Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven General Discussion Thread 2 (Part 2-2 releasing 3/21)


I don’t hate her I acatlly like her she just makes mad

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Basically Athletic, ranged, dexterity, hand to hand and stealth. And a little in charisma and leadership. To kill all three have Rachel put people to be ready in the woods. I don’t remember the rest I’ll have to replay, but target a certain one of them and you’ll get all three.

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Yeah of course i forgive Rosie and Driver, they had done nothing wrong yet for my playthrough , Driver volunteer to hold off the zombies and waves me to go inside the school… .
Rosie was crazy but the way she plead and apologise was sweet…

Luckily they join us , the hill battle was classic when Rosie said " I don’t need motivation, i can do this the whole day " … not to mention the way she fire the heavy machine gun, classic stunts :wink:

@CreoleGuy519 don’t save the heavy machine gun, according to @Eiwynn, that gun is only for flavour text , we won’t be able to use it against Keith due to game balancing issue… it is hope this game won’t turn into a first person shooter game, hence all heavy arsenal like bomb and machine guns will need to be monitor for their usage :slight_smile:


She shot at teenagers. Kids. So she could steal what little they had.


I thought about letting her use the 50 cal. but I thought we should save that for human threats like Keith so I haven’t used it yet.(Not to mention the fact that ammo is going to become scarce later on). I Bet it was an awesome scene though. Also just because Driver was nice to you at the door, doesn’t mean he wouldn’t have killed you if Dilan told him to. The zombie thing could be a matter of him being nice it could also mean he cared more about the bigger threat which was the horde and simply wanted you to get out of his line of fire and he just didn’t care about you at the moment. Or you charmed your way in.

@No_This_Is_Patrick People are going to argue that they were “brainwashed” and “mentally unstable” which is true, but it still doesn’t alter the fact that she and Driver were contributors and participants in multiple cases of robbery that led to the execution of their victims. Regardless of the fact that Dilan was the one that orchestrated the robberies or was the one that killed them, they still went along with it. In a way, it’s like how Harley Quinn is brainwashed by the Joker, is she a victim of his oh definitely but she is also a participant/ co-conspirator of his that’s responsible for the deaths of a crap ton of people.

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It’s been a while since I last replayed, but didn’t Rosie shoot Madison?

The question, then, is whether or not you believe people with mental illnesses are fully accountable for their actions. Another thing worth considering, is that as a worker in the facility, Dilan would be interacting with these people on a regular basis, and would have an immense amount of emotional leverage over these people.

Sure, but that just means she isn’t so far under his influence that she will blindly follow whatever he says.

We also don’t know if she actually succeeded in stopping him, IIRC.

I guess I just misremembered the scene, then.

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Rosie was mentally stable enough to stop Dilan from raping some college girl.

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Yeah we do. Because they left the girls and drove off after Rosie yelled at him. Even pointed her machine gun at him when he was walking away.


Yes, and her way of “surviving” involves alienating people who could potentially be an ally by robbing them and fleeing the first chance she gets. So as I’ve said over and over and as you’ve ignored over and over, it’s just a matter of (an exponentially shrinking amount of) time until she runs into a group who won’t give her the benefit of the doubt, because as we’ve both said, society (the rules of which she relies on to survive) is falling apart.

On the topic of Rosie and Driver, punishing people is more for the emotional gratification of the punisher than their safety, or the rehabilitation of the person being punished. Everyone does bad things, saying “no, I’m a good guy, they’re the bad guy!” is just an excuse not to examine your own flaws by deflecting onto someone else’s.


I would argue that this isn’t necessarily true. She can eventually end up joining your group (Lyle has to convince her to stay with you, but even after Lyle dies or leaves she still sticks around.) So on some level she does understand that she needs people she can rely on.

So even when she gets into a situation when there are no more people left to rob, she can still rely on you or the group as a whole.

Is that out yet?


@Shoelip and @unoriginal_username

Before you two go off the deep end discussing Jillian, just know that you can learn a lot more about her in part 2-2.

I’d urge you guys to follow through in doing so :slight_smile:


Yeah, exactly. Lyle catches on on his own, she needs him to clue her in. She relies on him to make her decisions for her. She’s… kinda a stereotype now that I think about it.


