Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven General Discussion Thread 2



I think thats only for PM threads. Otherwise its 10,000 posts.


This thread can average 100 posts a day … just saying :two_hearts: we love you guys :wink:


Aww, we love you too :hugs:. Now to stay on topic, will we ever get the chance to contact other countries to see how they are dealing with the infection? It seemed kind of strange that we never tried to contact other nations with our radio or something (I suppose CB radios have relatively short range but when we are in the military we have a satellite phone right?).


Has anyone else named the cat option : Spinx?


Speaking about other nations, the survivors should move to Canada. The zombies have probably turned into popsicles over there.


Lets remember what happened at Wellington in Telltale season 2.


That is nice idea. Plus I really love the scene where we could listen to others on CB radio in part 2 :smile:


Or Alaska. Few people, lots of lakes and rivers for fishing, forests for hunting and we’re spitting distance from my home country Russia! It’s perfect.


That was Ohio? Not Canada ^^


Greenland is best. Barely 100,000 population in whole country and is very cold


I cover your Greenland and raise you one Antarctica.


Yeah but getting there might be a problem. And trying to sustain a group there would be very hard I’d imagine.

I take your Antarctica and raise you one moon.:full_moon:

That reminds me, what do you think happened to the astronauts in orbit. Do you think they know about the apocalypse or will they land to a Planet of the Apes type situation?


Not really it’s just one small flight away from canada if you have adept driving (considering driving=piloting a plane)

yellow colored mass is Greenland


I’d say fuck this, cultivate a garden and stay safe forever in my space station.


Thats true. I bet Rachel can fly a plane. Or Ray if we’re really crazy…(see what I did there?)


I would choose Tibet. High mountains and cold, cattle herding


You want something with low population with enough resources and food ex to survive.


We could also go to the Kuril Islands. Very low population, relatively high number of Russian military troops, lots of fishing and you could send expeditions to Japan or Russia. Plus they’re islands so I don’t think zombies could get to them. Hope you don’t mind the cold though.


IMO North Korea is the place to be, pretty sure Kim would’ve overtaken South Korea after outbreak and since he’s a dictator he can go for mass shooting and kill all and any infected in both Koreas and its warm there :sunny:


Do we even know that other countries have been affected? :thinking: It could be just a North American thing…