Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven General Discussion Thread 2 (Part 2-2 releasing 3/21)


Maybe don’t have Jillian in your group or work on your willpower so you don’t get angry all the time. Also, your humanity doesn’t have to be perfect but your morality should be high up there.

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I’ll never understand the hate for Kelly, bless her heart… :disappointed:


Personally, I like Kelly a lot more than Parker. I’ve decided to refer to him as a whiney butt monkey.


So did anyone forgive Rosie or Driver? Or at least let them join.


I let Rosie join, Jillian killed Driver. Since I’m not the type of person to forgive someone for trying to kill me, I would normally give her the "Mufasa treatment"and push her to her death but I let her live for the sake of trying a different choice.


On my first run Jillian killed Driver and I let Rosie fall, but now I always try so save them no matter what.

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I kill Driver, I don’t know about Rosie because it’s hard for me to forget her shooting at a bunch of teens.


At least one of them kinda should die in my opinion.


If there were to ever be a “save Keith” option I’d save him just to get the chance to disembowel him immediately after or to earn my place in his warlord/bandit camp.


Managed to kill his three weird friends, shame a stray bullet couldn’t get him.

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I think it was 2. But more importantly “How Sway!?” How ?! His plot armor was to thick to penetrate at the time.


I remember three one girl and two guys. But yeah my guy has Captain America level stats, dude should’ve died.


Three in total but he brought Benton and Wendy(I think that’s her name) which means Keith and his 2 friends not his three friends. Is it fun being a God Level Player ? To me it seems like it makes the game too easy and takes away the threat/fear of mortality if you’re playing Superman. Which seems like a vital component to the zombie apocalypse genre.

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For me that has absolutely no sense of drama and no point as role-player. However it helps to testing code limits and balance in game. However i personally prefer play glass canons pc with a clear weakness and a reality based stats

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Did you mean Natalie? :sweat_smile: Also there is a third member in his entourage, can’t remember for the life of me what his name is though. Something in me wants to say Carlson :thinking:

Also I enjoy playing with bloated stats from time to time just because everyone tends to die otherwise and I completely misjudge what I’m capable of. I’ll agree with @poison_mara that it does remove that sense of panic, though.


Not a god level player. My highest stats just focus on shooting and physical stuff mostly.


My problem is all contrary People just don’t die like Mara wants lol. Like Woody she totally wants him dead. However like she is working hard in save the people she consider useful and friends she can’t kill barbecue woody. But seriously hardly I lost anyone lol.


I will admit that I have a college student who’s also a master Swordsman and I have advanced stealth. But I made sure to not be overpowered. For instance I don’t know how to shoot a gun or other firearms, I’m not good at leadership, and I have basic empathy. Yet I’m one of the smartest people in the group. despite my lack of social skills. I can persuade and intimidate well though.

@Johann I don’t remember it’s been a while since I’ve played that part also I didn’t get a chance to talk to them so they didn’t stand out as much to me. Except for Benton his pedophilia and Rapey undertones were way to present to forget.

Such as ? Also what did you do to kill those 3 ? Steps and decisions please ?


My college student has zero combat skills and zero shooting skill same for my housewife that she doesn’t even have stealth.


Thinks guys so far so good I’m not goung to play part 2 until the uptade comes. I made Klemtiminac,Alcoholic,and delusional cop but he saves everyone and has high combat skill. He romance rachel and jillian. I imagine him as hot😘