Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven General Discussion Thread 2



true that!

Fred, because he left me a bowl of Chili! :yum:



Twenty characters


If your athletic skill is high enough, the generator is automatically added to your inventory without fatiguing you.


I see. I guess this is why I didn’t get the choice about carrying it even if it’d fatigue my MC or just leaving it there. Sorry after the first few playthroughs I tend to skimread and maybe that’s what confused me there.

I think I like Billie and Fred equally, but since I like the city background more I encounter Fred more often.

Edit: Just an advice: if you want to get anything from Fred then don’t choose Fear of heights AND Delusions as challenges. I did that once and it was quite annoying.


Just wondering, but when I create a teenager character, when I’ve finished doing my hobbies, most of my attributes go down 5%. This only happens once, at the start of the game. Should this be happening?


Oh and also, is it worth it to have empathy as your skill and upgrade it beyond level 5?


Yes; teenagers have lower attributes than other characters, but get to learn skills far more quickly instead.

(And empathy is very useful for recruiting certain characters…)


So this is kinda unrelated, but for the first time, I actually googled just how much four hundred pounds is and uh… it’s 181 kilos :open_mouth: And 6’10 is over two meters high! Jaime is not a man. He’s a muscled mountain.

Honestly, this kinda blew my mind. I never imagined him that big and heavy. I think my Intimidation technic from now on will just be to unleash Jaime on whoever poor fool tries to get in our way.

Can you imagine zombie Jamie? Now that would be terrifying.

Also, I’m pretty sure I’m not going to be romancing him with any of my MCs. They’ll be crushed. They won’t stand a chance.


Here is a thought I had. So if Billy comes back from the country… will she have her dog that deliver us food? So if Fred comes back he brings Booger his cat? And if That other guy with the pot belly… I don’t remember his name… he brings his ex wife? Is that the theme

Also what about those dates we can have? I really like Vivian and Derek and even Jake


Name: Aaliyah el-Saheed
Gender: Female
Profession/Background: Teenager
Preferred Skill: Crafting
Skill Points: 0
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Hazel
Race/Ethnicity: Middle Eastern
Distinguishing Features: pierced ears, a pierced tongue
Zombie Kills: 53
Survivor Kills: 1

Current Safe Haven: none
Location: Somewhere along I-70, Colorado
Camp Defense: 1
Group Defense: 59
Offensive Capabilities: 70

Primary Weapon: Baseball bat
Secondary Weapon: M9 pistol
Armor: None
Helmet: Football helmet
Clothes: Hiking clothes
Primary Vehicle: van
Money in bank: 0
Money: 362

Addiction to Nicotine, Visual Impairment


Physical Health: 74%
Mental Health: 91%
Fatigue: 14%
Stress: 6%

Humanity: 77%
Morality: 84%
Impulsive: 33% Calculated: 67%
Straightforward: 51% Manipulative: 49%
Honorable: 72% Pragmatic: 28%
Idealistic: 67% Cynical: 33%
Group name: Survivors of Nightfall
Leader: Jaime
Group cook: Aaliyah
Quartermaster: Parker

Allegiance: 59%
Morale: 73%
Diplomacy: 65%
Ruthless: 25% Altruistic: 75%
Group food: 1048
Group water: 450


Strength: 45%
Dexterity: 50%
Agility: 50%
Stamina: 40%
Charisma: 45%
Intelligence: 50%
Willpower: 55%
Perception: 50%


Bandit Kills: 0
Survivor Kills: 1
Zombie Kills: 53

The Battle on the Hill

Number of zombies killed by highway team: 172
Number of zombies killed by field team: 183
Number of zombies killed on the hill: 636


Bailey: Alive, in group
Benjimin: Dead
Brody: Alive, in group
Dante: Alive, in group
Driver: Alive, in group
Fred: Presumed alive
Gina: Alive, in group
Jaime: Alive, in group
Jillian: Presumed alive
Kelly: Alive, in group
Lopez: Alive, in group
Madison: Alive, in group
Nathan: Dead
Nora: Alive, in group
Parker: Alive, in group
Rachel: Alive, in group
Reilly: Alive, in group
Rosie: Alive, in group
Sifer: Dead
Tommy: Alive, in group
Woody: Alive, in group


Main Romantic Interest: Brody

Jaime: Friend (73)
Bailey: Associate (48)
Brody: Friend (79)
Dante: Associate (56)
Driver: Associate (57)
Gina: Associate (53)
Kelly: Friend (60)
Lopez: Friend (71)
Madison: Friend (73)
Nora: Associate (57)
Parker: Associate (57)
Rachel: Associate (53)
Reilly: Friend (63)
Reverend Dunbar Church: Associate (54)
Rosie: Associate (50)
Tommy: Friend (79)
Woody: Friend (69)

People keep telling me that I should increase my persuasion and my empathy if I want mc to get along with people, and the results work! (Also sorry if this post is offtopic)


FYI, we killed Sean’s ex wife, she’s the zombie in his house.


Is it possible to kill your nephew/niece in the battle on the hill?


No but He could die in the hill battle


Basically by letting him run free around the zombies?


The problem still persists. I’m not sure why


Adding to the list of survivors with animals : Rachel rescued Puddles (i think that’s her name) from the old couple’s home. She revealed it to me but it was never brought up again after that. Basically “look a cat” lol


If not for all this, do you think we would have met/been friends? Or : would you kill me if i got infected? Actually, that could be a pretty deep convo to have with another survivor. Especially if you’re romancing them. OOH, especially if you’re a scientist! Something like, do you want me to keep you tied up as a zombie in case there’s a cure?

Something deep lol


The people from PrimeMatch are not coming back.


I had decided to purchase the original Zombie Exodus yesterday because i love this game so much…
and it is amazing !!! i can’t believe they only give it 4.3 in google playstore !!!

one thing i notice, it is possible to resist and immune the zombie virus ? I think both Devlin and Javier did me so well …and is it Willpower the crucial ability to do that?.. so if i have High Willpower, i can resist the zombie virus myself and give time to my immune system to develop an antibody myself ? :slight_smile:

oh… yeah Heather was so well written there and i love her so much :blush:

I hope ZE: Safe Haven will have similar Divine Power as in the Chosen ending of ZE … like i mention , my group’s name is “New Prophets” and my stronghold’s name is " Hall of Valhana" … I am now concentrating our group’s survival with a devotion to Faith and the Higher Power :slight_smile:

  1. There’s no clergy or religious trait MC in SH.
  2. You can’t capture the same miracle twice.