You meant inside the school? She did shot at all of us , it was a lots of confusion then … she apologise after that , and i think madison was alright with her in the end… she genuinely feel remorse , so forget and forgive… at least she was blunt and honest , rather than manipulative, Rosie is a simple person , she either hate or like you, if she promise something, i have a feeling she meant it and will keep the promise… honestly, even for me when a situation arrive where i need to choose to keep a promise or abandon it, i might think about the consequence but Rosie won’t hesitate to keep it… that’s my believe though :slight_smile:

Edit : @Eiwynn was right… but we couldn’t talk about it here yet, from @JimD instruction :slight_smile:


Yes she shot Maddison.

I think they’re as much a victim of Dilan as anyone else. I just don’t think the harm they’ve done and the damage they’ve caused should be ignored or easily forgiven.

@Shoelip I’m not ignoring what you have to say, I agree with you that her con games would alienate her from being able to make alliances and make enemies(which would actually be unavoidable) I just consider what she’s doing a way to survive that she believes could work for her or any Con Artist MC, regardless of the added risks.

I don’t remember that at all… Maddison was one of the people who wanted her out of the group alongside Woody(I think she was more verbal about it than him). In fact, she was angry about the fact that her brother voted to let her join.

Yes she shot at all of us. But she successfully shot Maddison in the arm it. The spray of her blood is even described.


Yes, but Madison was actually wounded. I think it was just a graze, but the fact that she shot at anyone to begin with is still something that should be taken seriously.

No, you actually take a massive relationship hit with Madison if you let Rosie join, IIRC.

Under the right guidance, I’m sure that both Rosie and Driver can do some good, but I’d hate to see what they are capable of if they are under the wrong guidance, or left without guidance altogether.


Sorry @Eric_knight - I edited your post.


It’s kinda weird for me as someone who originally pushed for Rosie to be a recurring character and potentially an RO specifically because bandit characters in games never really get developed, and I was actually kinda disappointed that the explanation was so simple. Then again, I guess the fact that even after learning that she was a patient in a mental institution who was manipulated by a former orderly many people are still totally unsympathetic to her kinda proves that making her a more complex character might well have been a waste of time. Then again maybe that’s the stigma against mental illness and people would find her more sympathetic if she wasn’t “just a crazy person.”

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If we chose whatever or we don’t have time for sorry… the relationship drop won’t be so bad… for her and Jillian :slight_smile:

Anyway, Driver do like me more as compare to Rosie …

@Shoelip for me, it was not because Rosie is a mental patients , it was because she had shown great Remorse for her past behaviour that make me accepting her … for most people "i am sorry " is the most difficult words that come out from one’s mouth , especially if they are sincere about it … I forget whether Prodigal said i am sorry to the MC , i think she didn’t… but i always imagine what will it be like when she said it to my MC :-):relaxed:

@unoriginal_username precisely why we need to keep Rosie and Driver, and Jillian close to us … without MC they will be like the living Golem without guidance of their Creator :slight_smile:


As a person who is part of a family with history of Mental illness, I’m not unsympathetic to what has happened to her and Driver, I fully acknowledge the fact that they are both people who were victims of Dilan.I just don’t think they’re part in contributing to the robberies that led to the death of several people should be ignored/ brushed off as “oh Dilan’s the one who told them to do it, therefore they should get off scot free”(I’m aware this could not be what people are saying it’s just an example). and I would say this even if they were “mentally sound” individuals.

That just lessens the intensity of the anger it doesn’t alter the fact that she isn’t happy about being around a Woman who shot/grazed her. Who in all actuality if Dilan were still around, Rosie could or would have just emptied the clip into a teenage girl and left her corpse to rot in the school all because Dilan told her to. To me personally, anyone can say sorry, and not mean it. It’s a matter of actually doing the work to earn that forgiveness and acknowledge the harm a person has done or caused. Not just forgive them because they say they’re sorry. Prove it, work for it .

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Off of what? Again, society has fallen apart. There’s no criminal justice system or mental health system left to deal with them. It’s up to the people around them right now and their own respect for those people. Do you need to punish them to prove your virtuousness before god? Do you think punishing them will somehow teach them what they did was wrong if they don’t know it already? See there are two problems here. How are you going to punish them, and why are you going to punish them? Both would be simple questions to leave up to someone else before now, but that’s not the case anymore.

Also relevant, let’s not forget that Jillian really has no leg to stand on in judging Rosie. In one of the potential paths she’s perfectly fine with Lyle killing someone who let them into their house out of the goodness of their heart then rescinded the invitation when it became clear that they’d been trying to rob them the whole time. The difference is that Rosie’s been conditioned to be dependant on Dylan, while Jillian chooses to go along with Lyle of her own volition.