Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven General Discussion Thread 2



It will be done as you desire, dear @TSSL. :bowing_woman:


“How much will you bet on Nora jumping Dante in his sleep?”

“Will you show me your stat page?”

Obligatory anime joke: To RO “Will you be having dinner? A bath? Or…me?


You read my mind. Me 5738297868%


Okay, deep down inside I want a silver fox relationship, and hope Lyle is alive just for that reason. My heart went bump bump when he called me handsome.

What can I say. I love everyone. (Except Kelly.)

If there was an option to romance a tree I would.

Tbh I’d settle for a leaf if I was desperate enough.

“You’re looking very autumnal today. Do you fall here often?” wink wonk


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To Rachel: Why didn’t you feel like you could trust me with your secret?


I vote for this as the NPC question! :kissing::fallen_leaf:


Well…i don’t mind if Lyle is alive, if i am romancing Jillian …it is a fair competition , that’s why it is a fair question as well …LOL :smile:

Kelly is cool…not sure why you don’t like her :wink: she will be a loyal partner if you choose her…

If you had watch Blade runner 2049, perhaps romancing an intelligent micro-chip that can project a hologram such as Joi is not bad either :slight_smile:
i still feel sad for Joi though…


Andromeda had many downfalls, one of which was my inability to romance the AI in my brain.

Poor SAM :frowning:


Alright. Do I reinstall the game to get rid of this file or how do I fix it?


We have to look at the released version code and determine if zombie code (pun intended) was revived from the past.

An update most likely will not occur until the next big release of the bonus material happens.


Alright thanks Eiwynn.


Do you ever feel like you’re a character in a game and every choice isnt really yours?


I would ask Gina “So I knew Sifer and I was wondering, how did you meet her?” Something along those lines.
I’m really excited for this revamped version of part 2 and the opportunity to go on that scouting mission with kelly, nathan, and benji. I liked benji, makes me think of another character from an FPS. Also yes. I love Sifer and no amount of hate from anyone will stop that.


Basic rule of survival in ZESH? Stay near the MC and he/she will save you. Most of the time. :upside_down_face:


So does this mean relation boosts with everyone? :joy:

Also, these are add-ons or updates to part 2 right? Not the first chapters of part 3?


Agreed Eric Knight, Kelly seems the most sincere out of every female I have romanced so far.


No they are things to be done in Part 2.2 it’s like written right there. And also please don’t make multiple posts one after another edit your post to if you feel like adding some things to your comment, when you are the last poster.

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If Lyle came back as a RO… my heart would flutter with how much we could make Jillybean jealous


This is really good advice, especially considering now how Discourse is putting a hard limit on the number of posts in a thread (500 I believe)…