Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven General Discussion Thread 2



I’ll romance Lyles daughter regardless, just to see what happens lol


I can just create another character from the start , specially to romance Lyle’s daughter :slight_smile:


Is, uh, part 2 2.0 out yet? Just curious.


No. The first extra mission has been coded, and the second one at the end of this month (there will be 3 additional missions total).

Part of this is that @JimD has been busy as well (day job, writing, etc.) and something I can relate to.


Will the extra missions continue where we left off after the current ending of part 2, or will we have to replay the entirety of part 2 over again to get them?

Lol ether way, I have about 25-30 save files to now replay and counting :smiley:


Oh, You really shouldn’t have made new saves before the update.


Cool details: Only now have I realized that Uncle Nate actually makes another appearance during part 1: he was the old man mauling zombies with an AK while driving a luxury car in the city.


I know… I just can’t stay away from the game though. I’m far too obsessed with trying out everything I possibly can. I did the exact same with the first game too when it was still unfinished.

I’m impressed by the many different variations you get from dialogue depending on your choices of tattoos, scars and piercings btw. It’s nice little additions like that, that really bring your character to life.


But part 2.2 will not further the game at all just include some scenes and missions before the ending, so you’ll have to make 30 more saves for extra stat gains…


Yeah I know that now.

I’ll probably just replay the save files made at the end of the 1st part (so replay part 2 entirely again) and maybe see if COG can delete the other files.

If not, well fuck then.


OoO it doesn’t let you delete them :disappointed::pensive:



I think I’ll be fine tbh. It will be annoying having to scroll down tons of save files everytime I want to continue one, but I’ve labelled them and written down key choices for each file so at least I’m able to keep track of them :slight_smile:


Is it really necessary to have a tent to get that scene with Gina and Jillian?


Two person tent yes, if you go scavenging you pick one up after the van scene.


All sex scenes with characters require the tent.

The only exception seems to be Lopez (and I think that also depends on your relationship with Bailey)


@JimD loving the game and the freedom of choices in this… just curious, you dont plan on implementing teenagers going to romance with adults right?.. i mean teen boy x adult girl wont turn that much heads than adult boy x teen girl… so might as well not implement it if theres bias towards one side…


Yeah you can, but you have to wait for them to turn 18 like a creep.


haha… i hope the “it’s the apocalypse” excuse doesn’t make adult x teen romance a reality…

while you’re here, do you save rosie and driver?.. and if you did, did you let them join you?.. kinda having a hard time recruiting someone who shot and threatened to kill me and my nephew…


I usually do save and recruit them because I don’t think they’re really bad. Yes they did some bad things like killing and marauding, but your character can also do these things as well. One thing I noticed when I hacked the CCTV cameras was Rosie stopping their leader from taking a college student and trying to rape her she was almost going to kill him. So I kinda believe they stayed with him to make sure he doesn’t try something like that again and stop him if he does.


i ended up recruiting her and driver… for this run anyway… haha…

to anyone who walked to the high school… any idea what the red-and-black stripes cloth in girl scout’s hand mean?..