Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven General Discussion Thread 2



AFAIK you can’t resist it and will power has nothing to do with it, Devlin had immunity, something to do with a mutation in his blood. Javier got bit and turned.


In Javier’s case, it was the virus host (the grey zombies) being too weak due to malnutrition. The virus were weakened and it took longer than usual to fully manifest.


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Thanks guys :smile:

The name New Prophets was a pre-determined option when naming the group, so i was thinking since a name like this is at the back of the Author’s mind …perhaps…maybe… there should be a second miracle :smile:


“I’m sure you’re all curious as to why I’ve assembled you here” you start.
“Are you choosing someone to be Johnny’s official babysitter?” says someone from the back. A few in the group chuckle, while others try to keep from smiling. Of course, your nephew frowns, though a moment later, he shrugs.

I’ve just found this scene and I absolutely love it! :rofl:


thinks about Ray

Hmmm, if the MC could convince enough people in the group that Ray is real, maybe he will be…sort of like a tulpa, a thought form made manifest with enough believers.


Hmm, tulpas are supernatural, I don’t see that happening…But a group hallucination maybe?


Is there no way to continue your choice of games save on the steam version?


I have been able to load a save on Steam. Are you receiving an error?


I was asking before trying to buy it on steam, so I should be able to play saves from here?


If you save it on one platform it works on another.


alright Thank you~ Sorry if it was a dumb question.


I can’t wait for part 2. Gonna get that woman and her father for hurting my nephew. Show them what will happen. Should’ve gotten a more aggressive dog.


Who dat?


They’re referring to Lyle and Jillian.


The thingy. When a girl and her dad comes over then you invite them in and the next day they take your stuff


It would be nice if there were holsters in the game. For example: the Mc has a holster for a pistol / revolver and can carry the pistol and more the primary and backup weapon.


It like that for coding reason, it’s easier to program two weapons instead of four.


Am I right in saying that the AR-15 uses 5.56 mm bullets and the M1911 pistol uses .45 caliber? Aside from the M1911 and the Colt python, other pistols use 9mm right?


Yes. And yes, aside from the .38 Special, which obviously uses .38. If you go under “Stats” there is a “Weapon Reference” tab that will give you basic stats about the weapons, including the caliber each gun uses.


Oh Ok. Thanks for the tip and response m8.