Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven General Discussion Thread 2 (Part 2-2 releasing 3/21)


Nobody is fine being evil. Everyone is good in their own eyes.

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OK. But would you redeem/ make an asset out of this man for the sake of peacefully eliminating the threat ? Knowing that letting him live could result in him just killing and maiming more people ?

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Why are you comparing Rosie to The Governor from The Walking Dead?


:sweat_smile::rofl: I didn’t mean to, I was just using him as an example of why I don’t think it would apply to all of our enemies, particularly to ones that are the definition of a depraved son of a bitch

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Well not everyone can be saved some are just too much fubar-ed that killing them is an act of kindness. Like possibly that Keith guy, and others are just misguided or little messed up but still can be reasoned with or manipulated to become allies like Jillie, Driver, (maybe) Lyle etc.

They can have other allies who they were trying to get to or something, helping a stranger regardless of their skills/worth can become beneficial in a number of ways, they could have been part of a group or a militia and killing them/ forsaking them can result in minor skirmishes when you cross paths again.


I really like Zombie films and have thought a bit around the subject. I think here in Europe, Germany specificly a Zombie Invasion would be totally different from the USA. Nearly all of our houses are made from stone and concrete, so zombies would have a lot of problems getting into a home even If it is not barred. Otherwise here are a lot less range weapons. So staying safe is not that big problem, getting out in the streets would be the dangerous part. :grinning:


Adding on to what @AmericanShakespeare said, a larger group is much more beneficial, I think. It’s not a drain when you’ve got 15-odd people out scavenging to resupply what they’ve used. It’s not a drain when a larger group = better defences. It’s not a drain when you’ve got a wider sense of camaraderie and will be thankful for the company. I don’t think there’s anyone in the story so far I can’t see having a place/use in the group whether external or otherwise.


A disadvantage of holding behind a highly fortified stronghold with many people is that… while you can probably prevent the siege from the outside , but if one of the people inside the fortress is a carrier, when he/she starts the first bite… it will be a total disaster since you couldn’t easily get out as well :wink:

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Yeah, flashback to prison season of twd


You are partly right, but if you choose an Appartment complex, which might be like a tower even the inside Zombie would be less dangerous since people would be living together in small numbers. The doors between the seperated flats are really sturdy an normally Open to the inside, so an infection would cost lives but only of the people sharing a flat. So if certain Security matters are fulfilled the threat would be small.

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That make me wondering… whoever go out for mission or scavenging should be mandatory check for bite or scratch mark :-):sweat_smile:

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Apartment complex might not be a good idea in theory. There are so many things that comes with having a secure location and let’s also mention the fact that they also may be old and starting to run down depending on how much time has passed since the initial outbreak. Plus what if a horde came through and somehow broke inside the complex then surrounded it? No way out, but to jump off from the top or if you’re lucky enough, out of a window on a safe landing.

Most movies, TV shows and video games based on zombies are really about a group of survivors going through a bunch of locations that falls apart and people die until they finally find a secure location where they can thrive and build a future.


It’d be extremely easy for any remotely organized group to detect infected people within their own ranks. Just look at each other for symptoms…


In small units safety could be realized.
@Eric_knight that would be one of the Security measures I would establish.

@MichaelCrank them getting old would take a while, til then most zombies should be completely rotten. For the Horde Part waiting for winter and frost should Help with the Matter since Zombies are dead they should not have any body heat and therefore be slower in the cold or even freeze completely. I would Use the flat roof for Gardening.

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It all depending on setting. What makes zombies moves could make Dna mutates to have certain properties certain animals have to survive freezing and revive with heat . Could regenerate cells or replaced it with weird mutants tissues. or even became half squirrels half human :wink:


I am counting on just old school Zombies :joy:

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And then we get a Plot-Twist; Clickers exist in the Zombie Exodus universe.



@AmericanShakespeare @Johann We already have a large group of people, adding more isn’t safe or smart to me(at this time). We don’t have an actual roof over our heads and we’re already starting to struggle getting enough food and supplies for all 15-18 of us. How is it smart to save every random person that’s in trouble when you’re struggling to sustain the number of people you already have? That seems like something you do when you’ve actually made sure your group has put down roots and have a place that’s large enough for several people, can take care of said people and far away from any town or city or other people. Not to mention no good deed goes unpunished, have you considered the possibility that a distressed survivor might actually be bait or a member of a group of highwaymen and their MO is to rob and kill the people that come to the rescue ? Also there are other ways to build a sense of fellowship besides being their savior.

@Eric_knight I don’t think an apartment complex is a good idea. It’s too crowded, limited escape options, not to mention it’s probably near a city or town which is where you shouldn’t be. Living in a large fortified base means it can be defended, and can have multiple exits. The infected situation seems plausible if you’re failing to make sure members of the group aren’t infected when they come back from scavenging, ETC. @Erin What happened in the Prison wasn’t due to someone being bitten it happened because, there was a virus running around (I think it was Influenza) and they died from it then they were reanimated into walkers, so I think that could have happened even if they weren’t in a fortress.


Yeah but my point is that it only takes 1 person to turn inside and wreak havoc. There should be some way to subdivide settlements like checkpoints or something like that, like labs do when they have various dangerous substances. Some way to shut sections down but not the whole place on lockdown


A bug I noticed:
When I play as a military commander (or another soldier), I naturally get a combat uniform. However, when I kill Cowboy (when Lopez first appears) and get his uniform, the game assumes that I am wearing Cowboy’s combat uniform rather than mine.