Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven, Part 3 Public Beta - updated 2/14/2021

Well the homemaker doesn’t have a preferred skill however, the massive discount on all the skills makes up for it. The college student is a good background to have with some sort of beginning stats in most of the skills, having two preferred skills, and having a discount on the skills. If used correctly, you can master the vital skilled needed for the apocalypse however, it also overlooks other potential skills that help aid later on. For example, the skill of driving (while generally overlooked) can prove to be useful in the future. It is very obvious that there are still working cars, trucks, and even a bloody helicopter. If you have the ability, special kinds of vehicles that would prove to be useful. All that being said, the college student (as well as many other backgrounds) don’t have the number of skill points needed to potentially work in many of the “lesser” skills without giving up vital other skills. Also from what I know (I could be wrong), the background isn’t penalized or if it is then it’s not enough to make much of a difference.

Perhaps the biggest pro for playing as the homemaker is the idea of Jack of all trades, master of none. While many backgrounds will come with some sort of super high perk (like superior or advance), many of the other stats are a lot lower. But this the homemaker’s massive skill discount, they have the ability to become really good at pretty much everything if the points are used correctly. This discount will also allow for the character to invest in some of the other skills (like cooking, driving, search etc) that aren’t perhaps on top of most peoples’ list. While the skills can only go up to “superior”, it is stated that being superior in a skill will get you through most situations. Even just more on a personal level, I love the idea of beating the odds despite my character’s chosen profession. The idea of a college student in a zombie apocalypse seems rather cookie cutter at times. But a homemaker, normally docile and seemingly only skilled in domestic skills, turns from a chirping couponer to a zombie fight super solider who can still make a good apple pie while sparing with Rachel. I just really like the stories I can come up with.

Thus this is how my many elaborate tales begun: starring Winifred “Winie” Dixon who is master of none but superior of many. :joy: