Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven General Discussion Thread 2



I agree with your detail analysis regarding everything , especially i also realise The Safe Haven group applying multiple different skills in their survival …

But with regard to combat experience as well as leadership quality , perhaps the original ZE group has an edge and more decorated ? Ummm… what i meant is in the final phase of Zombie Exodus , few characters had demonstrate outstanding leadership quality where they even manage to lead a group of their own, Mindy will be either leader of a new city council or leader of notorious gang, i think even took over the leadership in the ending where MC develop an antidote , Heather also lead a group of her own in some ending , River became either cult leader or some leader of his own group and Devlin became mayor or a marshall so for the time beings the original ZE group seem to be displaying a decorated ability of their own in future…

Of course our Safe Haven group could be building something interesting of their own in future as well :slight_smile:


True, the good endings did show that the ZE group did tend to go on to do good things and be good leaders (though I’m not sure River starting a death cult is a “good” thing.) I’m really interested in seeing how the ZESH group handles the actual Exodus if part 3 gets that far. Based on what Gina, Woody, and a crafty player can do with that dinky hilltop camp in just a week, I bet our survivors could put the Cathedral’s defenses to shame with an actual building, a few months, and some dedication.

I think the games are set pretty far apart location wise, since the Cathedral was near the coast while ZESH is in Colorado, so it could be nice to imagine the groups meeting up many years later and uniting.


Hmmmm… if we get the ending where the antidote was develop , i think the world will go back to order with an established government again

Fun part is, if that’s the case… our SH survivors will one day receive news that a “Hero” had manage to develop the cure and the world will back to normal soon…

So how will our SH MC say good bye to everyone , and Ummmm…perhaps it will be time to propose a marriage to our love interest ?? :blush:


Oh no please, not marriages… I am so tired of You have to marrying… No you haven’t . Is the apocalypse!! there won’t be will and testament and contracts. I just can’t understand why many authors assume that only possible ending is with a wedding proposal and worse THEY DON’T EVEN LET ME SAY NO.
I understand for some people a wedding is the romantic getaway or something like that. But I want could choose say You could go marry your mother because I don’t think there is a point anymore


I 100%-ly agree with you. I don’t get why marriage is so important in real life and i would even less understand the importance of it in a game set in the zombie apocalypse. Sure people could like/love other people even in these times but I think marriage would be the last of their worries.
And in real life I think it’s more bothersome than it’s worth. I always say that two people can be together and happy without going through all that stuff for just one day in their lives.


The SH team is waaay more deadly. I never managed to get Chrone, even after reading the guide and specifically trying to get him. Right from the start it’s obvious Tom has it in for us. In SH my mc is a teen/college student(though usually a college student) with minimum charisma, low skills in most things, throughout my playthroughs doesn’t have high physical or mental health and is never leader. In no way shape or form does she scream out intimidating capable fighter…And yet Tom is sending us out on all these dangerous missions? If the story revolved just around my mc what would actually happen is after Tom announced my mc’s mission all the npcs would look at each other, and one(probably Uncle Lou) would mouth “He’s gone insane!” and they’d deal with him.

But yeah in SH it is much, much easier to play as my head canon mc, and easier for my mc not to feel like the main character. So yeah, we have Tom, who my mc instantly thinks wants her dead at worst or is insane at best, Juavier(sp) who ends up causing trouble, and what with leadership changes etc the group is hardly harmonious. In comparison I never manage to get Lyle and Jillian with my main mc, only sometimes get driver, but that’s through choice, Rosie and Driver are easy to get and no one is making stupid decisions regarding my mc, and in general the team seems more harmonious.


I’m actually curious and have been wondering for a while now if we will get an option to propose to our love interest.

The reason is because in one of the houses you can search in part 1, one of the objects you get automatically is a (diamond i think) ring.

I think it’s the house with the vault and the item stays with you even in part 2.


So tom was insane/trying to kill my mc


I haven’t played the original Zombie Exodus much since Safe Haven came out but as I recall he started to get insanely insecure about his leadership and tried to off the MC to prevent them taking over the group. Also, he falls obsessively in love with you.

Hm, I wonder if a good chunk of his murder attempt was out of guilt for having feelings for someone other than his dead wife?


I don’t remember the obsessively in love thing, maybe that only happens if you romance him. But he does definitely repeatedly try to get you killed since you threaten his leadership, first via dangerous missions, and eventually by just cutting the brakes on your and Uncle Lou’s van. You can confront him about it and kill him when he admits it.

I think the ZE group would have had a lot less problems without Tom as leader. He brought everyone to the Cathedral, but then he repeatedly hamstrung the group because he just wanted to be king of his little paradise, when he could have been training the group and fortifying the Cathedral from day one. It seemed like he thought he could wait out the apocalypse.


Now it’s coming back to me, I think his alcoholism and obvious depression played a part in the whole not fortifying the cathedral thing. He certainly didn’t want to leave and I think that’s why he killed Uncle Lou too. (RIP)

Something even my best, nicest characters had to kill him for. UNCLE LOU, NO!


Well… we don’t necessary need to kill Tom Tom use River’s wife as meat shield to block a bullet, so River will eventually tried to stab him from the back, we just need to keep quiet and let justice to be served :wink:

Although this will complicate relationship with Heather either way, i let her point the gun at my head, finally i have the experience of allowing an RO to do that… and i am grateful that Heather loves me enough to spare my life :stuck_out_tongue: I still loves the scene where Heather slap my face at the breakfast table for not saving Tom, but then sit down quietly next to me

Oh… i also just remember one more advantage of my ZE MC, i had Cassie by my side, how could i ever forget my childhood “friend” ? :wink: I personally think Cassie is more powerful than the imaginary friend of SH, Cassie can help me distract both zombies and villains away …and she is a “real” friend that was suppose to follow me and Emma forever if i choose to allow her to stay

@JimD , honestly i think you left out Cassie’s closure for your original Zombie Exodus … I chose to allow Cassie to stay and accompany both me and Emma in one of the side quest , so i would think if MC had chosen that choice, there should be some backstory about Cassie future “relationship” with MC or Emma, as i mentioned, both zombies and villains can sense her presence …and she can really “communicate” with us, hence it should be a unique experience to have a spirit childhood friend to accompany my MC till the end of days :slight_smile: I actually feel kind of lost without knowing where my “friend” went in all my endings…

Classical interpretation of the term "No Pain, No Gain ", without Tom’s selfish and zealous mentality of trying to get rid of me… i won’t had a chance to showcase my talents and durability to everyone , by sending me to complete all those mission impossible, It backfired and allow me to forge a fable reputation among the followers … If Tom hold me back without trying to get rid of me , i may never had a chance to unleash all those talents :wink:


I actually always choose “delusions” as a challenge simply because of Cassie and hoping Ray will be as helpful. I suspect the latter’s a ghost too.

…I just wish Ray would be nice enough to actually show up the jobs I’m assigning him, he’s making me look crazy!

“Okay, what am I doing today? Watch duty with…Ray? Um, boss, whose Ray?”

MC is staring into the eyes of a blood-stained teddy bear “My special friend…”


Well… i never play “delusion” , but for Cassie’s case, other people actually saw her …and Zombies sense her existence as well, Cassie had numerous times draw away the zombies… and even help save Candace by luring her to safety . And the backstory of Cassie’s relationship with MC and Emma since small actually quite heart warming , i do feel a bit “weird” why Cassie never appear again even after i request her to stay …

However , spirit friend is the most powerful ally for my opinion , imagine if SH MC got a friend like Cassie … no one could ever harm MC and the group , and Keith won’t have a chance to get anywhere near me , so perhaps there is the issue of balancing … However maybe there can be condition about when and how our ghost friend can appear and help us :slight_smile:


Nope, bitch gotta die. You hurt and try to kill me, I’m going after your neck.


I mean, as cool as Ray is, they don’t seem nearly as benevolent as Cassie. Cassie led us to safety. Ray just goaded me into starting a fight with the Silverthornes.

…Actually, nevermind. Ray’s pretty cool too.


You kill Heather ?? Nooooo :scream: Heather loves me…in her own way , she won’t had pull the trigger , and she even admit she need me as a reason to live… I got the relationship term “symbiosis Mutualism” from Heather, she is a genius :blush:

Yes I agree, i want a friend like Cassie in my real life :sweat:


Maybe Ray just hasn’t discovered their spooky ghost powers yet beyond being able to appear to a random schizophrenic?

Trenchcoat guy is definitely just a hallucination though, maybe.

Speaking of which is Ray always male? Because I swear they were female in my first playthrough? Is their gender tied to your orientation/gender?


Well… if Ray is also a spiritual entity, i would prefer a backstory about why Ray will “follow” us :slight_smile:

The backstory of Cassie was just too sweet and “sad”, Cassie befriend both MC and Emma because she didn’t want MC and Emma to be sad and lonely when we were small , when MC grow up and learn how to live independently , MC totally forgot about Cassie :scream: How could my MC forgot about Cassie when Cassie never forgot him ?? I feel like wanting to slap my own MC for it…


I believe Ray is whatever gender you are attracted too, defaulting to female if you’re interested in more than one gender. If your character is nonbinary however, Ray will also be nonbinary. I believe Ray also has the same color eyes and hair as the player character.

Personally, I’m betting Ray and Trenchcoat Man are both legitimately just symptoms of a psychosis. I doubt every hallucination will be a ghost or spirit, and the ZE player character and Emma had been seeing Cassie since they were children with few other hallucinations to my knowledge, whereas a delusional ZESH player character is seeing a very wide variety of hallucinations without any deep history with any specific hallucination.