Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven General Discussion Thread 2



I certainly love the game but I could understand is not commercially viable as your target audience is not about replay and is entitled to believe the only content is the one they have read once. Try to explain a guy that lopez could be killed and You are a liar he is alive… many people believes game is like tell tale so there is a right choice. Then Spanish reviews are accusing you of scam HOW IS HE CHARGING FOR GAME TWICE… THIS IS SCAM and ddont let me started with people who believes you have written ALL hosted games…
Still I understand why you are burnt with the project and I will support whatever you start even If Is about Emma.


I’ve been a big fan of the zombie Exodus games since the first one originally came out. I think it was one of the main reasons why I chose to make an account here. Love them so much that when I recommend any choice game to someone, they’re the ones I recommend first. Keep doing what you do! Looking forward to the next project.


I have seen Jonah’s fate many times. It’s safe to say i am emotionally traumatized. But that will not stop me from replaying the hell out of your games.


( in the tone of That’s So Raven ) Yep that’s me.

I’ve been doing some code swimming and playthroughs :crazy_face: lately and seeing activity on the thread reminded me to point out a few things:

When you decide to train Madison in Science. Highlighted word should be “knowledgeable” or “very knowledgeable” can be turned into “well informed”

I may have missed it but I’m pretty saving Woodster’s life didn’t affect his relationship with the MC. If not, it would be nice of him to mention it or something. No one offered me a penny but here are my thoughts.

When selecting premade Jill-of-all-trades Danielle. Highlighted word should be “Two”

Again, just a thought: Maybe MCs that are romancing Woody (and did not choose to pursue Kelly in Part 1) can tap his side or clear their throats or something while he gawks at Kelly. In this scene, I was actively trying to romance Woody alone.


You shall find me in the hospital due to injuries sustained from prolonged laughter.


I think i do replay more than 20 times , especially after finishing Original zombie Exodus and getting more points to spend… trying out 3 professional background and going through different choices to get the best romantic stats with few ROs , trying out different weaponn, and also scavenging different materials … It was quite enjoyable to do so … :slight_smile:

Since i don’t view the code , i was having fun picking up different choices to see its different result :slight_smile:


Basically, funny story, I created a scientist character who had released the zombie virus in the prequel and then she couldn’t even get past the first chapter due to the zombie knocking at her door, so she tried to lure the zombie into the basement and then it killed her… So I had to start all over again! :sweat_smile:

Curiously, the characters with dogs tend to fare well against zombies, wonder why that is?
In other ZE news, Misako King (my other character in ZE:SH) managed to slay over 30 zombies, all thanks to her dog and military training!


Lol… we don’t need dog to do well… Good firearms skill should be sufficient , my first playthrough is a wrestler good with armed combat and apply a cavalry sword, he did well too :wink:

Then i am unstoppable when i start to apply firearms… even engaging a zombie killing contest with Madison, the scene of sniping zombies on the hill with her was cool :wink:


Well, 20+ saves and now it’s starting to get difficult to manage. I hope I titled the playthroughs thoroughly enough… Can’t wait for part 2-2!


I agree , i forget which is which already … i usually give the filename as my primary RO’s name so that i know which RO i was romancing for the saves :slight_smile:


I don’t know if it’s just me but every time I try to romance Woody and choose a nephew, he doesn’t survive the hill battle. It’s happened 3 times already and honestly I don’t know what to do anymore. Had it been anyone else I was interested in, they’d live but poor Woody just perishes every time.


Could someone advise me on how the modified skill stats work, please? I have several skills constantly set to 10% modified value, although their base values are much higher. I can’t figure this out at all - am I missing something obvious?

The skills listed below are all somehow set to 10% effective value. The first number in brackets is the base value, and the second brackets show the training rank for the skill.

10% Skills

Athletics (53) (3)
Crafting (46) (2)
Intimidation (26) (Untrained)
Leadership (60) (3)
Persuasion (63) (4)
Stealth (46) (2)
Survival (31) (1)


Strength: 30%
Dexterity: 50%
Agility: 40%
Stamina: 25%
Charisma: 45%
Intelligence: 75%
Willpower: 60%
Perception: 65%

Any advice or knowledge would be very welcome.


The modified skills aren’t properly used or set until part 2, you can ignore them and just look at the base stats. When you start part 2, they should be properly set to the correct value.


Perfect, thank you very much indeed!


You don’t need dog I have made characters with ZERO combat in both and still doing well if you make common sense choices like not playing like Rambo berserk and use your strengths like stealth or crafting. Role playing makes game fun with under power characters


If you have maximum team members, and choose to let them form their own tesm should be alright??


Glad to hear you’ve been following the series.

In hindsight, I should have kept many prologue NPCs around.

Thanks for finding these. All will be fixed in Part 2-2.

That’s the best way.

Very cool. I try to make doggos more than just accessories.

I have so many saves…so many.

I’ll look at the code, but I can’t think of any reason this should happen.

This will work in Part 2-2. There is a visual bug. Or as @SteampunkNinja said, they kick in at Part 2.

And I’m adding more ways. Like drones! Part 2-2 has drones.


I know this is off topic, but I just wanted to thank you, this series is what made me check out the forums and find this awesome community!


Do we need Electronic Skills for handling drones ? And even if we find leftover of a drone(s), you meant the missiles / bombs still attach to it ? :-):astonished: Don’t we need a launch code for those missiles ? :-):thinking: Perhaps only soldier MC could use those drones ??

By the way… Will Leather Jack start featuring in part 2-2 ? :slight_smile:


…I think he meant civilian drones! :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t know about military drones, but if they were military grade that’d be a bit OP probably. Plus finding a normal drone is much more likely. I’m guessing crafting might play a factor too, if we have to build/repair it.


I think I need a different tactic. I’ll look at the guides. It’s almost like I have to choose between winning the battle and saving my nephew.

I think so too. Like the ones that deliver pizza and stuff. Imagine that :smile: