Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven -- Part 2 Submitting soon



Oh! ok. :slight_smile: I just thought that maybe he became infected and just got better after time. I thought that after she said “I passed by the window and saw this guy, maybe in his late teens, standing there, shivering and huddled under a blanket. His skin looked yellow, and he was twitching and making wierd facial expressions”.


Mmm, the line “Yellow skin” is confusing the hell out of me, everything thing else there makes sense from the idea that the Makarov’s are getting ready to steal and run, especially the shivering, and huddling under a blanket because it’s highly likely that he was running around at night and thus was cold and wet…
But if he was really infected and subsequently immune, he wouldn’t develop the late stage symptom of yellow skin, nor be able to recover to a more health hue in time to rob us blind. Though there’s always the chance that the yellow skin was just pale or gaunt skin of someone unwell, or an added detail by Kelly to seem important.


Aside from the significance of Kelly’s description (she is someone who could jump to conclusions), it would be… “interesting” if this game’s immune character turns out to be Peter Makarov :cold_sweat: imagine if it turned out we needed him to be able to develop the vaccine! :scream:

Okay, hopefully not… :sweat_smile:


I do have a question - whenever the second part releases, how will we know that it has released?


There’ll probably be a separate announcement page and it’ll also be edited out in “upcoming hosted games releases” and I think Jim will change the title of thread too :slight_smile:


Oh well, I was hoping there would be a notification email or something
Like those emails I get whenever a new CoG or HG title releases.


Most likely, there will be an official email.

I will also post on the forums, post on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/ZombieExodus/) and Twitter (https://twitter.com/JimDattilo), send out an email newsletter from my site (http://zombieexodus.com/), and dance outside my home with a sign.


Ah, that would be nice. I’ve subscribed now.


Ugh, no rather it by Lyle or Jillian then. Still would prefer Brody and (optionally) Madison as well.


I always just figured Dante didn’t want you to see him wounded because he doesn’t know your intentions or trust you. He has no idea what you’re going to do. He probably thinks if you see he’s wounded you might take advantage of him. I think its just a normal wound.


Welp my OCD quirk has been soothed with the fact that the HOsted games list has been updated with this on the list finally as being in copyedit. XD

Correction it has a MAYBE release date. But still exciting news. :slight_smile:


All too true, but one should think what kind of wound would you take while running from the undead. Dante himself talks about how is action crew was attacked and presumably killed by infected, it seems odd to me that he’d receive a regular wound (IE not a bite/scratch). But I very well could be wrong, that’s why I have a glad wrap hat on (Everyone knows that the aliens can see through tin foil), but it is fun to think…Was Dante just hurt and frightened? Or bitten and recovered, Was the younger Makavo really infected? or was he merely sick from running around in the night in cold weather?


Seems the release is at least a month away, if not more. Part of me secretly wished for a late February or early March release. Oh well, some news is better than no news, at least now we have a loose estimate.


Right, that’s how I felt! If nothing else it’s a general idea at least! Suprised copyedit went through that quick though! 0__0


I’m operating under the style of speculation where I guess what I would least want to happen :grinning:

(A future which also includes Tommy becoming a mindless killing machine, the nephew being recruited by the Makarovs, and forced marriage to Jillian :scream:)


Now, now this is not a Cataphrak game of the “Ceci n’est pas une fantasie de puissance” kind, I mean we can be super-teens, kinda. So, yay, I guess for once I’m less pessimistic in outlook then our arch-optimist @TSSL , unless you know something I don’t from the beta-testing I wasn’t involved in this time, if so then I suppose ignorance is truly bliss in this instance. :wink:

If you do turn out to be right we just need to find a way to induce Parrotwatcher to write more Alex romance content to cheer us up!


The sad thing is, at least two of those sound plausible… :grimacing:

And then Slaughterhouse kills Alex.
The end. :smile:


:cry::confounded::sob: +20 characters right here, come and get me @discobot


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


Let me speculate… :smiling_imp:

Tommy becomes convinced that we’re all in cahoots with the Makarovs and attacks everyone! Jaime is secretly a bandit king and turns us in to harvest our organs! Brody is overly loyal and becomes a lackey enforcer who kills Jaime’s rivals for pay! Reilly betrays us for money! The Makarovs are our only hope of defeating Jaime’s evil regime! Jillian knows the secret serum but we must marry her to unlock it! Sean says we’re a bunch of crazy kids and yells at us! :crazy_face:

That’s plausible, right? :innocent: