Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven General Discussion Thread 2 (Part 2-2 releasing 3/21)


I’ve never been a games tester before. What do I do to start building the resume in order to work on bigger games like this? What is expected of a stress tester? I wanted to apply but have no prior experience.

If there’s a thread in the forum already about this please redirect me there.


Just apply to any that interest you and give great feedback. That means giving the level of feedback the writer needs, testing elements requested, and paying attention to requests writers make (usually posted after version updates).

I like specific and passionate feedback. For example, “I really liked how Heather sticks up for Tom at the meeting but wished I had an opportunity to tell her off.” Or “Great dialogue between Devlin and Eugene but it went on too long and my character felt left out.”

I added some complex code and want people to break it. In the past, players have figured out ways to get additional Skill points by repeating specific options, so I am hoping testers can try to find those holes.

Often you will see an announcement to test official games before release. These are great opportunities to learn what it takes to test and build a resume.

If you want experience, I will invite you, because your post suggests you would take testing seriously. Just PM me if you still want an invite.


Mara is by default a con artist in fact I was the one that asked for a con artist job. I mean she is a raider now. And has killed most of npcs she consider death weight or dangerous. She is not trying to look stupid and depending of good will there is none in apocalypse. She uses the persuasion and empathy to maintaining the cohesiveness in her raider group and Cheat and pretend to ambush people or destroy other political alliances in group dynamics. But negotiating with weaponry and fire power in hand as society is gone. And with poison

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@JimD I MISSED A BETA… OR SOMETHING … i got off two days and everything happens :crying_cat_face: :


Why is it that you seem to be the only other player who is verbal about their plans for post apocalyptic domination ? It seems most of the other players here play the “noble savior” :roll_eyes: (which is fun if you’re into that) or they don’t really talk about what type of survivor they play. I think the villains have more fun or if I do play a “hero” I want to be one of the sociopathic variety that has no remorse for their enemies.


Well I am kinda the evil tester in this game :wink: . But there are lot of people playing evil. It is heroic type is more popular and many people playing evil feels saying so makes them Bad people in real life.

I role playing to release frustration and stress in a safe environment. lol If I have to be a saint with assholes in a game too my head would explode. I have enough with being polite and helping people i despise in real life lol.


I will test it even if I don’t get to when will it be out for the public

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I like you.


You and me both :smile:

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I want to sincerely thanks @JimD and other co-writers for writing this wonderful story of Zombie Appocalyse … It really manage to switch a possitive mood for me personally, because it ignites a feeling that even in the most dreaded situation , there is always hope, happiness , love and companionship in the making …

In most apocalyptic story, like walking dead , Z nation or even games of thrones, i can see that they all trying to outdo one another in telling what a miserable future and life would be … aiming for the shock value of horror, gore and mutiple deaths… but i don’t see the purpose of me continue to follow these stories since some of us had already share our own miserable life in real . i don’t need to be remind how much miserable life could be…

In Safe Haven, i find calmness and serenity in the hours of doom and gloom , especially by interacting with so many lovable characters who care for one another , i truly feel their essence residing in my own mind … which truly emulate the title Safe Haven within myself when facing my own fears :slight_smile:


This is exactly what I’m saying and you’re saying it too but then somehow getting what it means completely backwards. The rules have always been made up. Society isn’t some sort of magical phenomenon that zombies dispel. It’s a mutual agreement by people to work together for the common good. All of those things you just talked about are reasons why Jillian is most likely screwed on her own. Because her talents depend on those rules being in place for her to exploit for personal gain. Society was her leverage.


Yes I agree with you in sentiment even if we both role play exactly the opposite spectrum in games (You goodie I evil). But both play games as a way to escape real life and be free to be others in a safe environment and have events that can’t be have in real life with security. And this games given us so much freedom to act as we choose and not being forced or being super good or super gritty.

Still I willnever see the fun to play as a goodie… It probably has to do with my childhood trauma with my first character a palladin that ended fallen and being bullied for a older kid that was a terrible Dungeon master… Really it probably makes a good case for a Freudian psychologist lol. That and my grumpy nature makes insufferable for me moaning whining npcs and the mere idea of having to suffering their whims and ungrateful npc chat gives me headaches.

So to release stress from all those assholes that insulting me or my friends cowardly but I can’t go there and say to them in face how assholes bigots they are I just deal with the assholes in games.


Lol… these characters are the loyal friends i couldn’t have in real… how could i ever hurt them :wink:


Oh I feel you both. The fun thing with me playing is that I Play completely different when I play games or do Roleplay ( table top or Forum wise), in games I normally play a goodie, as Mara falls it, because you get rewarded for being nice, what is quite different from reality.
While roleplaying I have no problem playing an evil char, but there the evil is based on their Background. I do not play evil just for playing evil, I like to have a logic behind all that. I play the villains that look into your face and Tell you that they are good and they mean it. And even with playing good, I tend to play chaotic good people, the “fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me” way. My char will forgive you once, be wary afterwards and kill/abandoned you, when you try a second time, without regret. As with someone like Keith here, personally my char would like to go for kill first and answers later, but as a leader she thinks more for the group.


I play same As I say I loved play as bard or as a spy for faking being good. However here in forum I talking incharacter how my character REALLY things not the lies she told npcs.

For instance Mara kills Lopez for stuff . She wouldn’t say that to Marcus his nephew… She totally did so because poor man suffering she was merciful killing him… When mara can’t give a shit about Lopez. Similar way why Mara kill Jil and Lyle She made it looks for nephew she was being good person and let them staying and then poor Mara they robbed us and trying to kill us so I have to defeat them and kill them to protect you…

BULLSHIT Mara makes them in to rob them and them kill them when Marcus werent looking … I could continue with most of Mara killings lol .

I have a reason what mara is that way and a past for my characters.


This sounds similar to the problem @Zombiefan faced with wanting to play an MC with a different morality. Once you’ve roleplayed enough morally bereft characters or “anti-hero” MC’s. One can kill, shoot and stab (or push into a horde of zombies) a lot of characters,they think their MC wants out of the group.

So far, it appears Keith has the largest and most well trained group. Of course that could change in the future but being in an alliance with someone like that does have it’s benefits. Not to mention if he were to one day fall off of the mortal coil(with just a little push) than even better for me. As for Jillian being in danger on her own I agree but not just because her skills thrive more in society but more around the fact that everyone is in danger on their own.


Ah can any one tell me how to stop being ahole in all my playthoughs


Keep your humanity high


Thats going ti be hard like kelly and Jillian will do things that make my mc mad so I do things that will piss them of puprose

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It is easy Think in a character that doesn’t see that actions as bad or selfish. Think in a character that believe that everyone should have a chance and Civic behaviour should prevail in the group even if rest of society is falling apart. Someone that reason that the live of anyone should be protected even if mean kill himself. And someone that believes kinship will bring raiders away through power or love or from power of a higher being that would conduct your group to a safe haven.

What i do to checking Boring testing goodies playthroughs is imagining A kleptomaniac hippie vegetarian actress with a chihuahua that believes in power of new age and save everybody And believe in power of love and vegetables.

Actually really funny as i take all the goodie text as it were a parody. I am now i am a naughty grumpy old cynical woman and I can’t read some optimistic flavour text without lol hard… It is well written is just I am too cynical to read it straight without maniac evil laughing