Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven, Part 3 Public Beta - updating 9/5/2021

  1. To add, after that conversation with Kevin he opened up to me about being trans and his dads alzheimers but when I go to talk to his dad afterwards he’s suddenly super aggressive again. He was also still aggressive to me when the bikers showed up.
    Edit: The MC is also suddenly oblivious to his alzheimers.

  2. When choosing who to take with you to the convenience store I only picked my nephew and my pet but the other two options tagged along too (forgot their names).

  3. My character is a movie star but the nephew seems to think I’m military. There’s also a lot of typos in the conversation with the nephew.

  4. Self explanatory…


for the evulz duh


The real question here though; is there anything that’s NOT for the evulz?

Me thinks not.


Thank you for your response, Jim! I also have an additional suggestion for your consideration.

My suggestion would be: could it be possible for a leader MC to do some hands on work around the junkyard? Of course, for balance reasons, this option could take up a lot of time and could be limited to only one task, so the MC is not an one person army running around doing everything.

But I believe it would really help immersion/roleplay for the “hands on” type of characters, because just for one example, my MC has a farming and woodworking background, so if they’re building a chicken coop, she would want to be one of the people working on it.

Obviously a leader MC has to plan/delegate, but I think laborer type of characters would also want to utilize their skills to help. Of course, doing manual labor would take up a ton of the MC’s time, so there would be a trade off there.

Anyway, just a suggestion.


Also don’t know if anyone’s noticed this but trying to shore up or make improvements to the Junkyard doesn’t actually have the MC do it (which is why no time passes). It’s just adds it to the checklist for the other survivors to do. And you’ll probably have to balance finding supplies, defending/fortifying the camp, and making general improvements to it. Assuming it’s intentional


It says it takes 3 rope to make the perimeter alarm system but it only removes 2.
Being really good with hand to hand combat and hitting Benton yourself will give the sentence “Benton says nothing in the eyes you with a cold stare.” which sounds a bit off. I think it should have been ‘and’ instead of ‘in the’.
For the dancing hobby option I think it should have been ‘in a rave’ instead of ‘a rave’.
When talking to Kevin which automatically happens after a while when you have a high enough relationship with him and you have a higher honor stat while also having a profession that does not result in a different sentence the phrase ‘I identify with hat’ will appear which should be ‘I identify with that’.
The nephew successfully killing the zombie during scouting when he has a high humanity will make the sentence “He holds no emotion on his faace and just steps over to your side, his forehead shrugged and lips tight.” appear and when he has a low humanity the sentence “His mouth hangs open, and his hands shake until his weapon falls. Immediately, he picks it up and runs to your side.” will appear. I think it should be the other way around.
The above sentence has ‘faace’ instead of ‘face’.
After the helicopter comes during scouting there will be an option ““All I can think about is that helicopter.” which has the phrase ‘It gunship of that nature leads to so many questions’ which sounds off.
The description of the people in the boat when you killed the people at the gas station is ‘A pair of woman and man’. I think it should be ‘women’ instead of ‘woman’
The description of the place Eli is in when talking to Eli about letting your group stay when you are the leader has the words ‘stacks of newspaper’. I think it should be ‘stacks of newspapers’.
When you search through Eli’s house and then go talk to him to discuss about letting your group stay while also having a high impulsive stat there will be the choice “When I was looking through the house, I came across a box of old newspaper clippings about Leather Jack, a serial killer from the 50s. What you know about him?”. I think it should be ‘What do you know’ instead of ‘What you know’.
For that above option, there will be the phrase ‘call it my father’. I think it should be ‘call in my father’.
When asking if anyone else lives in the Junkyard and having a high enough empathy you can sense that Kevin is hiding something with is answer and that you will address it with him when you are alone with him but when you are actually alone with him there is no option to ask about that.
When finishing the conversation with Eli and you are the leader and have a higher relationship with Rachel compared to Jaime the sentence “In fact, ask Jaime about it. He’s that super-tall guy outside. He has all our money.” will appear. I think that the conditions for this sentence to appear is reversed like it’s supposed to be that you need a higher relationship with Jaime compared to Rachel for this sentence to appear.
When asking our nephew about how we can make the Junkyard feel more like home and having a low ideal stat the sentence “I’m just as worried as you. We’re going to do our best to make this place.” will appear.”. I think it is missing the word ‘safe’ at the end of the sentence.
When asking our nephew about how he feels about the junkyard the sentence “Your nephew sets up straighter.” appears. I think it is supposed to be ‘sits’ instead of ‘sets’.
When asking out nephew about what he thinks about Eli and Kevin the phrase ‘I don’t think Mr. Eli understand about’. I think it should be ‘understands’ instead of ‘understand’.
To be continued…


Can we also assign the nephew simple tasks (such as chores, helping set up an improvement, etc.)?

