Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven, Part 3 Public Beta - updated 5/1/2021

I wonder if it might be easier to implement some sort of classist tension, especially as the party gets into increasingly rural areas? “you’ve never worked a day in your life” vs “what would you bumpkins know”. Could work between different NPC’s, perhaps with a particular faction, or even directed towards the player (or available as a dialogue option) depending on career choice… Still adds some “not everyone gets along” (and potential resulting consequences?) while staying in milder political waters?

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Are the events right at the end of Ch.9 predetermined? (When the gates are left open. Population control, +3, -3?)

Also not sure if anyone pointed it out already, but I recognized Sean as a former neighbor, but then he came up and introduced himself to me anyway, farther down the same page.

Oh, also, continuity issue, I think there’s some branches that are tangled up in the Museum fight on the ground floor - if I successfully take the shot at Cruz, he’s still mentioned later in the scene. (“I’ll kill every one of you” etc.). Also, Gilbert fires at Bailey, she returns fire and hits him and he drops his gun, Brick runs up and axes him. But then Brick rushes from cover again and charges Gilbert, but Gilbert runs over and shoots Bailey.

If I take the shot at Gilbert instead, I eventually shoot a light and knock Cruz to the floor, but then there’s a part where he vaults over the railing, drops 30 feet, and then lands behind the display case.

If I have my group stay out of things, the resulting text also seems to have some duplicates - Thelma asks about Paul and Darlene, Paul steps out, says Darlene fought like a warrior til the end. Then, a little later, after Mel tells them where the fuel is, and Jude makes his entrance, Thelma asks about Darlene again and Paul says she died “to” (should be from…) her wounds a few minutes ago.

I could tell you more for sure if I was looking at the code, but I only know how to do that on Steam versions. :-/

One larger piece of feedback, I know it’s still WIP but I think the final chapter of part 3 needs some more denouement (or a big cliffhanger, but I lean towards the former) so people aren’t upset about an abrupt stop in the story. Some more futzing around in camp perhaps and then a little reflection by the MC over the latest events?


Pretty much, yes. A couple more characters can die if you’re not prepared, and I think Jim’s going to be making Gina savable.

Add scenes to the end of the game url to get to the scene list…

I don’t think this is the end of Part 3; I know there’s at least one other chapter on the way, and possibly two.


:exploding_head: nice. I figured it was something along those lines but hadn’t gotten to googling it yet.

Oh, duh. Good point. I was tricked by the “you’ve reached the end of part 3” message and forgot that more chapters could still be coming down the pipe.

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I think for me it’s just that some characters like Jamie really grate on my nerves. To me he’s like that annoying neighbour like Ned Flanders that you’ve only known a long time because of circumstance, not any particular affection.

Which means I’d get rid of him as soon as I can. Alas, don’t have the opportunity

Why did he grate on your nerves? I think character-wise he is decently well made when comparing to others


Well if you’re trying to play a warlord/bandit play-through or prioritizing the groups well being over strangers, Jaime is the biggest headache and objector to most decisions you make. Which is an understandable response to the behavior of the warlord MC, but when my pragmatic survivor talks about how he wants to prioritize the group’s well being over random strangers and makes decisions that reflect and reinforce that outlook, he says “that’s not the decision I would make if I were the leader”. Even though he’s the one that nominated me as the group’s leader, but now that I’m not sharing the same moral values as him, or leading the group in a way he would like he makes passive aggressive comments about my leadership decisions. So yes, Jaime can be your best friend and you can get along with him marvelously if you share the same outlooks on survival & morality, but if not he can becomes a pain in the ass real quick. Honestly, I’d rather deal with Rachel just being honest about not liking my decisions, and possibly attempting to stage a coup in the future, than Jaime’s passive aggressive jabs and occasional interference.

