Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven General Discussion Thread 2 (Part 2-2 releasing 3/21)


I agree, but to me, it just sounds weird that only “after” the time skip can an adult mc even consider being attracted to either of the twins but adult ROs can show attraction to teen mc… but like mara said, jim wont implement it without proper context, and so i trust that if the option ever shows up, it wont be forced or awkward or weird…



I trust Jim first and second I trust in testers like me noticing any issue and SHOUTING feedback. Remember Tommy it was just supposed to be a simple npc to die in prologue and now is a badass character.
also ialways kill the sniper i think i just kill everyone possible that not joining me



I expected nothing less from you :sweat_smile:



Got a question, been busy at work and haven’t followed like I should, but wasn’t Rosie supposed to be a new Romance Option?



Sadly is not possible kill Mr kelly I am a voted raider group by UNANIMOUS VOTE then she goes picking clear raiders like she were a school bus driver when it ws clear they are riders… i damn hate kelly jelly



Jim said she will be in Part 3. She could had been a RO in Part Two but that would eat up too much of his time and he wouldn’t be able to start working on Part 3 sooner.



Okay thank you! Like I said I haven’t looked on this specific site since June cause i’ve been busy irl, I didn’t even know Part 2.2 released until I checked Twitter today lol



I am enjoying the new stuff though, plus with the new ability point DLC’s I finally have a cheat save to see everything lol



Okay so I’m curious. Have anyone tried to do a basic “The Walking Dead ripoff” playthrough?

Basically this is a walkthrough where you play as a ripoff on Rick Grimes with a dependant nephew named Carl. I also have a barbed wire baseball bat as my backup weapon with an AR15 as the main. I believe I found a leather jacket and a outfit similar to Negan’s in one of my saved files as well.

Edited: Forgot to mention that my professional job is a cop.



I have seen only 3 first seasons of The walking dead so no idea. I am not a fan of zombies and I am at this because Jim skills. So i am not very good in the emulate shows. also Mara is probably more ruthless that negan ?

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Sort of, my dog is either a German Shepard named Dogmeat, an Irish Wolfhound named Meeko, or a Siberian Husky named Shadow and I name my characters after others in other games i’ve played. Hence why I have Owen and Aunt Sarah Lyons in the Military.

EDIT: I do have a teenager named Clementine and the Nephew is AJ



I would say you and Negan are basically on the same level of ruthlessness. Plus Negan has a habit of throwing in words like “fuck” to really put on a impression to someone.



I just lost interest in the wlking dead when they arrive in Mss Fletcher Suburban place with those denials ofapocalypse So lame that my dad and i stopped watching



I lost interest when they ruined Negan, 5 minutes into introducing him.



Yeah those several seasons has been pretty bad.

But the new season that has been airing just now has been pretty good and intense at the same time. Especially that there is a new group of enemies and alot of things changed in the show after you two stopped watching.

Edited: This is off topic so I’ll stop while I’m ahead.

Edit 2: @Csorrell No. They’ve been faithful to the comic book source so far. Ryan Hurst is incredibly intimidating as Beta.



Have they ruined The Whisperers yet? I read the comics and play the games, just want nothing to do with the show.

Edit: @MichaelCrank that’s good then



on another topic what everyone think the nephew development be is a amazing character and the future for him could be interesting in the epilogue.

I will love play a game when we are him lol but doubt it happens.



I might be in the minority here, but to me it made perfect sense that we couldn’t recruit him because of his “Me vs. the world” mentality and it wouldn’t make sense for him to be a recruit because he has that mindset in fact I liked seeing a character with a vastly different mindset compared to the survivors we’ve come across who believe in safety and numbers and are trying to recruit other survivors. I also liked that we didn’t have the power to make him an ally like we could with Rosie, Driver and Jillian.

@poison_mara I sliced his hand off with my sword and then slashed his throat and took his stuff after he bled to death because I’m not interested in giving 2nd chances to people who tried to kill me. (Unless it’s an alternate playthrough)



I would be so proud if my nephew Carl developed into the next generation’s leader after my MC who was voted in via landslide steps down or dies somehow in the future. I’m already teaching him how to fight with a gun and close range weapons like a staff and a knife, and I do hope that Carl will take an interest into developing his knowledge and leadership skills someday.



I am teaching him stuff too and how manipulate people. My nephew is Marcus and will be an awesome Leader.