Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven General Discussion Thread 2



Doesn’t Jaime tell us the outbreaks are infecting other parts of the word in his first call, right at the prologue?


Jaime's quote in the prologue

“Check out NPR. Dozens of articles about this virus that’s infecting remote parts of the world, shutting down villages, governments quarantining whole areas. They’re closing airports in East Africa and Southern Australia. Parts of China are infected. This is serious.”


I believe it’s mentioned in the first part the outbreak is sweeping through Asia and Australia if you do the scientist route.


Good points… :thinking: Still wondering about Woody’s wendigo, though…


How about Madagascar? Isolated, and filled with wildlife to hunt.


Nah, they already closed all airports and docks… :neutral_face:


Although I would be interested in how people would fare in the UK.

Hey, perhaps that can be a mini / side game: Play as a gangster (armed with the classic British butter knife); old farmer man (with a shotgun he found because he’'s an old farmer, obviously); Annoying reality star who viciously insult zombies, and I’d other stereotypes? Bad teeth guy (although I think we have pretty good dental but I’m U18 so ymmv), posh British kid, etc.

On the plus hand, starting with a gun (and gun experience) in the UK would be a pretty big advantage, but hey I have 1 of those things! And apparently I can apply for a license to get a gun.

But it’s more likely people’ll just rob steal guns or something. Or use air rifles? Like just get 50 kids armed with air rifles attacking a soldier?

Yeah I think the US will fare better haha


Sorry that we value functional and healthy teeth more than looking like an obnoxious twat again sorry mate s :grinning:


Moon’s too close :grimacing: I’m headed to Mars :rocket:

I’m sure they’d know something’s up, but I guess how many details they have depend on how quickly the outbreak reached mission control. I’d imagine it’s likeliest they’d’ve gotten some info first. Not sure what course of action they’d be able to take once losing contact, though.

That would make for an intriguing story concept, honestly :thinking:

…cute British boyfriend… :blush:


Well, it doesn’t look good for them, they rely on constant resupply from Earth food water air, so their chance of survival is a bit grim. longer term, space is a decidedly hostile environment, between higher radiation levels and the effects of zero-g and all that good stuff, they would really only have months to live. However, then they do have that Russian Soyuz spacecraft, so they have a chance return to Earth but without mission control is a bit more dangerous more dangerous, as no one can double check your reentry plan or monitor your approach. so there’s a possibility of landing and being stranded in the middle of the ocean with no chance of rescue so yeah doesn’t look good for them


That came out worse than I expected it to sorry about that see if I can make it better
Tried to put the caps between them didn’t work


So it seems that there is an “index html” error in ZESH for me atm. Idk if this is happening to anyone else but I can’t seem to play the game anymore. I sent an email to the zombie exodus support team as the game told me to do but was wondering if anyone was experiencing this as well.

But before that happened… this did… (read below if you’ve made it this far)

I’m not sure if this was a glitch or something, but I was somehow able to romance Bailey by accident before we set up camp on the hill after the highway/field battle. By this, I mean Bailey appeared as a romantic interest among other options once the battle was over and I was very puzzled by this, being that the MC has literally no interaction with her whatsoever aside from Rachel introducing her group to you. In addition, I’ve probably played the game over 40 times now and this has never happened as an option even once. That save is the only save where Bailey is an actual “romantic interest” listed in character relations. I’m confused as to how this happened as the only thing different in my stats that game was that my science level was advanced. The point of all this ranting being: Is it even possible to pick Bailey as a romantic interest after the battle on the highway/field? If you’ve gotten this far, I thank you for your time.


@JimD Display Bug report: Seems like a recent update have just hit with the skill display, as now if a skill is modified by gear or your profession/background, the natural value is shown in parentheses, while the modified value is shown in the bar and listed as a percentage.

However, the display of skills a bit messed up at the moment. For example:

Athletics (55): 10%
Close-combat Weapons (58): 58%
Cooking (63): 63%
Crafting (75): 10%
Driving (63): 63%
Electronics (73): 73%
Empathy (84): 84%
Hand-to-Hand Combat (58): 58%
Intimidation (55): 10%
Leadership (73): 10%
Medicine (80): 80%
Persuasion (55): 10%
Ranged Weapons (74): 74%
Scavenging (68): 68%
Science (90): 90%
Search (61): 61%
Stealth (54): 10%
Survival (65): 10%

Athletics (3): Adept
Close-Combat Weapons (3): Adept
Cooking (3): Adept
Crafting (4): Advanced
Driving (3): Adept
Electronics (4): Advanced
Empathy (6): Expert
Hand-to-Hand Combat (3): Adept
Intimidation (3): Adept
Leadership (4): Advanced
Medicine (4): Advanced
Persuasion (3): Adept
Ranged Weapons (5): Superior
Scavenging (4): Advanced
Science (5): Superior
Search (3): Adept
Stealth (3): Adept
Survival (4): Advanced

The skill bars show the offered modify percentages, thus showing only 10% skill even with advanced skills. The in game skill check still seem to work atm.

Edit: this display error appears if you start a new game, loading pre existing saves seem to function well.


Yes it is, follow the aforementioned steps :slight_smile:


Yep, I already have a fix. Someone suggested adding the real and modified skill value, which is more important in Part 2. So, it got screwed up before modified values are set.

HG just released a large patch for me, so I am back in the queue. I know they are busy with a number of things.

As you said, it’s just a display bug.

My next game will be the simplest game ever. All fake_choices, three stats, 70,000 word count.


Continuing the discussion from Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven Discussion Thread 1:

This was the reason given for the availability of romance despite limited opportunity for interaction with some of the romance options.

As for how to achieve unlocking her as an option, you can actually speak to her if you choose to talk to Rachel instead of fending off zombies or saving supplies at the end of Part 1. Otherwise, Bailey prefers choices that are democratic in nature, so those kind of options you select are more likely to increase her relationship percentage. Also, I know you said your stats were the same, but increased Empathy, of course, helps give a boost to all relationships.

Edit: Didn’t see @AmericanShakespeare beat me to it.


And this is why we should keep a mega thread instead…so people don’t have to go to other threads to scour up necro posts, it’s gonna get more difficult when we’re at discussion 3/4…


I must’ve bugged the first romance with her then lol. Because I literally did none of this and still got her relation to 50 with advanced empathy.


well… for ZE:safe haven… we don’t have to actively talk to a love interest in order to court them , sometime the action or choices we did influence the survivor’s relationship with us…

there are several actions in part 2 that can raise Bailey’s relationship stat above 50 even without us talking to her

i believe this is logical , because even in real life…there always be people who will observe us without us knowing it, they can quietly judge our actions and even fall in love with us if our action in life impressed them (even without us talking to them)

as of why we would be interest in Bailey ? well it is of the same reason above, if the readers aren’t interest in Bailey , they will simply ignore the option to romance Bailey, but if the readers are willing to look at her name and consider this option, this only means they are secretly admiring her within their sub-conscious … :slight_smile:

Legend told that King Arthur “was mortally wounded” at Camlann but was then carried to the Isle of Avallon (insulam Auallonis) to be cured of his wounds… and he will return when the land needs him again.

Hence the time has come for the return of King Arthur , and reform the Round Table at the
Stonehenge to face the Zombies Apocalypse …

"Excalibur " will be the perfect weapon to deal with zombies because it can slash through limbs and heads with one strike , no need to reload like ranged weapons… and most importantly , Excalibur radiates a Holy Light that will burn the virus inside the zombies… with Excalibur in Arthur’s hand, no zombies will dare to approach his perimeter of holy light :slight_smile:


@JimD game crushing bug report: So the game crushes when you reach the end of the day on the hill.

It says: index.html Part2Events line 3806: Non-existent variable ‘trained_athletics’

While I sent the report email, I’ll PM a separate bug report codes.

Edit: The code is apparently too long to be PMed.


So is it always crashing or only in certain events, like training athletics?