Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven General Discussion Thread 2



That is a cool idea but very very very troublesome to implement. Because you have to track many things. Like deep sleep, stress, other handicaps are you sleeping alone or not where are you sleeping. There is guard people or not. Etc and the psychological help and other hide stats


If you could replace 1 profession in Safe haven which one would you chose?

Me: The Homemaker profession would become The Drug Dealer profession


Wrestler with something specialising in close combat weapons so I can spend my skill points on something else


Dose anyone know how I could get the ZE reward on my phone. I’ve been looking around and NOBODY knows.


What ZE reward? if it is for first game just downloaded a save from last part of ZE and you got the extra skills. points


The Teen “profession” would become the Pick Anything Else, Please profession.


Is there suppose to be a romance scen with either madison or rachel at your tent at the end of the first day in part 2. I mean i got one when i romanced bailey bit none for madison who said that she will meet me again to have some privacy.


Well, Tommy can also be there if you’re a teenager if you’re not a girl. I think he’s three years older.


I got the sex scene with Madison, and with Bailey.

Unsure if a teen gets one with Rachel based on what people are saying.


There is no sex scene really with Rachel even if your MC is an adult. I am also pretty sure I have one file as a teen where Jillian appears in the tent.


I think that’s a bug due it’s not supposed being action adult teen. Logically because apple doesn’t like it at all.


That would make sense. It was definitely a while back that it happened and I haven’t tried to replicate it since.


The amount of time that has elapsed since the beginning of the apocalypse isn’t much to allow a healthy relationship to grow between two trusting people let alone one that is on her guard such as Rachel. Do you blame her for not wanting such a complication so soon?

All a sudden there are a few believers of true love at first sight that have decided to enter the discussion in this thread or a few who seem unhealthy in their fixations. I have not seen this, not even in the first game. It is interesting to watch.


What make me laugh of that impression is Who she is . She should be jumping over me to try to kill me or con me, instead she is the most nuns of all nuns in the group. It just doesn’t go with the image I have of her from first game. More if we had at least to dates previously. Meanwhile I almost had to kill Woody to make him out of me, and Jaime and whoever I didn’t know more than five seconds. It is felt terrible off. The only person I had previously know and flirt pre apocalyptic times is the only one who suddenly is a nun.


A lot makes you laugh Mara. :eyes:


Woddy doesn’t make me laugh He tried to touch my ass and ride a motorcycle with me!!! Oh he could be grateful He doesn’t ended up with a brake horn in his head…


But he did give you a sandwich … that deserves a good goose, doesn’t it? :wink:


That poisoning warfare weapon is safely in the trash.


Just wondering between the group from Zombie Exodus and Safe Haven, which group is more deadly by comparison

In Zombie Exodus Group, i believe Mindy, Heather , Candace, River and Crone are all Elite fighters … along the way , they had shown they could overcame great odds with fewer numbers against both zombies and bandits…

For Safe Haven Group, i would think only Madison, Rachel , Lopes and Jaimi can be consider good fighters among the group , and even so… they hadn’t face formidable battles yet as compare to the ZE group …

So at first look, I think the original Zombie Exodus warriors seem more superior and deadly than the Safe Haven group even with fewer numbers …

And as for the MC, i also think my Zombie Exodus MC is far more resourceful than my Safe Haven MC, so if the two groups do meet … do you all think it should be the original ZE group to lead the SH group should they merge ?


I mean, I think I’d consider the Safe Haven group more skilled in general. Lopez, Rachel, and Madison all seemed very skilled with rifles, and Lopez and Rachel have military training. Jaime, Rosie, and Tommy also do very well during the battle on the hill, and Driver can do well if you put him on the .50 cal. I think Candace and River also only became skilled combatants after months in game as well, while we can already start training our group in combat in ZESH.

I think the original Zombie Exodus also had big benefits over the ZESH group in that the cathedral was a fortified location which was well stocked with weapons and ammunition, whereas the ZESH group is sitting on top of a hill with whatever they could scavenge or steal in the few days since the outbreak. You can see that a lot of the ZESH survivors only have melee weapons, many of them improvised. (Shout out to Brody for killing a dozen zombies with a lacrosse stick.)

The timeline also comes into play here, I think it was months before anyone in ZE had to deal with any threat more severe than small groups of zombies, whereas the ZESH group has dealt with two hordes and potentially a small group of hostile survivors in about one week. One thing I liked about ZESH over the original was that our survivors seemed to be doing things, like we could assign them tasks to help the group, where Tom usually just sent the player out and let the rest twiddle their thumbs while the Cathedral ran out of food, water, and fuel.

For the MCs, I’d probably place my Safe Haven MC ahead, mainly because I have access to the plus-plus option, so she’s pretty good at everything. The ZE MC is much more accomplished though. She definitely faced near-certain death more often. Without plus-plus I’d say it depends on which character was more intelligent/charismatic.

Overall? I’d say the ZESH group is superior compared to the early-game ZE group, though it might have been closer if the original ZE team didn’t have to deal with Tom playing petty despot. I’d say the late-game ZE group is superior, but I think the ZESH group would surpass them eventually.