Also, we should get the opportunity to set Cook and Quartermaster in the setup questions (because they get set on the Hilltop).


This is my first attempted play through before my browser refreshed and I lost it, and you gave me the code which I will use for my second attempt. It’s also a rough draft that now that I have the code, I don’t intend on making neat so let me know if you have any questions.

EDIT: in my word doc i have all the errors and what I thought was important highlighted in red text. Let me know if you want me to email you that Jim and team.

Custom Backround MC, Military Commander

PS1 Empathy, PS2 Ranged Weapons.

Special features.

Dependent Child, Kleptomaniac, Pet Owner challenges, no PTSD test at this time. (did not include the 15 optimal points gained from part 1 and part 2 chapters so skills fall short for testing)

Chivalrous Hero morality type

Starting weapon choices did not offer m16 for military commander.

I am the leader, leading like a military squad. (optimal allegiance morale is 85, 82 with 51 diplomacy and altruistic 65.)

Higher group opinion (seems inadequate, my playthrough has everyone but Goodman and Rosie as best friend with Rosie/Goodman/Deter as friends. This only gives 2 BF, 12 friend 65-70, 2 associates that should be friend if hacker)

Higher group equipment. (does not seem to simulate the loot from part 1 or 2, the possible Thelma/pharmacy run equipment grabs, crafting options, or a highly efficient group report from the hunting fishing etc. My playthrough has 1400 group food and 692 water for example. This makes crafting option testing and viability as well as tactical options given or improved by equipment limited testing abilities)

All survivors.

Interested in Rachel and bailey.

Researching and collecting samples.

Sat phone.

Hacker storyline.

No romance with julianne but in gameplay its easy to become her best friend as hacker.

Kept zombie joe for research.

Kelly not taken. Benton taken hostage.

No PTSD currently.

Encountered Jude, survived currently.

(should ask whether atm robbed and Thelma robbed bribed or purchased fairly, money and money in bank seems low plus you implied Thelma and Jude reprecussions)

Continuity error 1 (Kelly safe and Benton captured but silverthornes left without a fight?):

Science notebook shows no samples or research taken (if researching and collecting samples assume optimal maximum, not sure if best but highest I have is 52% with 2/2/2/1/2 samples and joe still alive.)

Survnet properly implemented at optimal.

No group defense or offense? No junkyard defense or power levels?

Rachel/Brody/Gina/Nora/Reilly/Benton? missing from relationship stats

After the Benton question ask if Reilly caught him from the woods (peaceful capture) or if the MC caught him during the fight. Otherwise this is a continuity trap that will be continuously pop up.

Ask how many times we trained the pet 0/1/2.

Recommendation: make choices show desired effects so we can test those effects, calculations, and checks.

start of play with choices.

3days rough +Straightforward

Keep looking +calc

This with regard to staying here short term? If not then continuity error for previous choice to keep looking. Also, the choices here seem to reflect overly forward, democratic, pragmatic dictator, two faced dictator, imperialist dictator. Personally, leading as a chivalrous hero military style leadership I would want to be able to have the options to tell Eli and Kevin about the outbreak and see what their reaction is, and recruit them into our group under my command to stay for however long/to leave with us after a stay, or to leave them in peace with the warning in mind if that is what they wish.

Choice 1 + diplomacy altruistic +Jaimie?
Diffuse +diplomacy +kevin +Jaimie?

This is a possible continuity error. If you told the group then this might be seen differently, if you did not tell the group, they would be like WHAT?!

Settle then worry +calc, +pragmatic, +allegiance +morale

Possible continuity or code error:

  • Reilly I can’t see as reported above, but Madison’s relationship did not change at all. I would also modify it to “your decision, however Reilly and Madison especially look upset”. Concerned may be better if your looking to accentuate their fear of the militia but have no current relation hit based on the decision made.
  • Second highlight implies Reilly is the one to have caught him, be careful this doesn’t become a continuity error if the MC captures him during the fight.
  • Possible continuity error, if you’re the leader, and you talked to Keith in camp, everyone should know you’re the leader unless you lead the ambush from the woods.
  • I would add the option to gag and blind him again as a neutral action. The first two options seem diplomatic, the free option optimistic naivety, and the other 3 violent actions. Feels like we are being forced to choose diplomatic, fool, or violent.

Shut mouth break jaw +straightforward/pragmatic -jaimie/dante

Garage apartment (living signs, learn more) +honor (repeat descriptions upon visit and allow a choose this or return to looking option please, also careful revising the garage does not loop into constant honor)


12:15 Look around junkyard to learn more (simple map of the place would be AWESOME) 30 mins (suggest 15 if just looking and athletics >=3)

12:45 see eli, down payment -200 +eli +Kevin

Anyone else live at the junkyard

Can we stay his place +straightforward +altruistic +eli?

No need to panic truth and respect +straightforward +kevin (eats up 30 minutes then 15 for news)

1:30 hope +idealist ++allegiance(lower)/morale(higher)/altruistic (no response from kevin and eli on the speech seems strange. seems odd that there are random reactions from people with each choice but no effect on relationships)

Remind everyone same as above but less

Order secure junkyard benefit +honor ++allegiance(higher)/morale(lower)

Raw truth +pragmatic +allegiance/morale/ruthless

Assign roles: Rachel second, Reilly cook, parker quartermaster. 0 time, 30 minute trigger to clear out closet in main building as prison cell.

Choose roommate, let nephew choose, nephew stays with 85 relations +honor, Rachel yes ???.

Search through main house: leather jack articles and tools? Stealth check?

2pm been through a lot no changes? Ok if I ask later? +morality/calculated +kevin roster

Setup reinforcements (time doesn’t change and task is added to improvement list so not instant)

Dig a trench around the Junkyard, level 1.

Reinforce the gate around the Junkyard.

Secure the perimeter with a spiked barricade. (requires Crafting 60+ or Survival 50+)

Set up a perimeter alarm system. (requires Crafting 50+ or Survival 45+, and either 6 rolls of duct tape, 3 ropes, or 3 sewing kits)

On second thought, I don’t set up any other reinforcements at this time.




Dig a trench

plan improvement 200 square feet free space to start,

Farm Plot 225 free space

Greenhouse 200 free space

Zombie powered generator??? 200 free space

Chicken coop (120 free space?)

Infirmary 100 free space

Science laboratory 100 free space

Computer and electronics lab 80 free space

Improved workshop 80 free space

Recreation room 80 free space

Vegetable garden 60 free space

Workshop 60 free space

=1305 total

Chicken coop explanation: 4x8 or 32 square feet can house 20 chickens. Lets say 1 egg per person per day and double our current people for room to expand, that’s 27*2 = 54 eggs per day or 19710 yearly. Hens are good for between 200 and 300 eggs per year. 19710/250 = 79 chickens / 20 = 4 normal chicken coops or 120 square feet.

Logical choices: garden and chicken coop plus clear area.

Assign tasks to the group: (recommend more detail on what would be done around the junkyard per task, recommendations from your staff and Jaimie/Rachel (even if they aren’t on your staff), good place to go into each persons skills with hints on who should or should not do what and if tasks will rely on character skills. What happens if we say assign 1/3 people to a project? Allow logan to be assigned to fishing/chores definitely, and maybe scavenging or improvements? Continuity error, Kevin missing despite offer to help earlier.)

Rachel: chores—2 fishing—0 foraging—2 hunting—2 scavenging the area—8 watch duty—4 unassigned—0

Jaimie: chores—2 fishing—2 foraging—0 hunting—4 scavenging the area—5 watch duty—5 unassigned—0

Old camp optimal altered:

Scavenging assignments

Bailey, Driver/Edgar, Dante, Lopez, Reilly, Rachel

Hunting assignments

Brody, Madison

Fishing assignments

Kelley, Church


Jillian, Nora, Parker (Quartermaster)

Improve Camp Assignments

Woody, Gina

Watch duty

Tommy, Jaime Rosie

No time used.

Add solar power to system, - solar panel +power (stays an option with solar panel inventory)

Assign food portions: implies Rachel relations hit that I can’t see and plus relations with others but no changes? -fatigue -stress +morale

Train max option (implies first time training? Beware possible continuity error) half hour use? No visible changes to stats. Is this the same description for a dog that’s been trained 2 times prior?

2:30pm scout the junkyard 4:15

In questioning Benton, some hints or descriptions of what or how certain weapons would be perceived would be nice.

Find out what he wants.

Subversive approach mid level error, should be know who you are or know you.

Testing purposes 60?

Army and sister questions no changes.

Numbers = 80 or so,

Claims no other camps

Claims good on food for fighters

Keith a council leader, defers to Sullivan step father ex marine steel mill.


Bikers show up

Friendly allow one in, ask for information, yes to alliance.

Talk to my nephew, code error:

Text error.

Doesn’t flow with what the nephew is saying about parker.

Text error “sit alone”

Gina animal pen text error, forgot to screenshot.

Quarters, CB radio, no time.

Garage repair takes an hour. Single use?

The convenience store with everyone brought along, reilly doesn’t act like the group has 77+ allegiance and 75+ Altruistic. Also if the MC was on good terms with reilly and reeled him in at the hill, does he still act out like this? Continuity error?

If the horde walking by is larger than at the hilltop, make it clear the 40 or so coming toward us are the stragglers that saw us, otherwise you diminish the numbers you have us imagine in the prior scene.

Great opportunity to use the bodies found near camp, and the small camp found with the barbed wire and zombie when we scouted, and what keith said when questioned about those who can’t contribute as they see fit as workers aka old sick and weak get killed, to further paint the picture we see of the silvers. If they are silvers or considering the silvers, this will help convince them otherwise.

EDIT: in my word doc i have all the errors and what I thought was important highlighted in red text. Let me know if you want me to email you that Jim and team.


All of your screenshots are impossible to read. The first screenshot is clear, most of the rest can’t be read unless I strain my eyes and some actually can’t be read.

I replaced the document saved screenshots with the actual screenshots so they are clearer now, they are a bit larger also, and finally, if on a computer hold control (ctrl) and tap + for zooming in. - for zoom out. another option is to click on the photo and view it by itself.

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I see the name Jamie pop up everywhere so I’m not sure if that is a new character, Jaime’s nickname or not intended.
Selecting Rosie to be the group cook will make the phrase ‘was the first place and set on fire’ appear. I think it should be ‘was the first place I set on fire’.
When asking our nephew about Church the phrase ‘when he prays God’ appears. I think it should be something like ‘prayed to God’ since the sentence is in past tense.
When asking our nephew about Church the phrase ‘helps to set alone’ appears. I think it should be ‘helps to sit alone’.
When asking our nephew about Dante the sentence ‘I know I can’t do not unless I have no other choice.’ appears. The ‘I can’t do not’ part makes no sense.
When asking our nephew about Dante the sentence 'When asking our nephew about Dante the sentence ‘I know I can’t make any noise or yell for help unless the zombies will catch me.’ appears. I think it should be ‘or’ instead of ‘unless’.
When asking our nephew about Jillian while also having Jillian as your romance option the phrase ‘I now sometimes adults need alone time’ appears. It should be 'know instead of ‘now’.
The chicken pan typo in the dialogue with our nephew about Gina which I think was already mentioned.
When asking our nephew about Lopez while also not being in the military the sentence “I’ve never met anybody in the military besides you” appears.

When asking our nephew about Lopez while also being in the military the sentence “I’ve never met anybody in the before him” appears.

This means that the two possible dialogue thingys are switched wrongly. This also means that for the dialogue when you do not have a military profession the word ‘military’ is missing from the sentence to become “I’ve never met anybody in the military before him”.
When asking our nephew about Madison the phrase ‘I bothering her’ appears. I think it should be ‘I am bothering her’.
When asking our nephew about Madison the sentence “My friend Monique has a little brother who is only five, and she always says he is paying and her b-u-t-t.” appears. The last few words make absolutely no sense. I’m actually not sure about this one so I’m just going to say I think the intended words were ‘a pain in her b-u-t-t’ or ‘a pain in the b-u-t-t’ instead of ‘paying and her b-u-t-t’.
When asking our nephew about Madison the phrase ‘still loves them’ appears. I think it should be ‘still loves him’ because it is about a brother who is a ‘he’.
When asking our nephew about Madison the phrase ‘just tried to avoid her’ appears. I think it should be ‘try’ instead of ‘tried’.
When asking our nephew about Madison the phrase ‘told me I remind’ appears. I think it should be ‘reminded’ instead of ‘remind’ since the sentence is in past tense.
When asking our nephew about Ray while also having a high morality the phrase ‘Your nephew keep smiling’ appears. I think it should be ‘keeps’ instead of ‘keep’.
When asking our nephew about Woody the phrase ‘I hope you lets me help’ appears. I think it should be ‘let’ instead of ‘lets’.
When asking our nephew about Woody while also having Woody as our romance option the phrase ‘just sake we need you’ appears. I think it should be ‘just like we need you’.
To be continued…


If we picked a large dog as pet owners, will we be able to assign it a job? It could be used to guard, watch, track, hunt, or carry/pull weight.


I think if mc had doctor (maybe nurse too) the reaction to asking Ayana about her disability should be different for example after Gina and Danta essentially say it’s not appropriate to ask that mc could respond something along the lines of that they’re a doctor and would like to know if they can help Ayana in any way or help Ayana manage her disability etc. I think the doctor background would warrant different dialogue or reaction because of their medical expertise


Doctor and Nurse might actually make the diagnosis without saying “a disability”.

Is there already a regular generator set up? Because there is a 60 foot space needed for a solar powered generator, but nothing about making a regular generator. Also do we need a generator for that?


Keyword being might also if they can then they would have to change the question if they’re able to come up with the diagnosis on their own

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Because he might be doing a raider play through or testing every choice he can make


I’m definitely working on the time system. Thanks for your feedback!

I think I have found the source of this error. Thank you for posting the screenshot.

I can add that.

Military characters know about Lancelot but it still exists even if your character doesn’t know about it.

Thanks, I should have this fixed in the next update.

This sounds a little buggy. I will have to fix it.

I will have to check this out. I need to add some conditions that reflect you asking her and her refusing.

I found the source of this error and I will fix it soon.

That’s not implemented just yet, but I will make a note. Thank you.

I definitely want to add that at some point.

@0roxson0 thank you for pointing out all those typos.

I’m not sure how I feel about that. He is technically a challenge and that moves them into the range of being a benefit. But I have to think about. It makes sense that he would want to help.

I can add those.

I will add that.

A regular generator is pretty small. I believe there is a way to set one up.


I can’t remember how old the nephew is meant to be, but he could require another survivor to supervise him and either cause the task to take longer (if building related) or reduce how effective it is (if scavenging or that sort of thing). It’d keep in line with his personality and the mechanical aspect of him being a challenge.

Also for the trip to the shop, I only allowed the nephew to come with but Gina and Dante (I think?) came along anyway.

Other than that, the pacing and continuity seemed to flow pretty smoothly, although it felt like it took a lot longer for time to pass after task management options opened up. It might’ve been because my MC was the leader, but it definitely felt like it was starting to drag (I’ve usually struggled to fit all the tasks I want in before the next big event happens), so I’d love it if leader MC could help out in a more hands on role like @PizzaHut suggested.


Maybe the challenge of him is, adding to what @theredwoman said, at first you have to actively teach him things (which is time you could use for something else), and he will slow down progress if you assign him to tasks if you don’t teach him the relevant skill (and even then, he won’t speed it up because he is an 8-year-old child). But maybe by Part 4 (or even Part 5), or if you really grind, the later parts of Part 3, he starts getting good at non-combat tasks (actually speeding up their progress), and by Part 4 onward, he starts getting good at combat. Basically a survivor that requires a lot of investment, but is a powerhouse once fully invested.

Alternatively, he can only do simple tasks at normal speed at first, and PC has to actively train him for complex tasks (eating up their time).

Another possible challenge is that he, like Tommy, has a hidden mental health stat. If you push him too much too fast, or force him to abandon his humanity, the nephew might develop serious mental health issues, much like real-life child soldiers.


This should be “you, him and Madison”

“Tommy and Kevin”

I’ve also found a bug

I was playing as a soldier but the nephew still said: “I’ve never met anybody in the before him,…”
And i was romancing him so the bottom paragragh shouldn’t be there

Also in the scene with the River Dogs, when Amir flirted with us, if we decided to flirt back i think there should be some reactions from our ros if we bring them with us