Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven General Discussion Thread 2



With regards to Tommy… I don’t want to repeat myself too much—I’ll drop this quote from before Tommy was saved, and if you’re interested, you can look at more of the discussion before and after.

Basically, this is not from the angle of “oh, a heterosexual should die,” but from the angle of “why does the gay guy die?” It’s a matter of proportion. And it’s about the impact this would have on readers.

Anyway, I don’t believe anyone was accusing JimD of anything. This was a matter of feedback aimed at making ZE:SH better… much like if someone suggests honing a bit of characterization or tweaking some scene structure, that’s not an accusation; it’s a suggestion.

As far as Tommy being fawned over… no more than Madison. Much less than Madison. That’s not to say that I mind people talking about how much they like her—I’m happy to see people get engaged in character discussions—but I’m noting this for the sake of comparison. Just look at the conversations after part two came out… so much Madison love. And I’m glad that people get to share and enjoy that. But while I might see people saying they’re not into her, or don’t get her appeal, I do not see anyone calling this “fawning” or calling it excessive, but, on the significantly less frequent times that people express Tommy love, this has been met with significantly more criticism, to the point of rancor. Why the double-standard?


Will we be able to have a romantic relationship only with Gina if she doesn’t have romantic feelings? Sorry I might not understand Aromantic all that well?


Madison is not as fawned over as Tommy, and if she is, then it’s to a much lesser (and more bearable) extent.


Just go to the last thread and skim through the posts following the part two update. People are constantly talking about how much they like Madison. I wouldn’t call it fawning—I wouldn’t call any of this fawning—but just compare the numbers. She gets more attention than anyone else. And there are plenty of other characters that get a lot of discussion and praise, as well. There’s not even that much talk about Tommy among that. Yet for some reason it gets called out far and away out of proportion.


Debates over which character is more well-liked are becoming counter-productive.

Aromantic means Gina is not interested in romance, just a physical relationship. It is quite possible her feelings will change but that is not guaranteed.


Mainly because the fawning over Tommy is way too excessive. So what if he’s gay? There’s other gay characters. People die, and I think his death was a narrative choice. It wasn’t something to try and bring him back from the dead like a zombie.


does a female!mc have to have a certain profession to be able to romance lopez? i just ask because i’ve set out to make him my character’s love interest in two playthroughs — one where i made my mc a scientist and the other a bank robber — and i picked the right choices to get my relationship up with him both times. they had the same level of empathy (which is ironic in the bank robber’s case, i guess) but i was only able to romance him with the scientist.

i’m just wondering if certain careers lock you out of romancing him if they conflict with the stats needed to.


I don’t think so. :slight_smile: What about your persuasion level?


what does your persuasion stat need to be at?


I’m sorry, but I don’t know :disappointed: Maybe some else will help.


Think you need You need Adept or higher Persuasion and 70 percent relationship score for Lopez.


You just need high empathy to have 75 relationship to romance him


ah, then i don’t know why i couldn’t because my empathy was at 78.


Can you tell me your relationship with lopez by the end of part 1?


As a female, you need to not be a teenager and relationship with Lopez of at least 75. This will be easier in Part 2-2.


I think if Zombie Exodus Safe Haven was a movie: Mario casas should play Lopez


For those curious about Zombie High, JimD posted this tweet not to long ago. When the game gets more developed, it will probably get its own thread, but considering it is still at the early stage, it is fine here.

I won’t give to many spoilers yet since they may still change in the future, but one Challenge that is replacing the nephew is the Challenge: Sibling Rival. The player will be able to choose the gender of their sibling, but not other characteristics.


I was surprised anyone asked. I mentioned it once in an interview.


Which hobbie increases dexterity? I’m starting a new character as combat medic instead of teenager.


I believe both video games and musical instrument hobbies increase dexterity.