Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven General Discussion Thread 2 (Part 2-2 releasing 3/21)


It is alright my friend…

That’s why to Forgive and Forget is the best solution , the role of MC is important here to reconcile everyone and help one another for a mutual and respectable surviving outcome… :slight_smile:


Either that or LIVE AND LET DIE


Hmmm, I’m slowly learning to be that rebel without a cause



Er… just to be clear you do realize that “Rebel without a cause” is a term for someone who rebels not because of any actual legitimate grievance but because it’s emotionally satisfying to pretend they’re doing something meaningful, right?


I said that as an example of how someone could feel about Rosie and Driver.(I even said “I’m aware this could not be what people are saying it’s just an EXAMPLE.”) As for this random tirade that you’ve gone on, I don’t see how my supposed “virtuousness” is even relevant to the conversation. How I actually feel is I probably wouldn’t want either of them with me, or that the part they had to play in the robberies should be acknowledged and NOT forgotten(because then it comes across as completely ignoring the fact that they helped a man rob and kill people)and they need to work to earn our trust. If you’re going to analyze or make an argument could you actually analyze my feelings on the subject and not nitpick the tail end of an example and automatically assume that those are my feelings on the subject. I understand that the situation is a lot more complicated to “how we punish them and why?” But I’m just stating an example of it and trying to here people’s thoughts and different ideas not question their logic or judge their thought process because they have a different opinion then you do. (Which might not be what you’re doing but that’s the tone I’m getting from your post.)

@Eric_knight If you feel like that’s the way for you that’s fine say that. But don’t say it’s the “best solution” or it’s what we should do. Because none of these are the definitive “best solution” They’re solutions that just work for the players. Also, while that is a noble path to put your MC on, not everyone’s going to see it as the way for them


To be fair with rosie, the hacker route shows that her heart is not in the wrong place and she have spoken against Dillian about his abuse of survivors. She’s is violent and unstable but there’s a lot of proof that she does not necessarily agree with all the bad thing they’ve done. If I remember well Driver also feel very guilty about what they’ve done and wants to become a better person. Its been a while since I’ve played but I do remember that the catalyst for their aggression was nothing else but Dillian forcing it on them, intimidating them and manipulating them into believing ruthlessness was the only option. I personally would really like to see their characters getting more fleshed out and possibly becoming more important. Plus teaching rosie how to intimidate peoples was fun of you wanna go bandit.


Chill… my reply was towards @Shoelip in a way to sooth things out , i used the term " the best solution " was a choice of essay for my opinion to him… it wasn’t meant as a lecture or an order to anyone, just a way of conversation … i don’t even write an ordering term to anyone…

Honestly, i am not sure why it provoke hostile response from you :slight_smile:


Didn’t realize Rosie and Driver could evoke such passionate responses :open_mouth: Thankfully @Shoelip worded everything I was going to say better than I possibly could.


They really represents a very controversial topic.Responsibly actions from mentally ill people and how 3d people could affect their behaviour. In Law schools is one of most controversial topics that full many college essays and classes.

I don’t think is one unique answer that is what give them a extra deep.

Personally and in my perspective I kill them both. But I understand why others disagree.

My perspective is I would trust them to not end killing or attacking my family or loved ones taking account situation is there is stress violence and no medical healthcare.and they already attacked me. So no them in my playthrough


Understandable, but

would this not put your MC on their level? I don’t think it’s fair for this regular joe (or joanne) to take up the mantle of judge, jury and executioner. An answer the MC can give to one of the Nephew’s questions is “Good and bad don’t exist anymore. There are those who survive and those who don’t.” or something along those lines. I can’t begrudge them for following a manipulative ass who has a great deal of leverage over them because they’re surviving just as we are.

I had more to say but I’m sick as a dog and my words elude me this evening :sleepy: I hope this even makes sense.


(Mild annoyance at best), I apologize if that came across as hostile, that was not the intention. I just don’t like being judged by some criteria that seemingly came out of nowhere or when people speak in definites.

@Johann I agree we can’t ignore the fact that they were just trying to survive like anyone else. I’m just not willing to forgive and forget the fact that they’d still be robbing and killing people if Dilan were still alive and I think just brushing it off as them being brainwashed doesn’t mean they’re automatically forgiven or trusted .Oh regarding the whole if “you kill him you’ll just be like them” not everyone plays an MC that cares about that, good point though. As for being judge, jury and executioner are we not making our own laws and regulations and when we become leader and we decide what kind of group we will be ? Not to mention we’re making judgements when we make a decision that affects the rest of the group.



