Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven General Discussion Thread 2



Is the zombie virus only transmitted through a bite or do other bodily fluids transmit it too? (Yes, I’m asking if Zombieism is an std ,for science) :neutral_face:


LoL most likely anything that goes into our system from a zombie would eventually lead to an infection


I know that the virus isn’t airborne (Not yet, anyway!), it can probably be transmitted by any wound caused by a zombie- in ZE Hadley was scratched and turned. However Zombie Joe was infected by Church’s ex-wife after cheating with her, so zeta could be an STD


@JimD Not tryin to get super technical and try to pick apart the game when it’s not supposed to be 104% realistic, but as it is a virus, how long does it take to manifest?

Is it possible the slight change in anything from DNA (genome’s) to natural resistance could encourage a lysogenic pathway almost indefinitely, so they could pass is on via cell-cell contact, but only go through the lytic pathway upon activation (e.g, government presses big red button, environmental change, etc)

If so tons of people could be carriers for hours or even days while showing little, if no, symptons.

And there’s the fact some strain of the virus could be able to survive for long outside of a cell… so it can become airborne!


We’re all doomed! Also, The virus took longer to manifest when Javier got infected by malnutritioned zombies, so the weaker the virus is, the longer it takes to show symptoms.


Favorite Safe Haven Class:

  • Bank Robber.
  • College Student.
  • Con Artist.
  • Engineer.
  • Hacker.
  • Doctor.
  • Nurse.
  • Social Worker.
  • Homemaker.
  • Laborer.
  • Mixed Martial Artist.
  • Movie Star.
  • Police Officer.
  • Professional Wrestler.
  • Scientist.
  • Combat Medic.
  • Infantry Soldier.
  • Military Commander.
  • Teenager.
  • Custom.

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It is possible for the virus to adapt. We can have this talk in about 1.5 years.


Ah sure I was just curious after revising viruses for exams


I always saw the zeta virus as lytic but some testers are making compelling arguments to change that.


Yay. I mean it’s not me but yay for others making arguments.

And I don’t want to bog you guys down in bio but how it works is amazing!

Like in the lytic cycle it effectively inject its own viral genetic information and then take over the cell-- using it’s own resources to make more viruses.

Ngl if the government did engineer the virus my best bet is to immediate surrender haha


Hey @JimD, what’s your favourite class?


I usually play a Laborer for the hybrid-type.


Omg same!

Although I go for a fully strength/ craftING maxed out laborer, aka the Lenny


Zombie high?! Wait, That reminds me of the dialogue with Silas about going to University and how the teenage mc would like to go there as a suggestion. Maybe part 3 of ZESH is were the teenage character goes to university when turned 18. (Sorry, got alot of questions on me lol)


I have a question for anyone to answer.
When I go to the store and start buying some meat. How is the meat calculated into food units that the game uses?
Thanks for your help,


I think this is how Thelma’s food works:

1 beef or chicken = 2 food units.
1 fruit or vegetable = 1 food unit.


It all depends on what type of person you are.


Not necessarily, I was not interested in Homemaker, Movie Star and Wrestler characters at first but after hearing folks talk about different reactions to different occupations and playing them out myself, Movie Star and Homemaker are now one of my Top 5 picks!


Howdy @JimD I was just doing another playthrough to celebrate the end of finals and it raised a couple of questions about a couple of things i was wondering about.
1- Do you have a max number of survivors we could recruit in part 3 including scripted deaths ( zombies=Drama :wink:),
2-Are there any truly useless characters as I at the end of the playthrough I was thinking that Rachel was right about Kelly sadly. While I believe she could be trained she lacks a certain amount of common sense that makes me glad Nora is quartermaster.
3- Do you have any ideas for future leadership roles for the group members such as making Jamie and Rachel’s roles as lieutenants a bit more official?
4- And finally I am aware that going to war with other groups is optional but do you have plans to make groups come into conflict for example if your groups morality is too high and a group of cannibals are encountered for example I can’t see that ending well.
I am sorry to ask all this and if you are unable to answer them I understand however nothing ventured and all that so hears hoping :slight_smile: As always great work and I can’t wait to see what you write next.



20, not including the nephew.

Useless is subjective. All have value. Some have more understated value or has not been in a situation to let their skills shine.

Some groups will be more ordered, some will be run with less structure. I do have ideas for formalizing group leadership. With only a week into the outbreak, it will take time for the group to settle on any structure.

Yes, I envision internal and external group conflict and have events planned to test the group in many ways.

I hope I answered your questions.