Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven -- Part 2 Discussion



Aw, but I wanna play as the nephew… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(No, but a 14-year-old would still be a lot smaller than an 18-year-old.)


Go play Walking Dead season 2 :stuck_out_tongue: ^^


I find that not killing zombies in a zombie apocalypse would be “bad”. Now, if you knew there was a cure, and had a way to implement said cure, then yes, it would be a bad thing to do, but then only with those that aren’t irreparably damaged. Those that are irreparably damaged (wounds that would kill them should the ‘become human’ such as wounds to the heart, a huge chunk of their throat missing, etc.) would be fair game then.

That being said, I play as mostly a “good” character in ZE:SH. I don’t qualify as “good” by your definition though because I will put down any and all zombies I see because unless there is a cure, each one I put down possibly saves hundreds of people who would otherwise have died (and turned and killed another who then turned and so on and so forth).

And should something like this happen in real life, I will put down any and all zombies I come across, until I know there is a cure for it. Then I’ll just put down those that come into my yard and are a threat to my existence.


Quick question,can i save lyle



Although he leaves you if you do save him.


You have to follow him and Jillian when they leave. Then you can talk Dillan’s group down using high leadership/persuasion/intimidation (I don’t know if you can successfully fight them back, though; that often results in them still killing him).


If you have a high enough skill with guns (and a gun) you can scare them off.


Any update of info in the foreseeable future?


The game still is in the copy-editing phase, last I heard.


It will probably release by end of this month, or first week of next month


I personally think next month. Of course, I wouldn’t complain if it came out sooner :grin:


In any case, it will definitely release before end of March, no doubt about that.


played the demo and it’s alright but I need to get into it more. I also think I will wait for the rest of the game to come out so I don’t have to pay multiple times.


Where you played demo


Demo? Not the beta? There’s a demo for Part 2?


Beta, not demo. Sorry.


You said demo mate be more better dude haha


I would rather pay in installments TBH, easier than to save up to buy the whole game at once.
But again I’m just a teenager so it’s much harder to get the money.


Yey, an update of info.


Do you think we’ll see Billie or the Marakovs again?