Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven General Discussion Thread 2



@The_Division The nephew is very resilient, based on what @Cari-san told us, the nephew won’t die even when she purposely want to sacrifice him by giving him pepper spray and leave him alone…


Thank you and welcome to the forums.

That’s a good assumption :slight_smile:

Civilian drones. Maybe I can add a military drone ending.

It’s possible. No one knows Leather Jack’s identity.


Emotional pain increases I want a Jonah tribute scene. :cry:


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If anyone else is having trouble keeping their characters alive on the hill, i can take a screen shot of my team placement. I get get everyone out alive pretty much 98% of the time.


Those decisions where you have to decide who lives and who dies are some of the hardest decisions to make. Especially because I am the type to want to save everyone in my playthrough.


I wish I could do that


Kinda random but anyone curious how a woman’s pregnancy/ with a baby could survive in zombie apocalypses?


I am thinking if you recruit Rosie and driver , plus Lopes and others… and becoming a leader yourself , you could assign your team to let them form their own group , everyone will survive :slight_smile:

even in my first wrestler playthrough , when i assign the team without letting them form the group …everyone manage to survive

the trick perhaps will be to save that neighbourhood friend, was it Tommy ? when the zombie sneak up on him, you must make sure you have enough ammo for your firearms to kill the advancing zombie or at least a projectile weapon , in my first playthrough i use my cavalry sword to throw at the zombie …


@Eric_knight Lopez can also save Tommy. I choose to save him for the relationship boost and added dialogue at the lake :slight_smile:


I did save Lopez… but he didn’t much appear in later scene, except nominating me as leader :slight_smile:


@Eric_knight Lopez will nominate you if you are a military commander. However for other profession playthroughs it will be Tommy or Lopez, whomever has the highest approval with you. I love this game, so many variables.


Yeah i agree… i think Lopez nominate me the most even if i am a teenager :-):stuck_out_tongue:


Empathy. Hands down the most broken skill in the game. :joy:


In fact my problem is exactly the contrary I CANT KILL THE PEOPLE I WANT. i get save everyone 99,9% time and if I want to save the few people I care I can’t waste time in killing Woddie or the others I want dead. Like 80% of them in my main role playing are waste of resources like Kelly woddy and Parker or the trio complaint naivety… I hope next part first action could be shoot Kelly into face That’s for stupid i have created a predator group and She behaves like little redding hood in a picnic.
I always nominate myself, I found hypocrite have to wait someone nominates me If I want be leader. I just go and say it outfront lol I am not a coward


@VainCorsair Hahaha… that’s why we need to make more friends and not enemy right ?? :wink:

Empathy is the main requirement for leadership in real life too :-):grin:


Question that was probably already answered but why was sifer chosen to die. She seemed kinda useful, suicidal, but useful


@JimD had a good reason but I don’t know if he made it public so I won’t tell you without his permission.


It was author’s choice of scripted death … :slight_smile:

Which is not uncommon , in zombie Exodus original… there were more memorable characters who were scripted to die…


There are two scripted deaths, Sifer and Nathan.

Both characters were created as prizes of a charity auction. The winner of each auction won the prize of creating a character and choosing their death. Therefore, these characters had to die in a way designated by the auction winners.