Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven General Discussion Thread 2 (Part 2-2 releasing 3/21)


I had backup! Very skilled backup! I hoped one of them would take down the zombie but they seemed to leap at the chance to put me down :pensive:


But this is a logic game I have characters with zero combat skills they don’t go merry picnic with zombies like Rambo. I mean they are others that do that meanwhile i care and mend wounds make poison bombs and scouting… Each character should be consider their faults and merits REALISTICALLY with common sense lol


That’s why luring them away is the most dangerous because it’s easy to underestimate them because “they’re slow or appear to be” and you think being a few steps ahead of them will keep you safe but, you have to watch what’s behind you causing you to walk slower which can cause them to catch up with you and then they can pounce on you. Or in the case of keeping their attention so they can be shot depending on how close you are, blood can be sprayed onto your face from the bullet wound and potentially enter your orifices which can cause you to be infected (like in 28 Days Later)


Honestly my biggest irritation as of right now is how much the MC has to do while no other character does anything without input? Like, if you’re not playing as leader, nobody is gonna be helping that camp out- even though Gina and Woody can defend it. And the leaders don’t suggest for it to be done either. So here’s my carpenter MC running around doctoring everyone, being the resident psych, building literally everything, then still getting yelled at by Church when she sits down with her games for an hour to cool down.

Like, jeez man. I’m only trying to take a break from rescuing you guys solo.


What do people think about the introduction of the River Dogs at the gas station? I haven’t seen much feedback.

Please spoiler tags when responding.


I liked the scene very much, although I was constantly expecting an ambush, I have given them food, because they seemed really nice, I hope they might help against Keith and his group


I hope to God that giving them 75 food won’t come back to bite me in the ass because making the dude (can’t remember his name) tear up was so gratifying ;__;


That’s great that you expected an ambush. From my perspective, I wanted it to be a tense scene.

Also, credit to @Eiwynn and @Lys for a three-way collaboration on that scene. Maybe we should write more together.


I didn’t like their introduction and the fact game tries hard to make me feel guilty for not give them food. I have killed half of province…What games expected That I will sing we are the world… The scene is building with only one type of player in mind. But I understand 90% people play that way giving food and hugging trees so i just skip that like never happens. Your writing skills as always spot on and good tension building. Even if i would personally prefer other approach

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@poison_mara Isn’t it realistic to find down-on-their luck people in that setting? Besides, I reward an immoral conclusion.


Jim The game looked at mara like shockYOU DON’T WANT GIVE FOOD TO THESE POOR BLAH BLAH BLAH…Mara Could I poisoning the food to kill them in their base ike ants? Game no. Mara. NO FOOD FOR THEM then. When one is a raider has killed more twenty people in cold blood and is 90 ruthless game should know playeralready.

The rest of scene is quite logic and makes sense my problem is always with game trying to sermon me


So you’re saying a game should limit your choices based on your previous choices?

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No but the game should not show surprise or a text like i am doing a very brutal thing with a player is clearly ruthless and clearly in EVIL spectrum. You hadnt a EVIL flavour text there


I thought the introduction of them was smooth and seamless, it was very organic. I think they can potentially make excellent trading partners but the way they described themselves doesn’t make me think they’ll be useful allies in a fight against Keith or any large group of humans that’s armed with firearms for that matter (of course, my feelings about them could change in that regard.) I don’t think they should have told us where they live especially if we don’t tell them where we live. I did like how the other 2 members were more weary than their friend of other people. I’d like to see more groups who don’t reveal the cards they have and aren’t easily swayed by kind jesters and reveal information like that to the 1st group of people that’s nice to them or just see more morally grey groups who’re distrustful and more ruthless without being a warlord or really crazy like Jude.


This update, someone please explain it - is it a paid expansion of Part 2 rather than a continuation? What new content does it include?

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Did Part 1 change? I didn’t see the wounded soldier after the update

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It’s a free update for Part 2 and it essentially doubles the game play. It adds new dialogue, new areas to explore and new characters to interact with.


Interesting. How can I tell the update has occurred? Does it have to be within the Hosted Games app?


I have steam so, no to the hosted games part, I know the chapters are colored and there’s a picture of concept art for the characters before you start part 2 now.


Lopez? Are you sure you didn’t miss the timeslot for that event?

Speaking of Lopez; I wasn’t a huge fan of his prior to 2.2 but the new interactions with him and everyone else breathe so much life into them than before! I was never Gina’s biggest fan either but knowing that she’s infertile makes me want to hand over some responsibility over my nephew so much more. Church, too! I liked him already but I hope his talk in the camp garners him more attention. Him thanking us for the bible is one of my favorite parts in the game despite it being a couple of words long.