Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven -- Part 2 Submitting soon



I thought about that but I thought this test was more of a sliding scale. Which side do you lean more towards? If that makes sense. I really just wanted a black or white (or more this colour than the other) answer.


Develop the characters then kill them without mercy


I usually try to play like myself in whatever situation the game says. Sometimes this involves some mind-bending, since some gameworlds are so divorced from my real life experience. I usually trend towards good, but with some seemingly bad decisions (stealing for survival, etc). I won’t steal from the store but if bandits attacked my group, I would divest them of their equipment and banish the survivors with hardly anything except token gear (maybe a knife each?) In games I help the wounded (my wounded first, theirs second), let people live unless they REALLY deserve it, bring people in for trial, that sort of thing.


My main is kind of a vigilante, saving the good, killing the bad, being moral without being stupid as to put ideals over realistic needs, that sorta thing.

My alts tend towards being jerks or mostly apathetic, though.


For anyone who follows @JimD’s newsletter, you may know that there is a future project set in the Zombie Exodus universe, but this time with the player as a student at a boarding school. I will be collaborating on the project. The plan is to use the same skill system, crafting system, challenge system, etc. though there may be some tweaks.

One addition to the challenge system is that I was thinking of allowing female MCs to be pregnant as the zombie apocalypse goes down. This begs the question, for those who play female MCs, would this be a challenge you’d be interested in having in game?

This won’t change who, if anyone, you choose to have a romance with.

For anyone curious as to the newsletter, here is a link:


I think it’s a great idea :slight_smile: , but it’d be cool if they were born at some point in game too though. And also it’d be interesting to see people’s reactions, especially if you’re really young in game(you say teen, but will you be able to pick how old as a teen, or if not I’m wondering how old we’ll be) or if you get pregnant with someone you just met :stuck_out_tongue: Also wondering how it might effect trans characters, either head cannoned or not. Right now I sometimes head canon my main mc as trans, and in SH there’s nothing too big that interferes with that head canon. Also would be cool but dark if there were variations on how the pregnancy progressed, what with it being the apocalypse and all and medical supplies being in short supply I can see a pregnancy not going well :’( .


For the sake of the app store, if the MC chooses pregnancy, then you would be 18.


Would you be able to choose younger otherwise? :thinking: You could probably fit places older students couldn’t, although you’d also probably be physically weaker…


Already did it lol, it was well worth the read. I just can’t wait for next installment in this series!


Could male Npcs also have children of their own, before, or during gameplay? Like having a child with another NPC, or beforehand? I’m the name of equality that is :3. Perhaps even adoption of another. But teaching my pet and nephew how to survive in the world would also be cool. If I could teach the dog how to forage or how to survive a zombie attack, or perhaps even my nephew matures and is taught new skills along the way like my other followers.


In addition to not being able to help spread the communication system that is required by (i forgot the computer guy’s name). Such as when he says to establish the system in the school but I as a player am unable to find an option to do so anywhere. Additionally, being able to hack into cameras to search city streets doesn’t offer much whatsoever, and it would be nice if this skill could allow us to find places and supplies that would other wise remain hidden. Thank you for your time. :grin:


Bearing in mind this is for a game that isn’t Safe Haven, but set in the same universe, I can’t say before hand. However, if in game an MC can get pregnant later, then we would allow an option for a male MC to be a father with another NPC. Adoption would also be an option of course. The same if there was an option for a child already born.

The reason it may not be before hand is that it would represent personal, physical challenge, and a pregnant woman would face a different sort of challenge than a male father when the zombie apocalypse goes down.

In Safe Haven, you have to construct the SURVnet Server before hand at some point you are at home and with parts you scavenged. If you did so, then you will get an option to put it up at the school.


Not gonna lie, that challenge sounds appealing. :hushed:
edit: I can only imagine a badass pregnant woman. She’ll be like tomb raider.


As a challenge option, I’m not interested but I think it’d be great for other people. I’d be more interested in a pregnant npc to fret over.

I would never play a game that forced it on my character. I know that’s not what you’re saying, but it’s such a deal breaker that I always feel the need to mention it.


Yes! I was just thinking about this when the Safe haven was out or later on but YES!!! :heart_eyes:


I think it would be a super great idea. Devs usually tend to shy away from this feature, thinking that it would upset female players since it would limit some of our physical abilities compared to our male counterparts. In my opinion though, if you are going for the “realism” angle in a highly customizable game then pregnancy should be something that can also be addressed in game.

Also it’s not like a pregnant woman is completely useless in terms of physical ability, especially in the first trimester versus the later ones.


First, I want to thank everyone for their replies. I will try to answer a few more things.

I actually think a zombie game where someone played as a grade school kid would be an interesting one. More than likely, though, we are looking at teenagers for the MC.

My girlfriend wanted me to let you know she loved your comment as well, though she was thinking of ‘womb raider’ now. “Take your daughter to work day” takes on a whole new meaning if you’re Lara Croft.

At some point, I think it is fair to say that it will happen.

I completely understand. This is one of those things you don’t force on a player in a game, but I do think having it as an option to explore, depending on the game, might be interesting for people to explore; I know I would.

Depending on the nature of the story, it could well show up as well. And in this case, like a previous poster asked, I don’t see why it wouldn’t happen.


It’s an interesting concept and if done well, can make for a very unique twist in gameplay and story, if you have to adapt to the many situations where your pregnancy may hinder (Physical strains) or help you (Empathy from others). I’d play that twice over, but question! Will the father be dead, mentioned in the text or simply an accident with an RO? I’m really excited for this if it’s actually implemented in either games.


That wasn’t determined yet; some of which will depend on the game. However, there will be some element that the player could choose if implemented (once again, depending on the scene, and where it occurs)

And I apologize to everyone if some of the answers seem evasive; as you can tell the question was just to see if there was interest in general.


I’m interested, just because the author is a decent author and I enjoy her writing. Will she be establishing her own WiP thread for this project?