Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven, Part 3 Public Beta - updating 9/5/2021

This will likely depend on how the MC is morality and intelligence wise. As for the teenager and the military, it is possible in the ROTC programs or as a military brat.


Do some ROs just not share a room with you, cause so far only Rachel will share a room and Kelly won’t?

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Yes, that’s easy enough.

Sure, that’s a great suggestion.

Yes, that sounds like a bug.

I will add one. That’s definitely an oversight.

I thought I added one but it’s easy enough to fix that.

Thank you for your feedback!

I’ve had other reports like this, so I will have to check the code.

Very good points.

I don’t have much control over that. There’s no really good safe system, so I just use the one that’s built-in to Dashingdon, the website

I actually like Duck Dynasty. The dig was by a specific character, but you may have missed the fact that Sharif was wearing the hat to begin with. Sharif likes the show while Dante doesn’t. It’s all about showing what people are about without saying with they are about.

It’s based on your relationship.


Jim, I am writing up a detailed one shot report for a single play through. I would highly recommend if it isn’t too much trouble, making the results of each choice known (+ % relations morality etc) and the checks they have to pass (if strength > 50 hit) so that we can make sure that the code is working right and we can test all the choices. Also waiting on the code you were going to share with me to go over.

Edit: everyone, if you want to help Jim and his team, please provide as much detail as possible for the BUGS. A standard of info is key.

List the choices you made for setup:
Primary Skill(s):
Special Features yes or no.
Challenges + details
Morality type
leader style:
Group opinion option selected:
Group equipment option selected:
Survivors selected:
Romance interests selected:
Researching and samples yes or no:
Sat phone yes or no:
Hacker story yes or no:
romance with Julianne yes or no:
zombie joe decision:
kelly taken yes or no:
Benton taken hostage yes or no:
PTSD test yes or no:
Jude encountered yes or no and alive or dead:
Screenshot of character skills/attributes/relations/items before and after the bug if necessary

Choices made up to the point of the error/bug:
Screenshot of the error/bug with highlight if possible:

This makes it so we can verify the bug by duplicating it and finding where the error is in the code. Thank you!


Yeah, got it to work. I’m guessing there’s no romance scene written for the end chapter yet.

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There are ones for Bailey, Madison, Rachel, Brody, and a few others. I haven’t gotten to all of them yet.


Your muscle instead of her, During exercise hobby with Jillian as RO.

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The time system doesn’t work, and only changed on major events, like I assigned roles, planned buildings, talked to people, searched some stuff and it was like 12:45 the entire time. (P.S lovin it so far, thanks Jim :slight_smile:


I didn’t bring Gina with me to the store but it still had her scenes when the group enters the store.



Hmm the way to avoid that is to avoid opening the stats screen, it used to happen to me in other wips so I only open them at the very end. It doesn’t always bug but just to be sure, I wouldn’t open it.


I feel like a doctor/nurse/social worker should have an option to tell Kevin their profession after he tells them about his father’s Alzheimer’s.


I noticed this too; I think it might be connected with either the partial customisation or the dependent child. (I think the only other thing I’d chosen by that point was to be a teenager, so it could be related to that, too.)

The conversation with the nephew seems to imply that the (quite positive) conversation with Kevin hasn’t happened, and that he’s still pretty hostile to the MC and group… :thinking: (I know the nephew himself may not know this, but the MC’s reply didn’t seem to refer to it either.)

She already told me she wants to make the gate stronger and build things like a watchtower and maybe even an animal pan so we can have chickens here.

Animal pen? :thinking:

One night she sat with me and read me a book, The Swiss Family Robinson, about a family who gets shipwrecked that they are all alone on an island. We never got to finish the book, but I hope she reads more to me."

Need to escape the italic tag. Also, could be reworded. :thinking: (“So that they are all alone…”?)

The dog slows it’s course as it writes on the plush toy.

This is a very off sentence. The word should be “its”, but that’s a moot point as the dog is always called “he” elsewhere in that passage, and on top of that, I don’t really think the dog would be writing anything… :sweat_smile:


So far loving getting back into this universe, I had one thing that confused me. The gunship that cut down the infected mentioned Lancelot, I thought only we had access to Lancelot. I could be wrong, it has been a bit since I played through part 1-2 so I could have missed something.


Posted a comment on the fbook page thread as well. When you go to the gas station even if you don’t select Dante to come with you he does anyway. I believe this counts as a low level feedback? Correct me if I’m wrong on that


Even if I dont invite both Gina and Dante to convenience store both go anyway.

At convenience store I chose to fight alone the zombies which followed Shirley but Reilly, Dante, Gina were suddenly outside fighting too.

At convenience store I chose to tell Sharif the story about the militia and all information given by Keith and so I thought choosing to warn Shirley not to join militia would mean I tell her all the same stuff I told Sharif and including that people with a medical condition would not be safe in this militia (I think I remember that is basically something Keith said?) but instead it seemed like I dont tell her the whole story and information about what happens to members the militia decides are too inconvenient? Why I thought it seemed like I dont tell her everything is because she implies I didnt explain how the stand off started and also because otherwise it would mean Shirley disregards Ayana’s safety. Did telling Shirif everything about the encounter actually include the information that members with long-term condition are not safe in militia? It seems like that would be important to tell them.

Does Brody move to the main house too or is it only Madison? I noticed she refused polite offer to let her stay in my shelter and said she wanted to stay near to Brody, and then she refused Nora’s offer to stay in a shelter with her, but then she instantly accepts offer to move into main house alone with two strangers?


I got this dialogue when talking to the nephew even though I did not pick a military background “Elliot perks up. “I really like Lopez. I don’t understand why we call him Lopez. His name is Cristian. I’ve never met anybody in the military besides you, but he doesn’t really talk about it much. When I ask him questions, he just tells me not to worry about it. I don’t think he liked being a soldier.” He pushes up his glasses.”


Oh man, Kevin better stay away from my girlfriend


I feel like at the beginning, it should ask about the River Dogs; them and Jude are not mutually exclusive.

And according to the nephew convo, it seems that Jaime/Lopez (from part 1), Parker/Dante (part 2), and now Brody/Bailey can be set up. Interesting, very interesting. I wonder if we can set up Madison/Kevin as well…

After the Kevin conversation, if it goes well (which my test MC would want, because he wants to coexist with Eli and Kevin if possible), he says that MC can assign him tasks. However, when I check the assignment board, I cannot assign him tasks. Is this not yet implemented?


I think It was reported to sir JimD.
Had to see if superstar has fame in nightfall, Colorado but alas no one saw the film i guess… 'Cause when i went to the store with the gina and the others only dante was mentioned as famous.
Also even with high stat on persuasion can’t really bend mrs. Shirley on my pov