It is alright, i thought the post was click towards replying @shoelip as he is sharing some of the opinion with me, but somehow the reply notion was not there… hence it might seems i was replying to you…

In general , it was meant as an opinion to the issue… the same reason i didn’t want to quote any of your comment , in an attempt to avoid misunderstanding :slight_smile:


I don’t have a problem being quoted it’s just @Shoelip started vivisecting the tail end of something that wasn’t meant to be important and, started throwing questions that kind of came out of nowhere. Also I know you were replying to them, It just came across as you saying that “this is what we should do” not what we can do.


I am not judge them . My character is pragmatic as Simply kill someone that has attacked her and her people several times. Is a very common conduct in a uncertainty state where is not a stable society that maintaining the force and monopoly of justice and violence. In a situation as we are the state previous to society operates . So rule of power and supervivence. The Hobbes state. So i will eliminate whoever that attacks my pack beforehand they find a bigger pack.

As I said a deep situation with multiple perspectives and morality opinions That was make @JimD universe feel real


That makes sense to me, eliminate the threat that has been presented to you, Ensuring you and the groups survival by permanently stopping them from attacking you and taking what you’ve fought for. I agree except for, I don’t normally play bandit style(unless it’s my Con Artist Emily, then everyone’s getting a shotgun blast to the face and their stuff becomes mine.) I normally do the “Safety of the group comes first, scavenge what we need and be willing to eliminate other people if they try to start something.” I sometimes do the democracy option and get input from the group, which to me is the most fairway because I wouldn’t feel comfortable with one person making decisions that influence/ dictate my post apocalyptic life. The help everyone we meet option seems way too dangerous, not to mention it’s a drain on your resources.


Argh! Regretting not putting my hand up for testing. I didn’t want to spoil it for the actual release, but I am seriously hanging out. The only problem is once I get it, I binge it, then I end up with at least a dozen characters waiting around for at least another 12 months. A couple of series I came to late, and so could play them back to back to back. Seriously, you testers finished yet? It has been what? a day or two? What’s the holdup? Get a wriggle on peeps.

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But it can come with bigger rewards down the line, like what if the rando stranger you met happens to be a colonel or some crazy rich person just stranded from their group, if you help them they can help you later if/when you cross paths. Karma ya know :angel:

(Also sorry for quote read that part later :pensive:)


@CreoleGuy519 I’m responding to what you said. I only know what you say, not what you think but don’t say. I responded to the tail end because that’s the most relevant point that motivates the whole argument. The idea that people have to be punished.

Except making the enemy an ally not only eliminates the threat but makes it an asset instead. Killing someone who had been a threat to you but now isn’t, isn’t eliminating the threat, it’s just revenge. It’s only pragmatic if your primary concern is emotional gratification. And I’m aware you’re responding to Mara, but you’re saying your own words and I’m responding to them, and we offend each other whenever we speak so it’s best to just avoid it.


In character Mara believes that both of them are not an asset and far to crazy to be controlled . However some of my characters save Driver as they consider Driver could be controlled Rosie in character and in that situation none my characters from evil settings will move a finger for saving. However all is open to different opinions and is not a correct answer


That’s a lovely thought, but I don’t think it applies to all enemies, some people can’t be saved or don’t want to be and I think it’s just a waste of time trying to save people that are fine being “evil”. For instance, in the walking dead tv series Rick Grimes(the Protagonist) tried to make a truce with this Psychopathic, rapist, and head hunter (who also kept his undead daughter chained in a closet.)known as the Governor and his response was to decapitate Rick’s friend Hershel in the tv show, Tyreese in the comic and then he launched an assault on Ricks new home that resulted in the death of several people including his wife and newborn daughter. Now you tell me would you spend a long period of time trying to redeem and make an “asset” out of a Psychopathic Rapist, who French kisses his undead daughter for the sake of peacefully eliminating the threat ? (The governor was going to attack them anyway, Rick was just trying to extend an olive branch but it failed, miserably)

@AmericanShakespeare I don’t think I’d believe in Karma or anything, If the dead were walking around and my entire family was dead. I’d say we’re all damned and the dead are the ones who are truly free from this unending Nightmare. Also unless, they’re trained like Maddison or Brody, I don’t see a rich person as being useful. Unless their house or manor were still intact.


Do you think there will be a bad end where the MC is fragged (if leader) or abandoned by the group (if not leader)?

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