Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven General Discussion Thread 2



I also found a B grade movie ReZort… it was funny, about zombie apocalypse had past, so surviving humans round up the remaining zombies and put them in a resort place as tourist attraction… these tourists will pay an expensive fees to hunt down these zombies by killing them like a game for fun, what a turn of event…


I normally don’t like zombies due people copy paste one story to other . But there are really good stuff like this game and first season of Telltale walking dead and Romero movies… But the rest I found it boring like another random insert name kill kill brains brains


I know what you mean. But I think a lot of zombie media realises this, which is why it tries to be unique. My favourite zombie thing(no offense @JimD :stuck_out_tongue: ) is the book this is not a test…where zombies are kinda just a side plot…I think that’s the same for me in ZE though. My favourite parts are making my character feel my own, and the interactions, rather than the fighting(though I really like that too).


Yeah, I like that too. Same like in the Last of us I care story not the plants . I mean I see that gameas a book as i don’t want playing it but I love see people playing it as I see it as a movie not a game.


I agree with you… the strength of Zombie Exodus 1 and 2 were their characters development and interaction , the MC’s interaction with various characters were so in-dept that i care about them…

In safe Haven , i am looking forward to learn more about Bailey and Madison… although Jillian is also an interesting romance route when lyles and his daughter appear… a Love Quadrable ??


Wow, thank you for all the detail! How do you look at the code? I’m playing on an iPad.


Verified. You are right. I tried only stealing and purchasing nothing, and got the achievement.

I also noticed that the comparison with stealth is very explicit in the gameplay, at least for my character who had over 60% search like you said. There’s a risk percent, which is compared with your Stealth stat. The text I see when I’m playing explicitly shows the risk percent as you add stolen items, and I can backsolve to figure out that a particular item is worth x %. The minute my risk percent goes above my stealth stat, it tells me I’ll be noticed if I try to walk out with this much.


woah whats dead zone?!?!


In ZE: Day Zero the title and author names are not visible in game.


Me too! I’m quite curious about whether he have feeling for us before the outbreak or not


You meant lyles ?? Lol :-):joy:


Nope hahahaha i mean Madison or Bailey


I think before the outbreak, we didn’t know Bailey yet… we only met her at the end of Book 1 … :-):stuck_out_tongue:

But as for Madison, i think the answer is yes there actually was a scene , if your relationship with her is high, Madison told you that she had set her eyes on you in school… but she felt that the MC is too good for her, and since she had many admirers and live a celebrity life … she didn’t approach us because she didn’t know whether we are meant to each other

I don’t know , but my intepretation is that MC was a reliable backup tyre, someone she knew she can count upon … but as you understand the role of a backup tyre, people won’t really appreciate your role unless their car break down… then they will realise they always had you by their side to save them :wink:

But Bailey’s backstory is intriguing too if you talk to her… so i haven’t decide yet :-):sweat_smile:


Oops I think I’m mention the wrong person :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: i mean Madison’s older brother (i don’t remember his name)


That is Brody… i think Lol :-):laughing:


Oh ya! Lol I forgot his name! It’s been too long since I last play this :joy::joy: so yeah Brody. Does he has feeling for us even before the outbreak or he fell in love with us after seeing our awesomeness :joy::joy::joy:


For my playththrough… since i am a guy Brody barely notice me before the outbreak :-):laughing:
But after the zombie exodus, and after i was elected leader, he was jealous of me… questioning why i should be the leader and not him … so i don’t know whether he hates me or love me :-):sweat_smile:

But Brody seems reliable …thus far… i hope he doesn’t turn into Heather’s brother in original zombie exodus and try to kill me … :-):grin:


I hope that won’t happen


So I was just thinking about all the minor characters encountered in the origins of the MC’s and I was wondering if anyone thought any of them would come back as allies or antagonists and if so which characters would be on either end. For my Nightfall Cop playthrough I could see Sergeant Don Jacobs going to either end as he’s got a ruthless streak to him but he did help us out so not sure on that front. As for Billie I believe she would fall on the ally side of the spectrum with her nice girl persona unless she’s undergone some massive changes in the weeks since we last saw her. Anyway I’d love everyone’s opinions


My mc was a guy too and Brody seemed pretty into him :stuck_out_tongue: @Hani_Fina If you’re playing as a teen and like guys only it seems he does like you.