Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven General Discussion Thread 2 (Part 2-2 releasing 3/21)


it sounds a lot like Parker is the resident Dogmeat



I’ve lost a third MC to the zombies in the farmhouse, despite having backup.

These super-zombies are out to get me, I swear… It totally wasn’t because I tried killing them without a weapon, no sir.



He doesn’t die in my playthroughs (my military commander, Jacob, negotiates with him and gets the one set of gear. Prior to that, they talked using Morse code). Jude mentions the New Army when you first meet him, but it seems like he left when he found the grocery store.

Nora is disappointed when we return from the grocery store without blankets, even though I have 7 in my inventory. Do I have to pick up a blanket from the store? Or is it a bug?



I love the new content :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I really like that while scavenging we can directly see, how much food and water we got. A really neat Feature. Thinking about that I wanted to make a suggestion. It would be nice to have the parts and maybe the Tools easier to find in the inventory. It could be easily accomplished by renaming them into parts, wooden or (wooden) or something similar so all the parts would be Wörter in one place. Just an idea of cause.

Reading the new part I continue loving Christian Most.
Thanks @JimD for the wonderful work



I loved so far the interaction with the farm mission and the difference between whom you go with and the relationship with that person. A madie in love a madie despise you. Romancing X while going with a familiar of friend of him. The amount of variables and the amount of care is insane.

another advice to people who sees code. Please not judge something you see in code. Due you aren’t seeing the natural flow of the story and the real development of characters. Just a raw serie of unfiltered images like a movie previous to be edited and produce.

Cog games and if only could be judged when follow a real playthrough seeing flow and impact of choices and what is the atmospheric and flows. You can’t see if all flows and have sense from cold code. You have to see all in movement to be accurate and opine about if something is natural or not.
I was thinking to celebrate the launch prepare a MARA WALKTHROUGH With Mara relating in first person her actions and her opinions of characters and all game. But no idea if people want to see it or not… So just asking



That would be great to see! I would certainly be interested in such a walkthrough.



Oh thanks! I thought the MC would discuss safe haven Lancelot with him but looks like he give same info to your commander as he did to my teen lol also you should blur the first paragraph :smile:



Is it possible to romance Reilly with a police officer?



yes it is, I did it^^



You want to have a bad cop &session with him eh… :wink: I didn’t tried that lol SO MANY POSSIBILITIES



Oh I was kind of nice, as I almost ever am^^ He loved me nonetheless. ok I might have been a bit manipulating^^

But I must say, as a bank robber, the scenes are better, because his mom is more involved, she seems to like you and your influence over him more then^^



I love mom Nora so much…Embarrassing Reilly about how good match Mara would be for him lol. Quatermaster Nora in my playthroughs



Yeah and she telling you right away, that Reilly is in love with you^^

And the scene where she has a talk with you wile taking a piss behind the bush. she is marvelous



Totally Mara is 100% Nora badass and 100% in KELLY JELLY must die



Would love to see a Mara walk through

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I will but not posting here as I don’t want fill the thread with stuff most people don’t care and people here come for the wonderful game lol. I will put a link in the fan fiction on even here when is done.



I understand you’re the protagonist and all but given the fact that you specialize in empathy, persuasion, survival as well as cooking and medicine what on earth made you think your plot armor was thick enough to survive such a brazen attack without the skills to back it up ?:rofl::laughing:

I don’t hate Kelly or want her dead at this moment, but I sure as hell don’t want her making decisions for the group unsupervised or trust her to not lead enemies to our doorstep and living room :rage: (I know she was naïve to the dangers humans now pose, it was still a deadly mistake that gets people killed or puts the group in danger regardless of her intentions.)

As for Parker(the butt monkey) :unamused: We can’t throw him into the deep end of the apocalyptic pool because he’d be dead immediately but it looks like we can’t even put him in the kiddie pool or he’ll just get shot. :expressionless::roll_eyes:



I have UNANIMOUSLY voting for Being Raiders but Jelly and Panky Parker forgot the RAIDER part and though it was Boy scout



What upsets me about Kelly is that she doesn’t realize that, in an apocalypse setting, if someone is being nice on initiation of contact (and is not in need of something), they probably aren’t nice.
Also she was feeding the rabbit. She should’ve tried to catch the rabbit (and one more, so that there is a constant food source) or kill the rabbit!



Don’t remember me Rabbit bunny. Mara opinates that A Kill kelly b put rabbit in team Rabbit 100% more common sense than Jelly. And could be used to create a rabbit farm and eat two uses more than kelly

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