Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven General Discussion Thread 2



No, Ray’s gender is tied to your sexual preference. Edit: ninja’d by @SteampunkNinja (who I suspect is an actual ninja)


Speaking of Cassie iirc there is a passage in the original game that heavily implied that some or all of the survivors could see her.

On the other hand, clearly no one other than the player character can see Ray.


How do you do that? Every time I didn’t kill Tom, I got the bad ending. River never tried anything.


Huh, so we might be able to romance a ghost? Or a figment of the MC’s psychotic imagination. Win-win.

The MC, having entered their tent alone, is shuffling about and making violent noises, Jaime runs in to see them just humping the ground naked

“I can explain.”

Speaking of which, seems they default to male if you’re aro/ace, which explains why I typically end up with a male Ray.


I hope my character isn’t narcissistic enough to be attracted to her own identical hallucination.

And yeah, I think the code only changes Ray’s gender to female/nb if you’re explicitly interested in women or nonbinary respectively. If you like men or are both aromantic and asexual, you’ll get male Ray.


Autoromanticism is in, judging by today’s selfie obsessed generation.


Haha no! I was taking about Tom! When I’m pissed or annoyed I call everyone a bitch.


Really? i thought it was scripted for Tom to kill River’s wife, after the bandit attack…i chose to talk to everyone including River, i notice something was weird when i ask River about Tom… then in the final chapter, i confront Tom about his betrayal, when the zombies attack … i arrange for everyone’s position , Tom was in the middle …then a scene came when i notice River came to Tom’s back and ready to strike him, i can chose either to warn Tom or keep quiet , if i warn Tom… Tom kill River and seemed grateful to me, but i restart immediately so i won’t know whether Tom will survive till the end without killing me… mostly i let River kill Tom , then he will admit to Heather about this, when Heather tried to kill River, i chose to stand in front of River facing Heather’s gun myself :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh… Tom, yes i agree, i won’t kill him myself because of Heather… so River killing him is a blessing

@SteampunkNinja perhaps you can look up for the condition of River to kill Tom ? Every time i play, it will be River trying to kill Tom…

You meant Cassie ? Well, i think Cassie had been manifesting the same appearance for eternity , perhaps we can persuade her to "transform " into an appearance of a young lady ?

Well, in a visual novel i read, "Connected Hearts "… the childhood friend of the MC , who died in a horrible fire… change her appearance into similar age of the protagonist , so that she can be coupled with him :slight_smile:


How do I kill tom my cathedral defence is always high enough to survive zombie exodus so he always lives


Well…For my case, as i also explain above, River will sneak up behind Tom and tries to kill him, if you don’t warn Tom about River, River will always succeed in killing Tom :slight_smile:


Does this only happen if the zombies get in


Yes … The zombies will always get in right ? I just assign everyone to a position , River will then sneak up to Tom

although without Badger , i always won’t survive the final battle … I need to place Badger in a safer position so he won’t run away


It won’t happen if cathedral defence is high


I see… @Urban , maybe that’s the reason… we need to lower our defense so that Zombies break in, then River will assassinate Tom for us

thanks @greatnes_personified


Does anyone know why I can’t just kill tom after the zombie hord fails to get into the cathedral


River will always try to kill Tom if he’s in the group during the horde attack. He blames Tom for Starr’s death, and Starr will always die. If River isn’t there, and Devlin knows Tom attempted to assassinate you, Devlin will try to kill Tom instead.

Although really, my MC didn’t have any problems killing Tom herself. I confronted him about it alone, he pulled his gun, and I shot him and dumped him over the walls before the horde ever arrived. No one even suspected anything. I think Tom can kill you instead though if you fail the skill checks.

I’ve never gotten the scenario where the zombies don’t break into the Cathedral, but the code seems to say that everyone can survive that way. River and Devlin won’t try anything without the excuse of zombies, and you can either live in peace with Tom or tell him to get lost.


I suppose this is the only way to keep Kelly, well… i was just curious why she always ran away from the fight, she can’t possibly thought she could be safe outside alone :thinking:

And yes It was Tom who sacrifice Starr to save his own skin, he put Starr in front of himself to block a bullet Never thought Devlin will save me though :stuck_out_tongue:

so @greatnes_personified , @SteampunkNinja had provide you the answer confront Tom when you came back in the final chapter , you should have a chance to shoot him if you are skillful enough (before the Zombies attack )

I sincerely hope i won’t have to confront Brody one day in Safe Haven , do you think Madison will forgive me if i kill Brody ? :thinking:


Huh, I thought Kelly only left with low morale, but yeah, it looks like she’ll eventually leave regardless if the zombies get into the Cathedral, though she’ll also leave before they get into the Cathedral if the group has low morale.

And yeah, no way Madison would forgive that unless Brody attacked you in broad daylight. I hope Brody has more sense than that though, he doesn’t seem quite as manipulative as Tom.


I had to let Heather stay in the cathedral with her brother even knowing that both of them may have died. After he tried to kill my mc that romanced him he asks him to protect his sister, man f that, I told her to go, she wanted to stay in the soon to be zombie infested cathedral with her murderous brother then I won’t force her to leave. It does sound petty and yes, I kinda did it as payback plus the fact that I didn’t care much about her lol but she’s an adult and she made her choice. Needless to say, in my second playthrough since I already knew Dev wouldn’t do anything bad, my mc romanced him instead. Jim can’t pull a Tom 2 with Brody, please my heart my teen mc’s hearts couldn’t take it.


She will always leave in the epilogue, unless you get the cure ending.