Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven General Discussion Thread 2



Want to do a poll here: How do you want to handle Keith and his men later on?

  • Join
  • Alliance
  • Non aggression coexistence
  • Disengagement(Flee)
  • Defensive Hostility
  • Offensive Hostility

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You missed an option: annex


In the words of a very wise hallucination:

Ray bumps into you, practically hanging on your back. “Now’s our chance. Kill the Silverthornes. Kill them. Kill them. Kill them.”

More seriously, I’d like to be defensive, but I feel offense would be the only way to take out the Silverthornes without them hitting us harder. I feel like we can’t let them come at us better prepared and trained.


The solution is simple. Keith’s group must surely die a long, slow, painful, bloody death.


I feel the poll is missing an option…assassinate kieth, blame it on the number two and install a puppet as leader.

If the assassination causes a civil war, pick the side most advantageous to you and help them…this will ingratiate them to our group.


Keith got Kelly in one of my playthrough … so i need to plan a rescue operation , and if given chance …Keith needs to be executed


Guys, what about we send a member of our group to negotiate with Keith

But in his sleep we give him a tiny bit of the zombie virus, so when he’s past the defences he’ll be eating people and we can blame Keith for killing him, like a false flag mission


Can we send Zombie Joe as the negotiator? He might smell a bit bad, but I bet Kelly and Madison have the make-up skills to make him pass for human.


Imagine sending Ray. Just like, oh our negotiator will be there soon.

And everyone else’ll think we crazy haha.

And Zombie Joe is our silent leader. Unless there’s food nearby. Then he’s our hungry leader!


Haha not exactly Ray would talk, but to others it’d be the MC talking…

(from what I understood about hallucinations by watching MR.ROBOT)


Whoa that sounds like a dark path to go down.

Could this turn into a Jekyll Hyde thing where at night “Ray” kills survivors and attacks people, cluminanting in Ray taking contol of the MC, killing everyone and living in isolation?

We could make a whole film haha


Yes, and there’s already a TV show about it Legion is the name.

It’s more of a Superhero fantasy, where protagonist (not exactly a Hero) is schizophrenic (or is he?) and blablabla, basically its about sanity (more heavily depicted in S2) which is being aired rn on Fox…but if you want to see more grounded stuff hallucinations then see Mr,Robot which is on Netflix


Is that what Legions about?

I really should watch that, but I need to do exams first.

Speaking of exams, at least in a Zombie apocalypse there’d be no more exams. Unless we goin Girl with all the Gifts route


There might be something like that in the super secret side project Jim and Mia are working on since its tentatively titled Zombie High…


By god, you people are just out for blood. Surely someone must realize that we have bigger concerns than Keith?


Completely agreed!

There are 79 other people in Keith’s camp, and I’d estimate around half of them also deserve headshots just as badly.


Not at all, slaying Keith will send a statement to everyone , as well as other survivors …that my "New Prophets " are the chosen ones who can righteously annihilate any EVILS that stand in our way, no matter they are Death or Alive :wink:


One word, Leather Jack

Well actually that’s two words but you get the gist right?


I posted a while back in this thread or another ZESH one my mc might struggle with finding a purpose with the collapse of society. Seeing killing Keith as just killing him to be rid of him is limiting for my mc. It could be a new purpose, like a goal/challenge. Maybe for some added zest mess with him before killing him/instead of killing him. Convince/threaten Kelly to feign interest in Keith since he likes her, but secretly infect her with the Z virus. Set up a trap, similar to the one in the first ZES with those zombies tied up, like leave a car with gear in somewhere and booby trap it and put that Rick Roll single in the cd player, and have it player when the traps are activated. Probaly not the best ideas, but yeah, screwing with Keith could give our mc meaning or purpose in life.


Wouldnt wanna cross your backyard even if my MC is about to die…