Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven -- Part 2 Discussion



i tend to hold grudges against those that have wronged me (or tried and failed to), so when jill sandwich tried to rob me i was, and still am, a little salty. maybe i’ll warm up to her later on, unless she does something that’ll make me dislike her even more.


My main MC is a teenager with hacker skills. She is more on the pragmatic side so she wouldn’t even let Jillian and Lyle in her house. For the other MCs I play it really differs what they think about her.


i think the car scene with her and woody was kinda cool. made me warm up to her by a bit. but only a bit. i went from “i dislike this girl” to “she’s kinda okay, ig”

My main is kinda the same! Slightly pragmatic teenager except she let Jil and Lyle in because darn her nephew for being too pure

edit: and electronics is her preferred skill too


Nice to see another hacker teenager xD


I got my MC to be nice to them and invited Lillian and Lyle to stay, so they wouldn’t have a reason to steal from him (or anyone else) and they would have a safe place and food. Can’t be better, right? :sweat_smile:

Buuut, I’ve read that they could be really nasty: hurting the MC and threatening their nephew. I’m glad I never saw that side of them…


But I don’t think they would kill the MC or the nephew that’s why I think they are better than Dillans group.


I made two main MCs; one was a Mixed Martial Artist and the other is a Teenager (both are named Angel since I imagine them as the same person, but existing in alternate time lines, the Teenager being Angel dealing with the Zombie outbreak at a young age).

While Jillian and Lyle were a good deal grateful and didn’t anything too extreme to my Mixed Martial Artist who offered a helping hand (aside from attempting to steal from his backpack, which Angel easily caught Jill on and gave her a warning to not repeat the action) , the two were a great deal less grateful toward Young Angel and snuck off with his food the next day (despite the fact that he acted no differently from his older version). So I don’t have a particularly high opinion of either Lyle or Jillian myself.

And yet, they were more than ready to let a young Teenager possibly starve in order to survive themselves. They may not be as murderous as Dillan’s group was, but they seem just as willing to to risk someone else’s life in order to get by themselves (even if that person had offered nothing but a open hand and kindness). Heck, they only really seem to choose to stick around and not rob due to pragmatic reasons and less out of gratitude for the MC’s help (basically, they felt there was more to gain from staying with MC rather than robbing them).

That said, it’ll certainly be a fun day to see if my Teenager will have another run-in with the duo: Young Angel may appreciate the con-artists’ indirect lesson on not trusting people to easily, but he have a very long awaited response to Jillian and Lyle’s actions and will certainly make it harder on the two of them if they end up crawling to the group for help.


It would cool to see it happen, and it’s honestly a realistic part of any apocalyptic situation. The lesser rational people will resort to chaos if food ran out


I think that image cuts off… it doesn’t go earlier than “M.”

I don’t really hate her… I generally find her a bit aggravating, and I don’t like her much—as a person. I do rather enjoy her as a character :thinking: I think she shows some potential for becoming more likable, but I’ll have to see how it goes. I don’t much care for her flirtations nor attempts at manipulation, though. I am curious, though… I guess I have some rather mixed feelings!
I do get the feeling she has a pretty interesting story…


Don’t really hate her after getting over the fact she tried to steal from the MC and made threats to the nephew should the situation escalates, but couldn’t really like her either due to her lack of observable competence in anything. Mostly keep her around as a favor for Lyle, whom is potentially much more useful alive.

Plus it’s not like they don’t pay rent :smile: (You can con their stuff)


Very. It’s 310,000 words and the average playthrough is 30,000. I really tried to make it so a Teenager and Doctor and Soldier, etc. all experience different games. Plus, there are many romantic options to explore.


A schizophrenic teen girl with her cousin doing pretty well can’t wait for the sequel. Hoping to find someone interesting worth romancing instead of the default classmate who was pretty boring.


This isn’t a spoiler to say that there will be options to romance other people.


I’m sure I just hope they’re interesting.


Just curious: Which of the NPC cast of characters do you find interesting? I actually found Madi to be interesting but you have not, so I’m just interested to see where else our views differ or match up.


I never said they are innocent, but I think even for a teenager it’s better if they get robbed than getting killed. I mean if you are left alive you still have the chance to collect new supplies, but if you get killed then it’s just game over.
And as far I know they never raped anyone, sure there was the flirting from Jillians part but that’s it. If I recall correctly then when you hack the surveillance cameras you can see Dillan trying to rape someone, another reason why I hate Dillan and I never even attempt to talk Jaime out of killing him.


There’s no denying Dillan was bad and I have highly doubt that anyone is really mourning for the loss of his life.

But Jillian and Lyle had still repaid a young man’s act of kindness by putting his safety at high risk with their actions. Resources are difficult to come by and where these two are adults with enough life experience to lean on if things got difficult, the Teenager is someone whose going to often be learning lots of things on their feet. Yeah, Young Angel is highly resourceful in a number of ways that make up for his lack of life experience and even managed to make his house well defended. But it doesn’t change the fact that, by taking his limited resources, Jillian and Lyle (a man who used to be a teacher no less) had forced the boy in a position where he’d have to go out and risk facing a increase of zombies with only his German Shepherd White Fang, which can be just as much of a death sentence.

In Young Angel’s point of view, both con-artists may as well have left him with a injury with their actions; one that would ultimately heal, but not before making things dangerously difficult for him for a while.


I am aware that this may be something of a side track to the current disscusion, but Idon’tlikeusernames’ mention of possible immune / asymptomatic individuals got me thinking.

While it is a bit game-y so to speak, we can assume that its almost garenteed that an immune character will appear in the game (though not necessarily in part 2 or 1) at some stage. Even if its only a passing mention or interaction with Zombie Exodus character Devlin.

But, out of the current cast we can make some observations but looking at Characters who encounter Zombies in the game. First we can rule off Tommy, for rather obvious reasons that I don’t really feel like putting in a spoiler tag while using a phone, The MC is something of a crapshoot as we only get bitten in bad ends, so it is likely we aren’t immune, Jason’s Girl Friend Jillian? was also exposed, but I believe the fact that she removed the contaminated extremity doesn’t show that she is immune, (There are a few other characters that have been shown to be injured, but I think the most likely option thus far is Dante, while there are a few other characters that have been shown to be injured, like Lopez, Jamie, Dillian, Backstory Character, ect ect. Most of those characters were hurt by weapons, or killed by the infected.

But Dante’s intro seems odd to me, the fact that he hides his wound and runs off gives me the impression of someone who’s trying to run from their problems (Especially given that he could have, given some playthroughs a Doctor/Medic/Nurse/Health worker look at their wound), in this instance being bitten, hoping that they won’t turn. And his reintroduction, (After possibly not turning, if he was bitten), is much more confident, and dismissive of the incident. Though I may be wrong, as getting seriously hurt can make you do weird things like run around in circles and such.


I wonder if younger Makarov isn’t kinda immune? I mean …if I recall… didn’t Kelly said that she saw some kind of signs of him being infected? Few days have passed and he was still ok.


As far as I know the younger Makarov was never bitten, the suspicious behaviour that Kelly hones in on as a sign of there being a potential infected individual was really the fact that the Family is already getting ready to rob everyone blind.