Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven General Discussion Thread 2



Well… Brody was funny , that’s for sure… especially when i am movie star :-):grin:

As teen , he seems to view me as buddy initially , but i get the feeling he was jealous of me after that…Lol :-):joy:

One question though, did you manage to invite him to ride a bike with you? I didn’t manage to invite Madison to ride with me because she said Brody won’t let her, and relationship with her drop after that , if i am not mistaken

So far, it is always Jilian who was willing to ride a bike with me …Lol :-):smile:


Wait wait wait. Hold up. What do you mean ride a bike?
Ok. Did I miss something?


I’ve never chosen the bike so I don’t know if he goes with the mc, he probably doesn’t so he can be near his sister. @Hani_Fina at the end of part 1 when leaving the school you can choose different vehicles, one of them is a bike


Ooh, that part. I usually choose car when I’m going out


Haha actually you must choose the bike before you go to rescue your friend at the school, then you can continue to ride the bike until book 2…
I thought it was cool with the motorbike and our RO sitting behind… too bad only Jilian was riding with my MC thus far


Oops. Well, I’ve never picked the bike and it’s been almost a year since I last played the first part


Lol… it was funny, my MC on a bike … Woody and Jillian in a car next to me, and i got to shoot the bandits because they couldn’t do it …

But if we are all in a car, then Jillian hits a jackpot with one lucky shot :-):joy:


Random thing to post (that I’m pretty sure a good deal of others have realized already), but I never truly realized how dangerous Empathy is as a skill for the PC.

And then I created a friendly character with high Empathy whose been helping those they can. I’m partially cracking up at the scenarios that have popped up almost as much as I did with Gina and Jillian scene. But at the same time, I’m just like, “I’m surprised that this isn’t raising their stress levels just as much as the zombies.” :laughing:


I know, right? Manipulation for the win.


Jilian is always an intriguing character … ummm, she is like a Dove who fly into our house, take some of our food , stay within the warm of our blanket … at the end of the day, she may or may not decide to follow us around, and if she fly away… there always exist a sense of lost with her departure , and a longing for her to drop by our house again :slight_smile:


Hey, I remember there was talk a while back about there being an expansion type thing for part 2. I was wondering if that ever dropped.


No. It will be out early next year, at the latest. Be patient.


VainCorsair is right. I recommend you occasionally check Jim Dattilo’s Twitter for updates on that!


Is the threeway only possible between jillian and gina?