Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven, Part 3 Public Beta - updating 9/5/2021

I believe Church and Driver’s deaths are also scripted

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I was just wondering something, in the part 3 beta, Nora can be chosen as an optional survivor. Does this mean she can die in part 2?
I can’t find any way for her to die in part 2, I vaguely remember being able to attack her in the battle on the hill, but I can’t find any way to do this.
So is there any way for Nora to die? This has been bugging me for a while

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I like the addition of the Ray character when you’re playing with delusions, but after that “dance” scene with him at the prom it’s kinda hard to believe that the rest of the group hasn’t put the MC in a straitjacket lol.

The only one to show any concern is Jamie, (during the first night on the hilltop) but he never brings it up again.

And if you introduce Ray to your nephew, the nephew just smiles and waves, so I’m guessing he thinks your just playing make believe or have an imaginary friend?

I’m rambling, but my main point is I hope is there will be some big climax/resolution in regards to Ray and the group.


I believe she can also die if you have poor camp defenses


Ok thanks, I tried it out and she died along with Parker
I’m not sure if I’m supposed to be happy soooo….
Thanks for the advice


I think you meant conservation

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It has been a minute but is there anyway to save Gina? I thought I read a while ago that Jim changed it where if she was your RO, she could live. I could be off but I was curious.

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Do u think later down the line you could implement hair and beard growth?

Thank you for figuring this out. I haven’t had time to look into it, but you did the work for me. Thank you.

Nora can die in the beginning of chapter 7. It depends on how well or how poorly you are running camp.

Yes, thanks for pointing that out. :slight_smile:


This is something I can confirm that @JimD plans on changing it so she can be saved. However, in the current build you can’t. As you can tell, there is some content missing in the current build, and there will still be stuff changed, etc.


I loved the current beta but I feel like Woody ( my fav!) he kind of disappeared in part 3 which is a slight bummer. He doesn’t participate in any of the more meaningful mission and if I am not romancing him I barely hear about him at all.


Hi Jim,i know this reply doesnt belong here,but anyway,in Zombie Exodus how do you get the Harem archivement? I tried everything.
Male with males (except Crone unless i bring Emma),the same but with Female.
Male with females,female with females.
Absolutely nothing happens…

Are Church, Driver and Gina supposed to just die like that? The scripted death in Part 2 doesn’t really affect me since I barely know some of those people, but Church, Driver and Gina were introduced more or less in Part 1 so it kinda sucks that there is no way to save them. I tried to plan out all the defenses and make people work on them but seems like they still just die.

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Well,It is assumed that in the end it was decided that Gina was not going to die, at least as scripted death and in this part, at the request of the fans, although with Edgar and Chruch they most likely have already kicked the bucket. I did not like this much in my personal opinion, since I feel that both were wasted potential, but hey we are in a zombie apocalypse, so I suppose we will have to adapt and try to save at least the most people as possible.

I haven’t done it myself to see if its possible but according to the code you need to reach the end of the game (the feedback screen) and have done the one of the following:

  1. Play a male character; leave the cathedral; save Mindy, Heather, Candace, and Kelly; and do not save River, Devlin, Crone, and Badger.

  2. Play a female character; leave the cathedral; save River, Devlin, Crone, and Badger; and do not save Mindy, Heather, Candace, and Kelly.

Seems like there are two different achievements. One unlocks the “Harem” achievement and one unlocks the “Reverse Harem” achievement. Every single one of these conditions need to be met or it won’t unlock.

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Is there any way to get Kelly in our car at the end of part 1?

Do I have to side with her when it comes to the Makarovs?

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I believe there is. After the Makarovs tries to break into your house, go and confront them with Woody and talk to her. When she is ranting to you about the Makarovs, choose to help her because she’s hot. That should start the relationship early.

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Did you get the Lone Wolf one?