Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven General Discussion Thread 2 (Part 2-2 releasing 3/21)


I’m playing this for the first time on Android, and I think there’s a bug when choosing stats right at the beginning. No matter what I chose, I have to pick my stats manually and can’t look at professions first when the options seem to imply that there are multiple ways to do this.


Do you think that the MC will be able to encourage the other characters into relationships with each other (ex. Jaime/Lopez)?


My cop MC is gonna try his hardest to set up Parker and Dante, so help me God.


When you mean set up you mean set Parker up Dante inferno… Mara agrees. Total send Him to hell with a one way only ticket…

And yes I think we could in a future with more time as group


That happens with mine as well and if i try the new added skills the game won’t let me add the additional points and game just get stuck.

Did anyone get a bug if you have the nephew and bring him to Tommy. The scene where you supposed to tell him about Tommy’s Mom is gone. That a bug? Or is that scene removed?


It has to be a bug I believe because I had that scene during the beta testing. I will trying to playing the game and see if i have the scene or not.

Edit Check. Mara goes tommy with Nephew. He asks as always


I may have to go and punch a tree…just to drop it a little



So I was able to ask Parker about Dante at the camp in part 2 even though I never met him. Sounds like a bug


It does? Huh? I’ll try locating what I did to get that scene skipped. But if it clears on your end must be me missing the scene accidentally clicking before reading or something.

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I love this new overhaul to part 2. You can really evil bastard and try to kill kent and the family. I hope we see them in part 3 especially since in most of I have nephew and they have kids it would be nice for him to hang around kids his age


It could be a bug about a profession or a variable… that could have skip the scene. I can’t look code so i don’t know. However my advice is you try to replay with same variables and see if is skip or not . Anyway the fact that you have reported a possible Issue will be really useful to @JimD to auto check for issues. The code and variables in this game are enormous even with great beta testers. I have seen testers go detailing commas points missing etc etc with a dedication that doesn’t have many quality professional testers groups. Is normal found bugs so PEOPLE starting the bug hunt


I’ll try to re create what I did. But that bug only showed after the update thou. That might help? Anyway, I’ll see about recreating it and report back if I find it. I don’t look at codes so I will have to do it old fashioned way and play it.

Edit: I was able to get the scene with nephew. Made sure I was nice to him and been helpful to Tommy. Played as a soldier to get bug where nephew dies not ask about Tommy’s Mom.

To get the bug I Open door to help Tommy. Then went with him MC thinking to help his mother first option. Told nephew to come thinking he might be able to help. When Tommy told MC of punching some dude (forgot who it was) I choose first option saying it okay. At Tommy’s house MC rushed at back house to ambush the old man and his son. With Tommy Mom dead, console Tommy with first option. The choose to help Tommy with his Mom, second option. Leave Tommy’s house and then it just a scene of MC walking back to Tommy’s living room and nephew scene to home is not there.

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Hi @JimD, I still can’t kill Parker completely. There’s no reaction from anyone about his execution, and if I sit with Kelly, Parker says I attacked him.


I beheaded him when he tried to run away during the fight with the highway hoard but, it seemed like a random occurrence and I haven’t been able to kill him in any other way. The weird thing was, that no one said anything or even acknowledged the fact that I just publicly murdered him after I called him a coward.


Well, I guess someone must have reported this but, I still wanted to bring some attention to a minor bug.

I was playing ZE:SH from the beginning. I was in the big city. When I first called Fred the neighbor, we chatted about stuff and then i asked him the question if he can spare any supplies for me. My relationship wasn’t really great by then with him. He said that we aren’t supposed to get out of our houses and he won’t be able to pass any supplies. So i guess it was a no go. But, on the next page there was the choice that read “MEET FRED ON THE ROOF TO EXCHANGE SUPPLIES”

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It also looks like that Nora is also interested in Dante so love triangle maybe ?


I was totally unable to kill him I thought it was a plotting device or Mara hasn’t enough melee but maybe is a bug I hope so PANKY PARKER needs to die lol

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I am gathering all bugs to fix within the next few weeks. Of course my PC decided to give me errors requiring professional repairs, so I can’t get to submitting a patch too soon.

Adding this to my list.

Thank you! Chances are you will see the family again.

Nothing in this scene changed. What is the bug? I’m not seeing an issue, but I’m happy to fix it if you think it’s broken.

A reaction is coded, and I have played through it. I will check why it is not always triggering.

Thanks, I’ll check into this.


The nephew bug skip scene only happens when I choose not to take any stuff from Tommy’s home. Did it with soldier and hacker route. No scene with nephew asking about where Tommy’s Mom. If I took stuff from Tommy’s home then nephew remembers his Mom and ask about her. Hope that helps.


The last thing I would want to do is put a great deal more work on your plate Jim, but from what I can tell the pieces to make this possible are already there. The thing is, I have a veritable arsenel of guns, so much more than I would ever need. Now the game tracks what group member has what weapon, and also they have skill level attributes as you can see from the “train a member of the group” screen. , soooo, with that in mind, for part 3, could we add another screen under the stats screen tabs for member loadouts? Also, when we add attribute points at the end of the day, can we perhaps add one skill point to 3 group members? I have visions of training up Madisons ranged weapons a bit more, chucking her a ghillie suit and the remmington sniper rifle and scope, and making her the group marksman. For me the group dynamic is a big part of it, and developing their roles and skills would be cool. Under that loadout screen you could also add a role. Much like you have a quartermaster, you could assign group medic / doctor, security chief, chief engineer etc. As I say, not wanting to add too much extra work, but unlike where you add a mission or someone as an RO and you need to add these extra paths, would this just be an extra screen and making use of stats already tracked by the game? Excuse my ignorance if I am way off base on that.