Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven General Discussion Thread 2



This is now fixed, at least on iOS. I tested it this morning. Thanks again, for letting me know.

So non-fighters can blow sh*t up! This change is not one to showcase realism, but truly to give enough materials to build explosives.

Yep, this.

See, I don’t even need to reply to threads. Other people say it better than I do.

These should hopefully be fixed now.

To reward players who own Zombie Exodus, the game needs to load a ZE save. Thus, I need to account for every damn ZE variable or the game crashes. Another reason, I don’t use Vendetta’s Checkpoint script.

The first set adds a bonus to group cooking. Set 2 and 3 each add 5 So 3 cookware sets is ideal.

Everything will most likely be tradeable in Part 3.

For mobile users, yes. For Steam, no. I doubt my past games will be Omnibussed anytime soon.

(If anyone uses Omnibussed from now on, I want credit.)


Just for clarification: Steam purchases use the DLC mechanism so you will find part two under DLC purchases.


Yes, Eiwynn is right. I should have said Part 2 is available but purchased as DLC. Ugh. I am a writer and no write gud.


To be fair I’d bet a few Olympic hurdlers have tripped up while walking normally haha

And I’m hoarding stuff like cookware, generators and sizzle so hopefully they’re useful later.

And I want a morale bonus for having tons of toilet paper and toothpaste and stuff because triple ply is the currency of the damned


Looks at humanity score. Souls included?


This. I feel like I have known Arsenal AK for a lifetime. She is my soulmate. I would like to ask her if she feels the same way and take our relationship to the next level.


Will we ever see the mighty trident as a weapon in game? The weapon of champions and Poseidon…


@JimD I am still experiencing index.html problems. After you said it was updated I deleted and re downloaded and now it’s back.

Edit: It seems it will let me play new games, but not let me reload saves


…Brody? :innocent:


Reload your game by restarting your device.


Did anyone else notice that in part 1 we only find the the portable generator at the old couples house if we have low scavenging skill. Shouldn’t that happen with high scavenging skill?


didn’t realise that, i think i found it with scavenger skill 1 or 2 …

but i realise i only found the water purification tablet if my scavenger skill is 2 :slight_smile:

and i am able to treat Madison only with medicine skill of 3 as teenager …(while in the school of part 1)


Not really because generators are not that small or inconspicuous. I believe it’s more of a survival skill.


I was able to treat people with medicine skill 2 that one seemed a bit off too. But about the generator I don’t remember finding it when my scavenging skill was 4 or more.

Edit: @Checkmate my surviving skill wasn’t high that’s usually one of my dump stats


With medicine skill 3 i can treat everyone in part 2 …the scene when treating Madison is really funny , but i do it just to have more scene with Madison, madison will recover on her own even without me treating her, so treating other survivals (dante, lopes and Jaime) should be more practical since we can use them for work

well… i think Madison is the best love interest for me thus far , slightly above Bailey and Jillian

how about search skill ?


My MCs always have high search skill so I don’t think that’s the reason either.

Madison is my favorite LI too so far. So I don’t really mind getting an extra scene with her even if my medicine skill is kinda low. But I’m like what’s the use of a doctor MC if I can treat the survivors injuries with lower medicine skill too?


oh…we can craft medicine and perhaps find a cure in future :grin:

perhaps in book 3 we can treat mortal wound like gun wound , or even perform surgical operation too ? :slight_smile:


Who is everyone’s favorite neighbor/starting area?

I’m fond of Fred because he doesn’t take much of anything and has a TON of useful supplies in his house. Plus we have a decent way of getting into contact with him later. Compared to say, the farm girl (whose name I forgot) who disappears without explanation and her house is empty.


You can still find some stuff in her house. :slight_smile: But I also think that Fred is the best neighbour.

Plus: Billie will return


I had Level 5 Scavenging and I managed to find it.

Fred, without a doubt.

Even with the Delusions challenge not allowing me to activate his full potential, he still gives away quite a lot of nice items. Besides, I like that you can help Fred out but do it in the comfort of your home.