Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven -- Part 2 Discussion



I think we probably will :slight_smile:


What will you do with the Marakovs?


Nothing specific, but ‘Shotgun’ and ‘Faces’ spring to mind.


The same thing that they did to me. However I think it won’t be that easy :sweat:


I feel like the Makarovs have gotten plenty of buildup so it reads like it’s leading up to something… :worried: given how poorly other people seem to have done against them, I don’t know how well it’s likely to go, though :grimacing:

I’d rather see Billie, though :sweat_smile:


Really curious to know what happened to her, since no body was found. She probably escaped and joined a group, or maybe went lone wolf, unlikely to have been kidnapped.

The Marakovs seem pretty dangerous, confronting them will probably be an interesting challenge.

I like to imagine that taking place concurrently with the current story somewhere out there another group of survivors are banding up in a cathedral.


That’s what I said too. Eff those two. :joy:
Unfortunately (?), the Marakovs are not going away any time soon. And I remember Jim hinted that we might want to strike a deal with them or something like that.


A deal with the Marakovs? Could consider it for survival sake but I really don’t trust them at all. Really just want to max out combat stats and go at them gung-ho but who knows if that won’t start new problems.

Still its not like they have no moral center, letting Woody live instead of just killing him if they’re successful in breaking into the MC’s home, so maybe they can be honorable with a deal made.


I let the bandits live but for some reason I don’t have that same level of generosity (or stupidity) for the Marakovs.

You make a good point here. Now I am in doubt about what to do with them… I’ll probably still let them live, but I ain’t sure about striking any deals with them.


Plus you and Parrotwatcher like Tommy and he’s not exactly a stable influence, particularly when it comes to the Makarovs.


If I can I force them to follow me or at least get them to bugger off at least if not well I kill them. To be fair they did let woody live so they not complete bellends.


Oh, what gives you that idea? :innocent: What, I wrote an essay about him, keep coming to his defense and keep commenting on how cute he is? Naaaaah :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yeah… I do worry… just because he wants revenge on them doesn’t mean he’s capable of effecting revenge on them :disappointed_relieved:


Do you think a vaccine is even possible?


No we’re all doomed and will die by the zombies


Given that the MC in ZE could create a vaccine, I’m inclined to believe that option will also be present in SH.


It is possible but it will take a lot of work to create it.


Wait really? Was it used on anyone? Forgot about the Geneticist route, first tried to obtain a cure, that seemed impossible so then I aimed for a vaccine in my second go but never managed to complete the research in time.

Do you think there are other individuals like Devlin who’re naturally immune?


Even most of the immune ones will die to the zombie attacks in the first few days, let alone the other actions afterward (bandits, starvation, etc). Yeah, the virus might not change them, but that still doesn’t stop having claws digging into your skull.


Yeah, you could create a vaccine and use it on others.


In fact, there was an ending in ZE based in you having successfully created a cure for the Zeta virus. I can’t recall the name of the ending, but the discovery of a cure for the virus was definitely part of the story, provided you chose that to be the case.