This is quite far-fetched, but i think the reason he acted the way he did is because of guilt and trauma from his time in the raider group in part 1. If i remember right, the leader of the group (Dillian) Was a pragmatic survivor as well, he did some questionable things like robbing from people and dead ghoul. Eventually his moral value went way down, like attempting to rape a woman student and chasing down Jaime, taunting him in a sadistic way. Not only Jaime failed to convince the leader to change his way, it was the opposite, so in a way he is supporting the leader from what he did for the first two days. And Dillian ain’t a stranger, either. He and Jaime worked together in a mental hospital and likely have the same relationship as Jaime with MC, if not slightly worse or better. Dunno about you, but getting chased down like a dog by your former co-worker or friend is quite hard to deal with emotionally. So from part 2 onward, he tried to steer you in the “correct” way by hindering a pragmatic MC in fear of them becoming a new Dillian. Hell, during the party in chapter 10, if your MC ain’t a leader, Jaime will actually asked if you are okay and whether you need any emotion or mental help or not. Likely to keep the MC sanity in check and don’t go insane.
However, i do agree with the fact that he have a bit too much plot armour.

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Is this the last book of the series?

None of that is pragmatic behavior, that’s just Dillian being an amoral bastard who wanted an excuse to indulge in his depravity, which he got in the form of a zombie apocalypse. Being pragmatic is solving problems with logical and practical solutions.Rachel is a great example of a Pragmatic survivor, when faced with a problem she consistently chooses a practical solution to the problem at hand instead of limiting the # of choices she has by following a set of ideals, that are becoming less likely to work as the apocalypse worsens.

No it isn’t far-fetched, I’m pretty sure it was confirmed that this is exactly the reason why he’s now given himself the responsibility to be the warden of our morality, and while I understand what he’s went through and why he’s doing this. I’d still like the ability to confront him & tell him that just because he needs a set of ideals to cling onto so he doesn’t loose his mind doesn’t mean I have to have the same outlook/ morals as him. Or just because, I’m acknowledging the fact that other people are dangerous and have the sense to not throw strangers a welcoming party to our camp, doesn’t mean I’m becoming evil.


@JimD Also apologies once again for a semi-off topic post, but can we plllleeeeeeaasssseeee :pleading_face: have combat gloves/boots (with either kevlar sleeves or shin socks) or something like that for MC’s the fight barehanded? it totally destroys immersion thinking that MC is fighting zombies BAREHANDED(or with simple running shoes lacking protection, or exposed sleeves/shins) with a method of attack that’ll end up doing more damage/pain to the MC after just a couple of hits(not to mention risk of infection from cuts incured while fighting)

Also would it be okay if we got throwing knives as a fighting option too? :sweat_smile:Like we have knife wepons & there was that one time on the treetop hill battle where we got to throw our wepon(even though throwing a trench knife or sword is extremely unrealistic or probable) but this was more flavour text rather than an actual ability we could regularly use as suggested by the skills description page. They could be a semi-limited resource/ammunition like arrows where you can craft more(using metal parts & the like); rather than arrow quivers you could have knife belts/straps as an amunition variable(each belt holding 5-10 knives but since player will prob wear 1-3 this could just be the same number of knives as arrows a quiver would hold)

Sorry if this is coming acrosnegativelyly in any way shape or form, I know that the creation of new variables and items in the story is difficult and that you’ve got a ton on your plate - these are just mini suggestions I guess that would help expand the immersion aspect for some readers/players of the story especially if they’re role playing, projecting their own skills/preferences on the MC, or want to safely fight using martial arts :sweat_smile:

Thank you for taking the time to read all of this(it’s much appreciated)!


You could just say that the body armor includes all that already. It would certainly be easier than adding whole other sets of armor for arms and legs.

I would highly advise against the throwing knives as theyre a poor choice of lethal weapon, especially against armored foes. They are extremely unreliable, and really only useful for entertainment. Not only do they not have enough force to drop a foe, you are disarming yourself and potentially arming the enemy. You would also need extreme accuracy for them to hit the vitals of your target. All of this has to be done from mid to close range as youre probably getting shot at. Thats just living opponents. Zombies would be worse as you wouldn’t be able to pierce the skull. The only plausible way to kill them is with a perfect throw threw the eyes or mouth into the brain stem. If they’re wearing protective headgear, you’re knives are useless. Mind you, this really depends how realistic Jim wants to keep the story. It would certainly be fun to have a new stealth weapon.

Regardless, I would highly recommend adding brass knuckles to the game. They would be extremely beneficial to players using fisticuffs. I’m actually surprised they haven’t been mentioned before!

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