Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven General Discussion Thread 2



And the deadliest. But I’m pretty sure that’s why most of us really love that skill in the first place. :grin:


I would think Empathy and Persuasion should compliment each other … Empathy without Persuasion skill won’t make it far :wink:


True; gotta know how to talk in order to get others to listen. Though my College Student isn’t overly persuasive himself and he still manages to get almost everyone to like him (almost too much :laughing:). Has great Leadership skills though (which is another good combination with Empathy in my opinion).

And here’s another way to think about it. A couple of us may joke about Empathy being a overly strong skill. But in order to have a strong Empathy, you have to partially give up on making another skill stronger. A skill that could arguably benefit you more in self-preservation than caring what others think about you. A skill that could deal with the zombies better (because your Empathy sure ain’t going to matter to them).

But by considering to even make Empathy stronger, you’re putting a lot of faith in the idea of how much more a fellow human being can benefit you in the long run (whether due to genuine or more manipulative reasons) even as many fellow humans are succumbing to the anarchy. Your putting some form of faith in the fact that having a connection to humanity will save you even as many others in the disaster decide to stop caring and actively fend for themselves.


I agree… without the 50+ bonus, we could still increase empathy to 6, and persuasion to 4 … while the next one i mostly concentrate on was firearms …
It should be able to cover standard survival requirement with a band of loyal followers… Talk first , but always ready to resolve to violence in the end :wink:


FYI with Part 2-2, I’m hoping to add one more +25 skill points option and a +20 Attribute option.

Realize I write the game with the assumption that the player has no additional points.


YES. I fucking love to max out the skills.


Thank you @JimD :relieved:

Edit: Also thank you for the update. It’s about to get hot in here:



Hahaha , the disadvantage is… IF the safe Haven MC become a Zombie in the end, he/she could be a super Zombie fighting for the wrong side of the war :-):grin:

Then perhaps we need to import Original Zombie Exodus MC to face this super Zombie ? :slight_smile:


I’m so excited to kit out my survivor with max abilities. I like how you can only specialize in 2 skills, still keeps even the most overpowered player humble.


Ack I’d still love an option to lower attributes somehow, my attributes are too high for my head canon mc, but really looking forward to the new update :slight_smile: . From your newsletter it seems you get the option for 25 more skill points during part 2? How will that work if you’re playing from the start? Wouldn’t it make more sense to add an additional add 75 extra skill points to the pre existing options? I mean I know you only get the 50 skill points option with a completed Z1 safe file, but that’s not really a hard requirement :stuck_out_tongue: .


I won’t stop until my character has achieved post-apocalyptic godhood. Hail Lord Bob, slayer of the dead and builder of buildy things.


You can lower attributes, just pick a vice that will lower it. Aka pick addiction to nicotine to reduce stamina, something like that. Or you can pick your attributes in the custom built character and then just pick the points where you would normally have them in a certain premade playthrough.


@Mr_Nightmare Lol, that made me laugh, I also made Nora hunt wild game, but i was no where near dying, lol.


Oh I always do a custom build, but you have to allocate all your points. As for challenges, I always pick three, usually something like anger issues, cat owner and hayfever, but they’re still too high! xd


All bonuses will be for Parts 1 or 2. So at the best, your MC can have +75 Skill Points and +20 Attributes.

I may add modes later but it would require a lot of work. So much of my coding is to balance the game.

You could just use a 0 Skill Point character. Make a custom profession and assign no points.


I was really excited that hearing impairment was an option. I wear a hearing aid irl and always want that in my story.


I wear hearing aids too irl! Good to know that hearing impairment is an option in ZE:SH! Although having a wheelchair in ZE would be hilarious to read about.

(Imagines a scene where someone uses a wheelchair to outrun zombies)
News Reporter: Faster, we need to outrun the zombies!
Old Man: (using wheelchair and/or walking cane) I’m trying my best! Just a little further!


If you’re an engineer in game, make a booster like in the movies.


If I may:
I feel like maybe a story path where the PC gets bitten would be cool.
Like you could choose not to tell the group, off yourself, only tell a certain person, remove the affected area.
Just a suggestion,
-Miles Parker


One of these:
“Why do we, as humans, mourn death?”
“humans should not have lived as long as they have. We are one of the weakest organisms on the planet. So why have we survived this long?”
-I feel like either the player or the NPC could ask this question. I think the answer could be “because humans have always adapted. We always have found a way to be one step ahead of everything that tries to kill us. We think things through, we plan. We improvise. So In a way, we are the strongest organisms.”
-just saying, this could be a cool scenario to play through.