Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven General Discussion Thread 2



So…you can’t romance Madison (16yo) if you are an adult…but you can romance any of the adult women if you are a teenage male? Seems a tad misogynistic, but okay. :confused:

Not to say that it’s right, but if we’re going to allow Rachel or Kelly to be with my 16 year old teenager, then why is there an issue with Madison hooking up with my 35-40 year old military commander?

And what of Bailey? She’s a college student, so we can assume she could be as young as 18 (I figure, anyway). Some of the professions assume the MC can be as old as 40, or at least 35ish, so I guess we’re going with the feeling that as long as a girl is at least 18, she’s okay for a sex scene even if it’s with someone 20 years older?


It’s not a gender issue. You can’t romance Madison OR Brody (who I believe are 17 as their 18th birthday is coming up) as an adult regardless of whether you play male or female. You can romance any of the adult as a teenager, again regardless of the MC gender.


Fair enough, but do you see what I mean?

How is romancing Madison/Brody less acceptable than Kelly/Rachel/Jillian/Bailey romancing a teenage MC?

To me, it reeks a little of the old stereotype that when an older man messes around with a younger woman, he’s a creep/perv but when an older woman messes around with a younger man, it’s somehow supposed to be “hot” or the kid is so lucky…


No because I am pretty sure you can romance Tommy, Lopez, and Woody with a teenage MC as well.



If so, that’s slightly more fair (although no less creepy).


Ill be honest if there was a zombie apocalypses getting with a girl will be the last thing on my mind the only thing i would care about is my own survival anybody else is on there own.


The game measures attraction/interest separately than romance. So a teen may be interested in an adult but only be intimate with a teen NPC (currently Madison and Brody). I did this because of future content which I don’t want to spoil but should be obvious

There are no gender limitations on who you can like beyond Tommy and Rosie who are gay (Rosie is an upcoming RO).

Adults cannot romance teen MCs. If so, it is a bug. I know with Woody, I had an error in his chapter 3 code but it is fixed. Adults can show interest in a teen MC, again, due to future content.


Weird question, but will you get the sex scene in the tent if you have a nephew/pet with you?


You don’t get one if you have a nephew. Not sure about your pet though


Another question:

Are there a list of flavour events that happen related to your hobbies/challenges and potential RO’s.

For instance, I know Bailey makes a comment if you are a singer or read books,

Does Madison talk about certain hobbies? Does anybody comment about you being a smoker/alcoholic?


Guys, its toword the end of the school year and the MC is already 18 but hasn’t graduated yet to become a College student.


With Woody, he strait up tells him to go.


But the MC tells Sifer that they are a junior still when they first meet in the game? Also at the start of the story when talking to a Jamie about Primematch there’s a option that that asks if it will let you sign up if you aren’t 18


Oh right, I haven’t played the first part in a while.


I know Madison will comment if you choose drawing as a hobby and have a teen character(it’s a cute reference to when they were kids). She also comments about video games and knitting iirc. As for smoking or drinking, not that I’ve encountered but you can give Rosie a cigarette in part one.


so… it’s still teen MC x adult RO that’s allowable and has future content but NOT adult MC x teen RO?.. or will future contents make them available since they become 18 and then and ONLY then can one romance them?


Okay, There’s a thing called apple app store that freaking out when someone that is not exactly 18 is involved. Even if in many countries is perfect legal.
So adult mc can’t say or even suggest that likes a not exactly 18. Due aple
However socially is better accommodate that a teen could have a crush in an adult (like happens with teens and actors everywhere With posters) So teen mc can crush X adult and always nobody else happens apple is happy.

Then Puff A big cake happens and character Has a 18 and suddenly like a butterfly coming from a cocoon You can bang everything that moves and has a gender identity compatible welcome to adulthood


When you start new character from part 2 it asks you which character you’d like to romance. As a teenager you only have Maddy, Brody, and Jamie (because of him only being a year older and graduating a year earlier).

And they’ll be the only one’s till the MC is 18, or at least a year passes.


Not really on topic, but I just want to say welcome back :slight_smile: @poison_mara

Hmm, and I guess to make something more on topic…

Nephew: When do zombies go to sleep?
MC: sighs I don’t know.
Nephew: When they’re dead tired.
Reilly: You’re nephew is more dangerous than any infected; one more joke, and I’ll ask someone to ventilate my brains.


Hey @JimD if you don’t mind, I would like to suggest an idea for you to incorporate into the storyline, something quite minor actually but could make the story more interesting than before, and that would be the concept of lucid dreaming for those who chose being delusional as a challenge, as people who jump in headfirst without doing any proper research initially regarding the subject, may have problems differentiating between reality and the dream world later on and sort of have a distorted mental equilibrium, leading to hallucinations and other mental problems which is admittedly quite uncommon but I feel like this would provide a strong base and a proper reason for the MC having delusions and stuff. Sorry if I disturbed you.