Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven General Discussion Thread 2 (Part 2-2 releasing 3/21)


I’m not sure, but it’s also when the teen MC turns 18 as well. So they become “legal” as well.



Hmmm… I’m not sure how a timeskip is supposed to work considering we just ran into those militant guys at the end. I would imagine they would want to come back just to get your group to be their slaves TWD’s Saviors style.

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I am imagining Madison with a calendar saying NOW EXACTLY IN FIVE MINUTES I can smootch her him… lol I understand is for Apple store but is kinda funny



It’s creepy for me, especially cause I’ve seen stuff like this when I was in school.

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Here is normal people with 17 with 18 19 or 20 … further is not normal and is weird. But like is a game is kinda normal



I’m curious about this as well. I assume we’ll be given a series of options outlining a few events throughout the previous weeks/months/year and how we responded to them. We won’t know until Part 3 rolls around but I’m sure Jim will handle it just fine :man_shrugging:

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You have to consider that there are users that are significantly older than that on this forum.

I already feel awkward enough as it is seeing you guys talking about Madison turning legal.



Since Madison will be 18 with Part 3, I think continuing arguing about a romance with her having this or that quality is moot and honestly non-productive.

Can we move forward with things and just agree to disagree instead of going back and forth for tens of posts?



Well she’s already legal in Canada. And a lot of the world, like I don’t know of any other country having a age of consent that’s 18 other than America.



So another topic What is your defense strategy for the camp



As I said I feel awkward and uncomfortable with this conversation so if you don’t mind, I very much would like to drop out of that conversation.



/shrug alright. don’t really get what’s awkward about it though.



So a timeskip… can work with a madison romance… again if during the skip, she was the one who first showed attraction… because the mere fact that the a teen mc, specifically a male teen mc, can look forward to this is already weirding me out… “now rachel cant refuse my advances because im 18, im legal” is what im thinking teen mc has in his head… lol…

@MichaelCrank, Sorry about that mate… i only started that discussion because i never wanted it as an option in the game… and giving the teen mc a choice of being attracted to an adult was weird/awkward…

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That phrase is deeply disturbing as you re making a sex object from Rachael. She has a personality and wont submitted to a character because has 18. @JimD write deep characters not vile visual novels that make people sex objects



I was just typing in the context that mc was refused and he can complain that it was because of his age… oh well, nothing can be done out if it anyway… if post timeskip and the game suddenly has a madison option for adults without context, i just wont choose it… id probably mod out the option all together…



Knowing Jim It won’t be out contexts it eill flow naturally during the third part to end. If not I and other testers will shouting at it until all has sense. However maybe a off young 18 no adult mode setting maybe could be possible to implement.

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While the idea of romancing Madison or Brody with an older MC doesn’t appeal to me in the slightest (nor romancing (nice autocorrect) adult characters with teen MC), I think people are forgetting that with a timeskip comes chance for teen MC, Madison and Brody to mature physically and emotionally (much faster considering it’s a zombie apocalypse, might I add).



For those of us who have played part 2-2 : How did you deal with Jude, the Sniper and what did you think of him as a character ?

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I actually tried to get him to join my group, he flat out said no to it.

Which is a shame considering he would had been one of the strongest fighters and the legitimate group’s sniper that would back us up discreetly when we’re “negotiating” with an enemy.



I found a bug, in the battle of the hill scene I decided to sabotage Gina in which she died but she pops back up from the dead when I go scouting the farm :scream: