Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven General Discussion Thread 2



I never even got to training skills part of part 2.


So end of the day on the hill (chapter 6), 100% crash?


Yep. Loaded a part 1 save, and crashed at the end of the day on the hill. Will try to start a new game from part 1 to see if there are also issues there.


Been playing for quite a while now and thought that, as a suggestion, it would be convenient if once you craft something, like an add-on to a gun or clothing, it would give you an immediate question of whether or not you want to equip it. That way, you don’t have to spend the time to check gear, then repick your weapons everytime.


You never need to check gear in the first place. Gun mods can be equipped right before any fight scene without costing any time.


I fear that the Siberian husky wouldn’t do good in the desert if are group went there? Don’t they get super overheated when not in cold or mildly cold weather? (I am not a dog expert but I do watch Dog 101 lol)


@JimD So I finished a fresh playthrough, had no trouble in part 1 apart from the display bug, which realign itself to the correct version upon start of part 2. And the game still crash for the same reason when the day ends on the hill.


On a brighter note, it’s now easier to email Jason. And several part 1 scavenging locations have been stuffed with new flares and gunpowder. Though I gotta ask, why are there so many flares and gunpowder around where we live? Most of which seem to be related to building engineering, yet I don’t think building a house need such a large supply of gunpowder.


Perhaps to make making the explosive charge easier in part 2? Just throwing my two cents.


If i am not mistaken @Eiwynn mention explosives and heavy arsenal “might” unbalance the game, so they will consider the whole scenario before doing anything about it…

I kind of agree with that, because ZE:safe Haven shouldn’t be change into sort of shooting game where dead counts take center stage … the unavailability of easy access towards explosives and other heavy arsenal is to give readers more focus on the story line :slight_smile:


I think another point to consider is that in an apocalypse people aren’t sitting around with pre-bought or made grenades and explosives. Even soldier’s don’t really carry explosives in their homes, only their service pistol. Too many explosives would ruin the game and end up being more of a “shoot em up interactive reading” which would most likely make fighting too easy.

Edit: Does anyone know a way to play ZESH online not on your mobile device? There have been a lot of “html errors” not allowing me to play the game smoothly and I was wondering if there was a way to play ZESH online without having to pay since I’ve already paid for the full version and more. Even though the support team responded to my error report, it seems a fix might take some time.


you are playing on iphone ? i don’t remember having problem with Android… could it be iphone blocking our games not in Omnibus ??

Agree also, remembering last time there were people arguing ZE:Safe Haven is rail roading readers into certain skill or profession… with the easy access of explosive , skill like armed and unarmed combat , plus other professional skill may be pointless … not to mention why the villains wouldn’t have more explosives than us? :slight_smile:


That’s part of the reason why I have my ranged weapons at master (Bar is at 100%). I’m gonna shoot those handheld explosives right outta their hands.

Yep. Nice to know this isn’t only happening to me.


@JimD So I am looking at the crash report codes, and was wondering: Why does it carry so much variables and identifiers that are only relevant for the first ZE?


Does anyone know if there is a benefit to having more than one cookware sets?


Not yet. Cooking sets are wonderful trade goods though …


Will it also be possible to trade additional portable generators?


The details are still being thrashed out - I know there might be a need to replace generators that fail … with that said, any and all duplicated inventory items should be potential fair game for future trade.

Other then this I can’t say.


This will be something @JimD has to answer with the release of the Omnibus app, I don’t know if anything has changed on Apple’ IOS platform. Steam and the others should work within the app though.


Ah, yes. Everybody already knows that it would be the full version of Zombie Exodus: Soft Heaven. :rofl: