sorry if I’m not as informed on this if it has already been talked on.


Thank you for pointing this out. I can easily fix these.

Yes, there are 2 new teenager romantic options and 2 new adult options coming.

Yes, but I wouldn’t say settle down. I would say it gets addressed by certain people.

Thank you!

I can probably give the MC more opportunities to speak directly with Ayana. It’s just a lot of extra writing for me, but I can see how it diminishes her character and may seem disrespectful. I’ll have to see how I can address that without adding too much to the section which will move back my deadline to get this released.

That’s a great question. I still have to write possible conversations with your group members, and so this is something you can ask them or even just discuss Eli in general.


Yes but resources are not easy to get anymore even for government. Plus it could be hacked or stolen for parts. Besides what if the robots turn on their masters? It would be skynet all over again in terminators

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Hmm, probably not. The story take place in our modern time, using weapons and gears corresponding with what we have. So putting an advanced robot in the game may push it to the realm of sci-fi. Not to mention the chance for our Protag to stumble upon such a valuable piece of tech is unreal.
A better approach would be Drones. They have been used by the military and seen mass production, so the chance of them being in an outpost is higher. Or we could jury-rig one using the commercial Drone we obtained during the drugstore trip for combat.


This game is so great I’m been playing to different play styles like a hopeful teen using his charm to keep people hopes up while helping his friend lead the group. Then I am playing as harden bank robber who put everyone in his group in line and put outsider under his boot. Is there anyway were we can make other our friend or turn them in resources like Negan from the walking dead.

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Umm… this might be a stupid question but does anyone know if we can make our nephew more ruthless? It seems like every time I play he tells me how much he hates me ('cause of all the shit I’ve done, which is understandable).

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First of all I would like to say that this is one of my favorite game series in the world of choice of games/hosted games and like all others waiting for the next installment

Saying that I wanted to share that if it’s possible to add traits of other survivors in the stats or at the moment we are assigning different tasks to them it would be very convenient for players who’s MC is the leader to assign right guy to the right task. Detail of these traits or their accuracy can even be based on MC’s emphaty or effort he has put up in knowing other NPCs but it could be a very good touch in an already polished structure.

Secondly when we are scavenging we have to select 1 item at a time which takes a lot of time or turns if it can easily be achieved to select all the items at once or with fewer choices then it can further improve the experience

Sorry if my comments have been a bother or it is the wrong forum for it or these issues have already been addressed just wanted to share what I felt to improve the game I really like


Do you mean other groups that you meet or members of your own group?

Yes, as time goes on, you can train him to be more ruthless. He’s resilient though, so it’s not easy.

I have been resistant to this because it breaks the immersion of the game, but a lot of people ask me to put in a reference on the skills of the group members.

It would be a lot of extra coding. It’s something that I can do, but probably not in the short term because I have so many other things on my list to finish before the next release. But I will add this to my to-do list.

This is the right place. Thank you for your feedback.


I think both.

So when you play the demo and assign roles, there is an option to select second in command. Is there a way to include that choice in the orginal game? Like when we pick our cook and quartermaster, there is some sort of feedback (like Jamie talks about why either Nora, Parker, or Kelly would make a good quartermaster). It would be good to sort be able to do the same for second in command.

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Thanks for your response Jim, you have already done a great job with the game any other addition or improvement is going to be an extra boon for us.

For traits of survivors I was thinking on the lines that a good leader should or would know his /her followers to some extent instead of shooting blind or going with the opinion of Rachel n Jamie, assigning right people to right jobs could yield more and such but like I said its entirely up to you, this is all us being hungry for more:)


In a way, yes. In the current Part 3 version, you can already pressure the River Dogs into giving you supplies in exchange for their lives. You also tell them they will need to continue this arrangement in the future to stay safe.

I think there is a natural progression as the group stays together to flesh out different roles. I see your point that it’s already been established with cook and quartermaster, but I think Part 3 is really when a second-in-command becomes important.

Yes, I totally agree. I would like to make it based on the leadership skill or on empathy for non-leaders.

Everyone: I’m targeting February 15 for the release of the next chapter of Part 3. So the public beta will consist of chapters 8 and 9.


this is great so far keeping going strong

Ok this is sort of a minor detail but I was wondering if at all possible the Mc could bring Puddles the cat with them. I was replaying the original game and went to scout out the house with the flashing lights on day 2. There is a dead man in there and he left a note asking for someone to take care of Puddles. I have always felt bad for leaving the cat but I guess there is a reason I always play as a pet owner. Maybe as a part of the pet owner challenge it could include wanting to take other pets with them or something. It would be sort of possible since one option for a pet is a cat. Like maybe if you have a dog that is trained, it won’t scary the cat off and maybe take it with you.


Rachel took Puddles with her, if you have a good relationship with her and go to the vehicles from hillside camp she’ll show you Puddles.


Another question: is it possible to get into the army subplot without being a solider? Like I am playing non military and was just curious